Sunday, February 24, 2013

Photo: Humble Uker with Lil Rev's Mya-Moe Resonator Baritone Ukulele

Last Thursday, I made another trip to see my good friends at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz. One of these friends is the headliner of the night, Lil Rev. He gave a right hand techniques class before the club meeting and I had a chance to sit and talk with him for a while. I started his blog, "Fountain of Uke" for him and kept it running for about a year as he traveled around the country. I recommend you peruse his blog periodically, especially if your a fan of old-time music. 

Rev is a teacher, writer and multi-instrumentalist. He writes for Hal Leonard Music and wrote a book for the beginning baritone ukulele player that maintains his superb quality and personality exudes from his pages. My favorite Lil' Rev Book to date is his 101 Licks for the Ukulele. It is written for a standard GCEA uke but it has so much to offer that a little extra effort to re-label the book is well worth the time.

Rev. has a recent blog post about his support of Mya-Moe ukuleles, link. At the end he tells about the Mya-Moe system of updating buyer of the status of their ukes in production. I have bought a custom uke and talked to many others about the tortuous process. Mya-Moe sounds like someone with a business background brought a great idea to the ukulele luthier world.

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  1. By the way this instrument is absolutely beautiful!