Saturday, January 26, 2013

Julia Lavery || Yellow (Coldplay cover)

Coldplay has some beautiful songs. I thought I'd check my bari-uke archives, repost Julia's video, and post the chords to the song...

Chords #1 from Guitar Tab dot Com

Chords #2 from Tabs Ultimate Guitar

If you look at the CHORDS in the #2 you will see some interesting guitar chords that perhaps a little truncation will yield some interesting results:

C in DGBE order =2010
Csus4 = 3010 [3013]
Cmaj9 = 0010, 0013, 1320 (which sounds best?) [0140]
Fmaj7 = 3210 ==> This is one of my favorites!
Csus2 = 5533 [0013]

Perhaps you have some better choices?

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