Monday, December 24, 2012

Sir Paul -- is that a Cigar Box Resonator Baritone Ukulele?

I received an e-mail from Lawrence R. inquiring whether this was a baritone ukulele in Paul McCartney's hands. He primarily played bass with the Beatles but here he's using a slide and it could be a baritone that he's playing. What do you think?

Sir Paul -- If you read this it would be amazing to hear from you! What is that instrument and who made it

Sandy Relief Concert -- Sir Paul in the middle of a Nirvana Reunion

I hope that we see an affordable resonator baritone ukulele, or steel resonator baritone ukulele on the market someday. I was at Gryphon Strings (Palo Alto, California) a few days ago and saw a Gold Tone Tenor Guitar and gave it a try. It is a fine sounding instrument. Someone had tuned it DGBE and it felt real good in my hands! The steel strings had a nice movement and I think I could get used to it pretty quickly. I have also tried out some 4 string tenor banjos that have been mighty tempting. Maybe next year?

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  1. I decided against stringing tenor guitars like baritones because the neck is so different... the tenor I used had what was basically a banjo neck. I liked the steel string sound, but it didn't feel natural to be playing a banjo-sized neck.
    I'm pretty sure that Paul's instrument is a traditional cigar-box guitar, tuned something like GBDG. That's what I've gathered from doing lots of googling about it.