Thursday, September 6, 2012

Letter from Ben (Wood Choices for a Custom Luthier Built Baritone Ukulele)

Sometimes I receive letters with questions that I really don't have the answers too. Ben, apparently an avid viewer, wrote a letter and I don't know the answer to his questions. But I do know a few local Luthiers and I be forwarding the question along to them for response. So, keep checking back a the comments to this post and I will try to get some good answers from the local Luthiers: Michael DaSilva, Tony Graziano, and Peter Hurney. I will also research some other luthiers that have been posted herein.

Hi Jeff,

Having recently taken up the ukulele and then the baritone your Humble Baritonics site has become essential daily viewing. I wondered if you might be abled to offer me an opinion on the following question which I recently posted on Ukulele Underground. It received a few answers but given your baritone focus I hoped you might be able to offer me your view. I'm starting saving for a custom baritone to compliment the pono mahogany (Ken Middleton High D) that I have now. I'll be looking to keep it low D but as for what to get it made from? See below.

All the best and thanks for putting Humble Baritonics together and giving me hours of fun.
[Thanks! J.W./HB]

"It's difficult to play lots of baritones and compare sound due to their relative scarcity in the shops in the UK. When you do find a few they are often of such different quality/price that the comparison seems worthless.

Do tonewoods for baritones sound the same as smaller ukes only louder or does the additional volume of the instruments change things in some way? Is it reasonable to listen to guitars in a range of tonewoods and make assumptions on how a baritone would sound?" 


My checklist:
( ) Michael DaSilva
( ) Tony Graziano
( ) Peter Hurney (Pohaku Ukuleles)
( ) Lichty Guitars

P.S Tony Graziano has made some incredibly beautiful 4 and 6-string baritone ukuleles out of bamboo!

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