Friday, September 14, 2012

Dobro33H Patrick || Play Along Old Time Music

Here's Patrick on his banjo and his father, Pat, on a tenor guitar. This video is about having a mellow jam session. They have the songs posted as jpg's so that you can print and play along as you wish. The tab is in "Banjo" tuning G-DGBD and might be "tweaked" to bari if you're quite diligent. The video is over 38 minutes and is fun to just listen along to as well.

Patrick's comments...

Recorded in 2001, Pat & Patrick Costello present the skills needed to learn frailing banjo (the same style Grandpa Jones played) in a series of lighthearted, easy to follow workshops that show you just how easy it really is to play a few tunes on the front porch. Chapter 8: Play-along jam session. Tab files for this workshop series can be downloaded from:

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