Friday, September 28, 2012

Burning Uke X - Hillbilly Tunes Sing-a-Long

Tunes sung to release your Inner Hillbilly...

Burning Uke X - Hillbilly Tunes Workshop by nac!

As I psyched myself to lead my Hick Song Sing-Along, I walked by my percussionist pal Eileen, she had the the amazing wit to say to me that I was, "the perfect blend of casual and formal -- and must surely be schizophrenic."

My set list was full of twang...

Momma Don't Allow
Keep on the Sunny Side
The Fishin' Hole (them from Andy Griffith)
Dance, Dance, Dance (Steve Miller)
My Wife Thinks You're Dead (Junior Brown)
Ghost Cheekens in the Sky
Stray Cat Strut (Yeah Rock-a-billy!)
Birmingham Daddy
Ring of Fire (Johny Cash)
Cold, Cold Heart (Hank Williams)
Five Pounds of Possum

I made 76 copies of the song package and I handed 75 out. I sang twang-awful on mic, yodeled, and still had a great time. Twang on dude! If you want a copy just e-mail me. 

The Burning Uke Camp Out was not in the same majestic ocean view location of Plaskett Creek / Big Sur but it was in the pristine redwoods of Little Basin just a short twisty drive up from Santa Cruz. It was a great venue for music with an ampitheater and stage. There were several classes and sing-a-longs. This is my second year of contributing something to be shared -- I am not as hot as Squirrel Soup -- but people seem to have a good time and have a few songs to enhance their repetoire.

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