Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yeezer Mac || Baritone Ukulele Duet

I received an e-mail from Yeezer Mac letting me know that he is a bari-uke player. He sent me a link to some of his music on Sound Cloud. He is from Singapore, Singapore. He's a self-taught musician and is a multi-instrumentalist. 

I did some searching on YouTube and found this impromptu baritone ukulele duet with his friend "Izzy May" from 21 April 2012.

"My name is Yasser Mattar and I am from Singapore. I go by the pseudonym Yeezer Mac for entertainment purposes. I have no formal musical training. I picked up my first instrument, the keyboard, and taught myself music theory at the age of 34.  I picked up the baritone ukulele in July 2011, and have truly enjoyed playing the instrument. I find it to be closer to the guitar than to the traditional ukulele, and I found it to be easily adaptable to the songs and styles played on the ukulele, guitar, banjo and mandolin. I have tried to adapt various aspects of these instruments in my own playing. I currently play a Kala KA-B, a Tanglewood TU-5 and a Eleuke BJC100-FMH."
I requested that he send a photo of himself and I must admit I like his style! You can hear more of his music on YouTube under "Yeezer Mac" or at this sound cloud link:

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  1. Yasser -- Thank you for taking the time to write to me and share your music, a little history, and photos. I have subscribed to your channel and will keep looking for your music.

    I also enjoy wearing the western overalls and my cowboy hat when I'm in front of those bright lights.