Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wilfried Welti || e-Books

Wilfred is a committed soprano and sopranino ukulele player and has been making classical and folk arrangements for ukulele for several years. I had a link to his free book on Humble Uker for several years as I played smaller ukes. He recently e-mailed me to let me know that his book link should be updated and that he has ventured further into making arrangements.

Wilfried's blog website is Ukulele-Arts (Wilfried Welti’s solo ukulele page) [English version]

He now has comprised some e-Books for sale. The King of all ukulele blog/ukulele music book sites and author of Ukuleles for Dummies, Alistair Wood, has made a thorough breakdown of the books on Ukulele Hunt so I will direct you there for song lists but give you links to WW's site herein.

[Personal Note: I have been enjoying a wider diversity with my baritone ukulele lately, that is, since I received my set of Living Water High-D DGBE strings from Ken Middleton. All of Wilfried's arrangements are for the high fourth string tuning, a.k.a. re-entrant tuning. Ken's string set is all flourocarbon and have a nice bright ukulele sound. I have four bari-big-ukes all set up with different string sets. Now's your chance to momentarily feed your dreaded UAS and get a second bari with re-entrant tuning for more musical fun.]

Solo Ukulele für Einsteiger (Free music PDF hosted on Ukulele Hunt, text in German.)

Link to e-Books and mp3 sales page

Best wishes to Wilfried in his e-Book adventure,

Jeff / Humble Uker / Humble Baritonics

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  1. Hi Jeff!

    Thanks for your nice coverage here on your blog. In fact I have to admit that Al had a slight advantage, I sent him the info quite a bit earlier as to you. (sorry about this!)

    Maybe some of my arrangements are a bit problematic for bari ukes. I am a pure soprano player, so some of the stretches may be a bit too much for bari. I will have to watch out for this issue in future. Maybe I should get a bari so I know better for which instrument an arrangement is suitable or not.

    So thanks, and hopefully we can help many uke players to enjoy their instrument even more :-)

    Best regards