Friday, August 31, 2012

Ondrej Sarek || Baritone Ukulele Book Author

Ondrej recently posted a few baritone ukulele videos and sent me an e-mail to let me know about them and some books that he's written for the baritone ukulele. He says, "I am glad that your blog supports baritone ukulele. It's a beautiful instrument. For "baritonov√©ho" ukulele I love standard tuning (DGBE). The low D string has a nice deep tone."

He lives in Prague (the Czech Republic) and studied composition and parallel musicology. That's why he likes classical music. He enjoys writing books for ukulele and especially for the baritone ukulele since it is hard to find books for it.

Irish Tunes for All Ukuleles: C, D and G (Baritone) tuning

Gospel Baritone Ukulele Solos: for Baritone Ukulele

Ondrej's Czech website link,

NOTE: He's preparing another book for baritone ukulele. It should be out in early September on Amazon. It's "Gregorian Chant for Baritone Ukulele" played campanella style. Here's an example...

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