Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alison Krauss || Away Down the River...

THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO WAS CANCELLED BUT IT SHOWS UP ON ANOTHER SITE. SO SWEET! Takes 30 seconds to get to the video but it works still 9/3/14.

Click Here for Alison!

I am not concert type of person. When I do attend a concert it is usually a small-house affair. But the last time I was at the record store I picked up two music DVD's. One was Doc Watson and the other was Alison Krauss. Today I finished work early and started to working on some weekend chores early. This included moving a couple hundred patio and retaining wall concrete blocks and pavers. I was a bit tired and mellow, so after watching some fast-speed-recorded-football I watched the Alison Krauss video with my wife Wendy.

About two songs into the DVD I see an ukulele. Could it be a baritone? After a few glimpses I see that the label indicates it is a Vega. Vega was a brand of ukulele that the 1950's television personality Arthur Godfrey promoted. So my next question is, "I wonder if it's on YouTube?" Lucky for you.

Without further ado, here's the angelic Alison Krauss...

Has anyone seen a capo like this one before? What brand?

Now tell me was that an awesome? So softly played. So soft yet powerful.

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