Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wild Child || Silly Things

Stumbled across another video of these two which led me to this one. I think it is another one of those finds that make doing this blog so much fun -- finding bands that sound great and also have bari-ukes played prominently within them. This video is taken just across the bay from where I live. It's a " presents" video. I love the combination of vocals, baritone uke and violin. But wait there's more...
"The Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco) was built for the Pan Pacific Expo in 1915. The idea was to create a ruin from another time. What a perfect backdrop for Wild Child. Alexander Beggins and Kelsey Wilson play off each other like old friends during a wonderful performance of an incredibly endearing song." 
For a free download from Wild Child, head over to

Check out Wild Child's Indie CD press releases.

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  1. Not to mention that the Pan Pacific Expo in 1915 was, of course, the place where the ukulele really took off and became so popular on the mainland.