Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Orkestrazbylenka || AEIUOMORE

L'Italiano Baritono Ukulele. So I am studying Pimsleur's Italian lessons 1 thru 5. I told a friend of mine about how much I liked the Pimsleur learning program and she said she wanted to learn Italian. I said I would do some studying with her as motivation. I have studied both Brazilian Portuguese and Swedish and I think that this is an amazing way to learn. Their system works well for me and I always recommend it when someone says they want to learn a language.

So combining the L'Italiano and the Italian word for baritone, "baritono" I found something new. If you can speak another language and can find some more Bari-Uke videos I would like to take a look at the videos.


Jeff / Humble Uker

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