Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bluegrass Books Online || Free TAB Sampler

I keep recommending Flatpicking Guitar Magazine because it is a very high quality magazine. Some of you may think this looks like a lot of extra work. I find it quite a bit of fun to practice and play but I play a lot slower than all of the flatpicking I've heard. Doc Watson was a master of this skill. I use bits and pieces as fills and learn little runs here and there.

I was looking at the ads on FGM online and came across Bluegrass Books Online and they mentioned free information. The links to these are below and they're very Bari friendly. Check them out and decide for yourself. I am going to inquire about how and which songs in their guitar book are bari friendly. The book comes with (2) CD's that have a well thought out program...
"Bluegrass Guitar Jam Tunes ... are my arrangements of 25 of the most common and most often played picking tunes, and are intended for the advanced beginner to the upper intermediate player. These are not for the beginner who is just starting out. Both books are written in standard notation and tablature, and are accompanied by 2 CD's each, with 3 practice tracks per tune, totaling over 2 hours of practice material. Each CD track has a guitar, mandolin and bass rhythm section. The 1st track is slow, with the melody and rhythm, so you can learn the melody and practice your rhythm playing as well. The 2nd track is the same as the 1st, but with the melody removed. Now you have a slow, backup band to solo over, to play my version of the melody or make up one of your own. The 3rd track is faster and goes 3 times through the tune starting with a mandolin solo, then a guitar solo, and then rhythm only, so you have a place in the tune to play your solo, just like in a real jam session."
"The guitar book has 67 spiral bound pages with 25 solos of some of the most common picking tunes. Also included in both books are scale exercises to help you build your own licks, fancy endings in different keys, chord charts and a reference section to brush up on your notation and tablature reading."
Basic Melody Flatpicking Style

BASIC MELODY (Entirely good for DoGBonE tuning)
CHORD MELODY (Try it omiting the E-A strings)

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