Friday, July 13, 2012

Billy Wilson || Bubbles in my Beer

Friends of Old Puppy play Bubbles in My Beer. "Bubbles in My Beer" was written around about 1947 by Tommy Duncan, Cindy Walker, and Bob Wills. Lyrics are not used in this performance. The Friends of Old Puppy features Steven Strauss on Risa electric soprano ukulele, Billy Wilson on electric baritone ukulele, Ed Johnson on wash-tub bass ("gutbucket"), and Cynthia Wilson on the drums. 

This music was recorded on June 30, 2012. Videographed and sound engineered (such as it is) by Pip R. Lagenta. The video and audio are edited by Pip R. Lagenta. Friends of Old Puppy play at the Nabolom Bakery in Berkeley, every Saturday morning (starting at 10 a.m.).

(When this video started off I thought I was watching The Bourne Identity III.)

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