Thursday, July 19, 2012

Benny Chong || My Romance

Hawaii Music Supply has really been supplying some delicious stuff for the baritone ukulele player lately. Benny Chong is a master musician. His fingers are doing pretzels all over the fretboard. Mahalos to Hawaii Music Supply!

HMS writes...
"Benny is an old friend of ours and we were glad to see him recently and record some of his playing for you. He plays the baritone tuned D-G-B-E. But with a Higher octave D and an all plain nylon set more like the traditional ukulele sizes. Benny led Don Ho's band for many years on guitar and about 10 years ago picked up the uke again. Here is a link to a blog write up on Benny and another video from this session... The Ukulele Review"

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