Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beginner Bari-Uke Book || Hal Leonard Music (Written by Lil' Rev)

Lil' Rev had been working on a baritone ukulele book and Hal Leonard has recently released it. The book and CD are US$10.99 (I think that deserves a WOW! I am a fan of Lil' Rev, have taken several of his classes, and for about a year I had set up and ran Lil' Rev's Fountain of Uke blog. 

Since this is the only blog devoted solely to the baritone ukulele I have to do my due diligence and take a look at any new baritone ukulele book. I have all of Lil' Rev's books. This book in particular is a primer with Lil' Rev's style oozing through each page. On page 3, there is a very brief history and Humble Baritonics is mentioned along with YouTube as being sites to find more on the bari-uke.

As with all 'primer' books there are many abbreviated Public Domain songs. These songs are geared for early beginning students. There are instrument parts, tuning information, as well as some basic musical notation...

Well now I've gone through the whole book and Hal Leonard puts out first class products at very reasonable pricing. Lil' Rev and I are buds -- I have enjoyed every ukulele book that he's put out. I am greedy and would like to see a book 2 and 3 but that's probably not happening soon if at all.

This book is geared for the beginners, and strummers that want to get into fingerstyle playing. It teaches chord families in subsequent sections of the book. I works on 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 time with short arrangements. As my playing matures, I find that even the simplest books give material that can be enhanced and enjoyed. I am not saying that this book is simplistic. I think it covers a lot of material. Many will find it review. New fingerpickers might enjoy the book too. There's a CD to listen to and play along with as well.

I told Rev that I'd like to see some Klezmer music in his book and he did add a small Israeli folk song -- Zum Gali Gali at the very end.

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