Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Krabbers || Leave a light on for me

Another original from Krabbers...

I know Krabbers has played the baritone on a previous video or two and I think that the bari with the low D-string suits the emotion of this song. Over the last couple of years I have seen many-bari-discouraging comments on bulletin boards and YT comments but I find the bari-uke sound quite pleasing especially with string manufacturers developing unwound string sets. There is less buzzing which was a turn-off for some and definitely something that I wanted to minimize. 

I have been noticing a rapid increase in the amount of baritone ukulele videos being posted. There are quite a few singer/songwriters that are creating with it. Some YT posters are standard GCEA-tuned ukulele players expanding to a familiar shaped big brother DoGBonE-tuned uke and others may be guitar players simplifying. I am just enjoying going along for the ride. 


Since I mentioned strings a bit above I want to mention manufacturers that I've used and can recommend:

Aquila (Low-D set: 2 wound, 2 nylon) 
Worth Medium Brown (Low-D set: 4 flourocarbon)
Living Water Strings (High-D set: 4 flourocarbon from Ken Middleton)

Jeff / HU

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