Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ian from the Re-entrants || Featuring Living Water Re-Entrant Strings by Ken Middleton

Ian from The Re-entrants has just posted a baritone ukulele video on YT. He is playing an Ohana BK-35G with Ken Middleton's new re-entrant baritone DGBE ukulele strings. I have been a big fan of playing in low D but I have just put a set of Ken's Living Water strings on one of my bari's. This gives me more bari-uke diversity and I'm enjoying it -- it is something that I've wanted to do for some time. You can hear a bright mellow sound in these strings in the song...

Ian is playing Croonalong Watchtower. 

Ken is not officially selling them for another week or so, but if anyone wants them, he will certainly sell them some. He is trying to work out the best price for the US at the moment and may get a US store to stock them eventually. If you are interested, just email Ken at and he'Il will work something out with you.


  1. Hi

    I bought a set of re-entrant strings from Ken Middleton this week and fit them to my Ohana BK35. Ken is great to deal with and gave me excellent advice and supplied a fine product very quickly. Not sure how long it will take me to sound like Ian but at least I have the same kit!

  2. These strings are now available to buy from my website at

    Thanks very much to all those who have bought them so far.