Friday, June 22, 2012

Berean315 || Sikyi African Rhythm Tutorial & SIKYI GROOVE Original Song

Berean sez: 
"Love African music, and came across a sikyi rhythm in the "Play Acoustic" guitar book. The first part of the video shows me playing the rhythm on a baritone ukulele and then audio of an original song my brother and I came up with based around the rhythm. Song starts about 1:55 into the video. Check out for some of our original music and to download an mp3 of "Sikyi Groove" You can play the same thing on the guitar since the uke is tuned the same as the high 4 string on a guitar (DGBE). The song uses a Bushman Cedar Tone baritone ukulele, Mele 8 string tenor ukulele, doumbek and penny whistle. The Sikyi rhythm is being looped through a Boss loop pedal"

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