Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Richie Williams (UOGB) || Hot Tamales (Bari part explained)

Pilfered information from UkuleleOrchestra;s YT comments...

Here's Richie (in his garden) with his chords for Hot Tamales. (Find the rest of the tutorial here: )

And here's something about Richie:

Richie Williams is perhaps the most over-qualified member of the Ukulele Orchestra, having actually been to music college. Born in Liverpool, he has played guitar since he was 6 years old, and in his youth he roadied for, among others, Frank Zappa and Status Quo. His first concert, with his band Dragonfly, was supporting Ralph McTell at Liverpool University, quickly followed by the support slot for Thin Lizzy at the world famous Cavern Club.

Richie went on to play guitar with a host of Motown stars, such as Martha and the Vandellas, Mary "My Guy" Wells, Edwin "War, what is it good for" Starr, and Ben E."Stand By Me" King. On the Northern Soul circuit he also backed artists such as Gene "Duke of Earl" Chandler and Richard "Popcorn"Wiley. Karl Terry and the Cruisers took him on after this, and his Granada television appearance in 1979 has been immortalised on YouTube. [ ...That's Richie in the shades and the red suit.]

It was in the early 1980s in Leeds that he met Kitty and George, while he was playing with Snake Davis and the Alligator Shoes (playing Northern Soul and Motown at venues all over the UK including Scooter Rallies and yer actual northern soul dances), and he joined the Ukes in 1985, on baritone ukulele. After a break from ukuleles when he moved to Yorkshire, he returned to the Ukes full-time in 2003. 

He now lives in Dorset. Richie plays, ukulele, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. He's also pretty good on arrangements, compositions, vocals and backing vocals.

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