Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hopeful889 || Paradise (Coldplay cover)

Here's a new face to the YouTube baritone ukulele player world. I like this version of Paradise, sung so sweetly and with a sweet deep bari-uke sound.

Arms -- By Christina Perry

On this song YT comments, she has requested comments on how she can become better. I like what she's doing naturally already and I think, "just keep playing -- and you'll just keep blossoming into a fantastic musician." I think what she's doing already is "Paradise."

I like the wailing intro...


  1. Howdy, what chords are you playing for paradise?

  2. Can't see her fingers. Get the chord patterns off of some guitar site and play around to find the key. Or else send her a comment on her YT channel or she won't know you're asking.