Monday, March 26, 2012

Michel Parmenter || Classical Tabs for the Ukulele

I have a friend that I met through the ukulele blogosphere. He has two musical blogs -- one about building instruments and the other he takes medeival music and makes Classical Tab arrangements for the ukulele. Many of these arrangements are for low-tuned ukes. I like to tinker around with his arrangements and to see the unique instruments that he's constructed.

I have coveted one of his bari's and it has been lingering around in the back of my head. Michel is influenced by medieval designs and it shows in his work. I recommend enlarging this photo and taking a close look at Michel's creations. If we number the photo starting from left to right in the back row I really like the #1 bari for it's tapered fingerboard and unique shape, I like the sleek "parlour" design of #2, and the X sound hole in #3. 

I would love to sit with Michel in his parlour in Canada and tickle each bari to hear the unique sound that each makes. His CanUke blog shows many beautiful pictures of his ukulele (and dulcimer) creations. I wish that a major uke maker would look at some of his designs and make him a deal to retire upon. 

Here's Michel with one of his bari-creations

Michel has also been doing some metalwork jewelry. I have an affinity for metal items because I work in the structural steel and architectural metals industry as a draftsman. I took a careful look at his Etsy page and found some earrings for my Wendy's Christmas present. They were brilliant and Wendy enjoys wearing them frequently. 

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

I like this unique bridge!


  1. What a treasure! Where can I HEAR them? (online)

  2. Yes, I would love to hear them played too. I see on my stats that many people have downloaded photos of Michel's craftsmanship. He's quite an artist! I'll have to ask him if there's any audio or video of his instruments being played.