Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jonathan Mann || Write Something Down (Song #1175)

I love what Jonathan does with his baritone ukulele. I think that he plays the baritone ukulele like a guitar. Many people don't like this aspect of the bari and I really don't care. Some say it's a little guitar and others say its a uke with too much sustain. Again I really don't care -- I play my bari because I like the rich sound. I play the bari because it is a way to be musical. It is a tool. My tool, perhaps your tool too. 

I have watched many of Jonathan's video and he plays all sorts of instruments and composes in so many ways. He's the song-a-day man and he uses that beat up holey baritone ukulele to the maximum. It seems to be his fallback or creative instrument for most of his songs. Each song has a character. Sometimes the works are choppy or superficial just forcing a day's creation but it's always his musicality that touches me.

In this short song Jonathan looks tired to me but he reaches deep down for another creation. That stairwell sure adds to the acoustics!

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