Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vintage Stella Tenor Guitar

I have seen a few old Tenor Guitars lately and they were tuned DGBE which is not the common tuning but it can work. You get quite a sharper sound out of those narrow gauge steel strings. This Stella is a beauty.


  1. I bought one of these in excellent condition last year for $175.00. I tune it DGBE and it sounds like a guitar, but is as playable as a baritone uke, more or less. I use it when I need or want an actual guitar sound. There are some really wonderful tenor guitars being made now, too.

  2. Larry -- I feel that the tenor guitar is a cousin to our baritone ukulele. Sometimes I am hesitant to post tenor guitars. There are many that disdain the baritone ukulele for it's guitarishness. I think part of the ukulele's great charm is it's size and portability that is really hard to beat. But the other aspect of the argument is that the ukulele has been a great tool for making music more accessible to the ordinary sue and joe. It is great fun. But as we become more musical perhaps we want to express it with a different voice. Deeper in regards to the bari and altogether different with regards to the steel strings on a TG. If we're having fun, making music, socializing, whatever -- it's just a tool for our expression. Thanks for dropping a line. Jeff / Humble Uker