Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Breakup (Mathias Kom & Kim Barlow) || Hide in the Sea

I often don't comment on videos. I guess I am more of the hunter-gatherer-type but I am amazed that Mathias works over that Mahalo Buke the way he does. I usually find these Mahalo Ukulele frets sharp on the edges to slide your hand along. Perhaps he's done some magical luthiery on it. I am always so impressed when I watch talented musicians with a mastery of their instruments -- even more so when it's a $60 instrument!

In these Spring Breakup videos we see a casual relation between two musicians and their instruments. Words woven together with deep emotions tucked into those homemade threads of woolly life stories. I am glad to come across several of their videos since none of them are marked: bari, bari-uke, or baritone. (Sometimes you get a lucky inspiration.) The instrument is just the vehicle for the music. The mastery of any instrument results in a mesmerized audience. I enjoy the easy going connection between these musicians and those present to hear -- it seems all are welcomed into this music.

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