Monday, February 6, 2012


You might have noticed my failure to have a song for last Monday. I have been dealing with an upturn in the economy and had some project meetings to attend in San Francisco. Roger has a variety of songs on his pdf-Minstrel site and thought this song would add some variety. I had a hard time finding a video but found one with a guitar player again.

This traditional Irish arrangement is full of HO's and PO's and is in 6/8 time. It is under the flatpicking heading and so there is a steady down-up-down to up-down-up OR d-u-d-d-u-d / d-u-d-d-u-d. Explore it. This is quite tricky! I wonder if the PO's (or pull-offs) are just released or if they are to be plucked with the fretting finger? Also the video below is not flatpicked but fingerpicked. Was this challenging for you?

The Gaelic Club

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