Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adie (WeHappyFew) has a new Custom Baritone Ukulele

Adie sent me a link to his new video showing his new baritone ukulele. He writes...
"This is my new handmade Baritone ukulele made by Davide Donato in Italy under the Herrmann Guitars brand. Davide usually makes soprano and tenor ukes but agreed to build me a baritone to my specification, so this one sports a 001 serial number! It has walnut back and sides, abete val di fiemme on the top, and is fitted with a K&K twinspot pickup. In the first section of the video I have it set up in soprano tuning with a specially designed Aquila string set, and the 2nd section is in baritone tuning with D'addairo strings. I have used a micro cube for the 'plugged in' test. You can check out Davide's uke's on the Herrmann website here..." 


  1. Adie, thanks for sharing the link to your video. It looks like a beautiful instrument and sounds great in your hands. I love your selection of songs. I have a new amp, a Roland AC-33, and I haven't gotten it out of the box yet because my work schedule has been crazy. Well, now that you have a new bari -- I look forward to seeing more videos of you playing it!!!

  2. Thanks Jeff, the Roland AC-33 looks pretty good, would be interested to hear what you think of it when it's unboxed!

  3. Well, my good friend Robbie B. has one of these. I wanted one because it has a short looper and a second input for microphone. Her Roland AC-33 sounded fantastic. Because I am an amateur musician and even worse singer I wanted the ability to practice more at home before going out to torture others.