Friday, September 30, 2011

Kate MacLeod || Impromptu Bari-Uke Version of "Where the Magic Happens"

I stumbled across a beautiful video of an accidental baritone ukulele player,

Kate wrote on her YT video comments...
"I was performing on Vashon Island, WA with Kat Eggleston when I saw this ukulele hanging on a wall in the house where I was being hosted for the weekend. When I find one during my travels, I pick it up for a song, yet had never before played a baritone ukulele like this one. Songs with the uke are SWEET, thought I'd share it with you. Kate M"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aldrine Guerrero || Baritone Strings on Tenor Ukulele

I am sure that this thought has come across the minds of a few ukulele players. Has anyone found a set of strings for a tenor ukulele that work with proper tension? I think Aldrine's concern about using standard bari-strings is a valid concern.

JoyIkeMusic || "Happy" on her "Baby Guitar"

Joy Ike plays the piano but is giving a baritone ukulele a try...

Thomas Weir || Holding On To You (Original song on a Pohaku Koa Baritone Ukulele)

Tom says he's got some more videos coming.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guzzlahh || Is This Love?

Very nice.

Danielle (Ate the Sandwich) || Untitled Song on Mya-Moe Baritone Ukulele

Beautiful song with great acoustics...

Clawhammer Baritone Ukulele - June Apple / Flop Eared Mule

Thomas Weir || Jazz Music on a Pohaku Baritone Ukulele

Thomas Weir's Pohaku baritone ukulele is made of Koa. He says it has a great tone and an incredible sunburst finish. He mainly plays jazz style pieces for the baritone and throws in some other styles as well for variety. Thomas plays all original pieces and is working on an instrumental album at this time. You can hear some of his music on ReverbNation.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Isaac Arms || Never There

Isaac sent me an e-mail with this new video.

Threadstrum || The Fence

The fence. by threadstrum
The fence., a photo by threadstrum on Flickr.

Taking his bari to the hills.

Phil Hendricks || Saint Louis Blues on the Baritone Ukulele

I have been enjoying playing some blues recently and have been practicing some blues riffs. Many of these style riffs can be found in Lil' Rev's 101 Licks for the (GCEA) Ukulele book but are transferrable to the bari-uke too. This last weekend I was sharing some simple riffs with new and old friends at the Burning Uke 9 camp out which was held on the gorgeous California coast line at the Plaskett Creek camp grounds Wednesday 9/21 thru Sunday 9/25. (It was the last time at this location.) In classes Alan Ferentz shared "The Hesitation Blues" and Mary-Jo shared "Sometimes I Think I Love You." 

Now here's a great blues tune on the baritone ukulele ready for me when I returned. Phil Hendricks plays this to perfection.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Utada Hikaru || First Love

He writes... "Man, do I love the sound of this instrument!"

Seth Lakeman || What is this TG or BU?

Alistair Wood of Ukulele Hunt has been expanding his posting boundaries and including "the big boys." I am not really sure what this instrument is but Seth has mastered it and slain it here in these videos. I wonder if he has the instrument tuned to violin tuning since I believe that is his primary instrument.

Shaky video of "The Blacksmith's Prayer"

Seth Lakeman violin

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cliff Edwards || If I Had You (Video & Fingerpicking Arrangement)

Alistair Wood, the man who has written more on the ukulele than perhaps any other in the history of the world, has posted a David Beckingham TAB for this wonderful song. Here's the UkeHunt post, and here's a quick link to the pdf. It is noted as GCEA but seems to work well in Low D Bari DoGBonE tuning as well.

Deep Dark Research Man Ron Hale with another historical find... Tiny Tim, Victoria Jackson & Conan gives it a go

That is if you can call a 1994 Conan O'Brien show historical. TT and VJ play Easter Parade with Victoria of Saturday Night Live fame playing the baritone ukulele. At the end of the video you see Conan trying out her bari.

Artistic Resonator Baritone Ukulele on eBay

And an 8-string Kapono...

Thanks to Al / Ukulele Hunt

Skittle Star 79 || Mad World (cover on Baritone Ukulele)

Surprised to see about 7 high quality baritone ukulele videos when I woke up this morning. This one has a nice video compilation to go with the Tears for Fears cover. When played capoed at the 8th fret there is a nice "popping" sound from the higher pitched notes.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Notes to Myself. . . The ToneWay Project

Tonight, I went to the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz and hung out with new and old friends listening to good music and singing some songs. I heard from MaMo about The ToneWay project where she has been learning music in the Santa Cruz area. She said that this group also teaches music on the internet based on Old-Timey music and using fingerpicking techniques, here is the link...

The ToneWay Project

About the ToneWay Project

There is a free lesson, so check it out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amelioooo || Paper Bag (Fiona Apple cover)

Musicians, just never know when to put that instrument down. Just one more song. Just go over that riff one more time. Amelioooo is in attending The Brutal Art School and had been up for three days... 

Talent never sleeps.

TheOldHorseShoes || Halah by Mazzy Star

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (with Richie Williams on the Bari)

The UOGB is the penultimate ukulele orchestra and here is a behind the scenes video with short interview clips of the players. Richie Williams is shown a few times with his Baritone Ukulele so I thought it would be a good video to share. I think I see him holding a pick. Does anyone know what type of pick he uses? I have heard some use felt picks and/or homemade picks. I wonder how many people are actually using felt picks and why they like to use them. If you play with a felt pick or have tried one, please leave a comment to share your experience. Thanks, Jeff / Humble Uker.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jonathon Mann || How To's CHORDS

Dirk "Mugambis Monkey" || "Stuff in Sepia"

Dirk has been putting out great original music for quite a while and I am especially fond of this instrumental using his electric Greg Bennett baritone ukulele. The fingerings are quite simple and yet achieve a very striking sound. I have been in a stage where slides, mutes, hammer-ons, and pull-offs are adding to my enjoyment of playing. Thanks Dirk for sharing this song as a great example for common musical techniques skillfully performed.

Oh yes, and also for showing off a variety of great ukin' hats!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dr Clement Shimizu || Mini Siege Warfare (Puppet Trebuchet & Catapults)

YouTube, Oh YouTube! Whatever shall I find on thee today? Popsicle sticks, mousetraps, rubber bands, metal clips, corks, clothes pins, corn starch, etcetera,..., with Olli Johnson and her baritone uke. Mini seige warfare too, amazing juxtaposition of invention, use of common items, voice and bari.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paul Stogner || More Baritone Ukulele Tunes from Skilled Hands

I received an e-mail from Paul's grandson. Apparently the baritone ukulele has enjoyed great popularity in the family. I was holding of a few days to see if I could find out more information about Paul's history with the uke but we have a couple more new videos to watch...

I enjoy Paul's pickin' style.

And here is the first video again,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Phil Hendricks || Some Sweet Baritone Songs



I asked Phil about the thumb picks and he gave a response that I wanted to record...
I use the thumb pick for clarity of sound and for a brighter tone. sometimes the individual notes can get lost with all the picking and strumming going on. Also since I play in low G (tenor) or low D (Baritone) it helps with the base notes. On the ukulele use "Fred Kelly Thumb picks" they come in different sizes and guages the regular guitar thumb picks are a little to thick for nylon strings and can make clicking or tapping noise on the uke.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Read Ukulele Hunt as Much as Possible || The Ukulele Helper has DGBE

Thanks to Al for sharing tools that are also applicable to the Baritone Ukulele. Check out The Ukulele Helper 

I tried to contact the designer but that part doesn't work on the beta version. I would like to see 9ths and 13ths added to the list. Also it would handy to be able to "mute" or "turn-off" a string in order to get 3-string chords. Perhaps removing chords with over a 7 string stretch would be prudent to eliminate.

TheLizCole || A Kiss to Build a Dream On