Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yipee! Christmas Time is Here! (Thanks Vince Guaraldi)

Another BIG thanks to the Master of the Ukulele Blogosphere, Alistair Wood and his UKULELE HUNT for posting a favorite Christmas time tune of mine. What's with all of these minor chords for Christmas? Well, I think the character Charlie Brown was a minor chord type of guy.

Here's the link to Al's post with an Al cameo video. So does it work on the Bari? YES, I have tested it out on my Favilla Bari and it does play quite smoothly. I only changed one thing and that is to make the last strum down towards your feet instead of up to your nose (if you're playing a LOW tuned instrument.) The song's pace is slow which makes grabbing some of those jazzy chords a bit smoother. Way to go Al!

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