Monday, December 19, 2011

Todd Baio || My Early Inspiration

I was trying to think back about why, how, when did I get interested in the baritone ukulele. I am not really sure but Todd's videos were surely inspirational at that time. He did a BARITONE UKULELE WEEK just over 2 years ago. In his first video he added these comments...

The ukulele and cowboy/folk songs go great together. Anyway, today kicks off my 'baritone ukulele' week for you all. Currently, my favorite ukes are polar opposites. The soprano and the baritone, but I want to 'focus' on the baritone this week because I know that some of my YT friends have considered crossing the threshold and getting one for themselves. I'll help anyway i can ;)

Ahhh the baritone...
  • Added bass tones to help fill out your sound...especially with vocals
  • It's a little bit uke and a little bit guitar...who could ask for more?
  • But todd, it doesn't have that re-entrant sound!' no worries brothers and sisters....they make string sets for that if you so desire...or just grab an extra first string and put it in the fourth position.
  • For finger picking, cotten picking, and chicken picking...the baritone is my favorite
  • More 'hide space' if your metabolism has slowed a bit (now that you're in your mid-thirties or older) and you want a little extra coverage ;)
  • More 'plunk' than 'plink' calls for that sometime....
(I did edit this a bit to fit a little nicer on the page.)

Here's Todd's Week of Videos

#3 Thoughts & Layman's Review (plus a Banjo Bari-Tuned)

That's all for now from Todd's Baritone Ukulele Week but he has many more videos, explore... and I'll be back for another Todd (Doogey9) compilation soon. For now if you want to see more check out The Baried DoGBonE post for Doogey9.

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