Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rhan Wilson || An Altared Christmas Preview w/ Pipa & Patti Maxine

Talent exudes from this trio. I have not seen many people "feel" the song as deeply as Pipa, she turned it into an ecstatic experience. My mentor and talented buddy Rhan is playing an old Kent baritone ukulele that he found in some music store ridiculously cheap. Then there's really the indescribable quintessential musician Patti Maxine. Her lap steel work is famous and always a treat.

It is amazing how many superbly talented musicians mix in between Joe and Jane Doe ukers (like myself) at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz open mic. nights. Here there may be great disparities in musical proficiency but the appreciation and the applause for all players is amazing. This ukulele community has a heart of gold. I should also mention that Sandor filmed the entire evenings performances and made summary videos #1 & #2 that give a great taste of the evening.

An Altared Christmas show was reviewed in the 2009 Santa Cruz Sentinel and information can be found on this years 12-10-2011 performance at the Altared website. I'll be there!

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  1. Thank you, Jeff, for posting this and for your very kind words. We have performed that song a few more times since then and it just gets better and more meaningful every time we do it.
    What's funny about this video is seeing that girl walk in the room behind us, followed soon by some guy.... and they never come back out!