Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Emma || Mononoke Hime

Emma is 14 years old and has been playing the baritone ukulele for about 7 months. Sounds like she's off to some great musical beginnings.

Emma & Laura doing an Eddie Vedder Song...

Emma& Laura Growing Old with You (Adam Sandler cover)


  1. Thank you! Emma has been blessed with some great musical talents she says she thinks she could play any instrument and I believe she may be right! I am so glad that she chose to play the ukulele it has a wonderful sound and everyone is always enchanted when they hear it played. I am a very proud mama and am always happy to sing for her when she asks. We spend many evenings singing together learning new songs and having a wonderful silly time together. ~Emma's Mom (Laura)

  2. Emma & Laura, thanks for sharing your music. I understand what you mean about playing any instrument. the ukulele is special because it is so portable and you can sing while you play. Clarinets are awesome but also hard to sing and play at the same time. Sharing music is a great way for families and friends to share special times. Thank you for taking the time to leave a message. Jeff / Humble Uker