Friday, November 25, 2011

Quick Clips from the November Open Mic @ the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz

For the baritone ukulele player...

Sandor just released the second video for the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz Open Mic from last week, November 17, 2011. Each clip is about 20 seconds long. At 0:40, you can hear me starting off the song, "Birmingham Daddy" with a little intro. This time I have friends joining in: Cornbread Charlotte (singing), and Peter (harmonica) & Donna (spoons) Thomas. I expect to pick up the full length version from Sandor and share it in the next couple of weeks.

At 1:57 Rhan Wilson plays his vintage Kent bari-uke with Pipa singing and Patti Maxine doing her magic. I think this song will be part of Rhan's Altared Christmas show.

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