Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pip Lagenta videos Friends of Old Puppy [with Electric Bari]

People know me that I enjoy a broad range of music and that Steven Strauss is my friend, teacher and definitely one of my favorite ukulele players. Pip Lagenta is the videographer of the Friends of Old Puppy band as they play weekly at the Nabolom Bakery in Berkeley California. Well the video comments on the YT video go into more detail. But in this video Billy Wilson plays an electric baritone ukulele. FoOP also includes Ed Johnson (bass) and Cynthia Johnson (perc.)

["My Romance" was written around about 1935 by Richard Rodgers, with lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Lyrics are not used in this performance.]

"La Nopalera" is a polka. We are going to blame Santiago Jimenez Jr. for this polka until someone better comes along. Lyrics are not used in this performance. The Friends of Old Puppy features Steven Strauss on electric soprano ukulele, Billy Wilson on electric baritone ukulele, Ed Johnson on wash-tub bass ("gutbucket"), and Cynthia Wilson on the drums. This music was recorded on November 12, 2011.

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