Monday, November 28, 2011


Roger Ruthen has been busy creating some more arrangements. Here's a selection of some familiar tunes...

Blowing in the Wind (B. Dylan)
Blue Moon (Rogers and Hart)
Cry Me A River (Arthur Hamilton)
Days of Wine and Roses (H. Mancini)

There are many arrangements that I have doodled around with. Kemp's Jig is in the key of G for a baritone ukulele. It starts off with a 0787 G chord and ends with a 5xxx G note. I have been doing a study of music in the key of G just to focus in on a chord family and what can be done with it. Roger Ruthen's arrangements use many chord fragments and inversions and they're all great for study, developing finger dexterity, timing practice, and simply enjoying.

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