Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Juniata Boys || Whisper in the Valley

Not much in the video department. Not much of a slideshow either. BUT wow that's quite a haunting song and that vocal reminds me of somebody, who could it be... it's on the tip of my tongue. Makes me wonder if someone found an old Johnny Cash recording and added their music. It has a fantastic sound. Can you hear a little bari accompaniment in there? Perhaps at 0:56 and ???

They have printed their lyrics on YT if you are so interested.

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  1. Thanks a million, HumbleUker. Adam certainly does have an uncanny resemblance to Johnny Cash. It's a wonder that you found this video so quickly, as we only put it up the day before. Uke on, my friend.

    -Billy from The Juniata Boys.