Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Smyrna5's Baritone Ukulele Playlist

Thanks to
Sweet Water Blue or Smyrna5

I was checking out baritone ukulele videos on YouTube and noticed that Smyrna5 (Sweet Water Blue on Ukulele Underground) had created a playlist with 150 entries. I listened to the songs for quite a while today when working on simpler tasks. He's done some great sleuthing and I found quite a few videos that were a treat for me. I'll be going thru them and try to post them to HB with a proper pace. I know I can get a bit overwhelming by posting too much.

[NOTE: the playlist says HU because I saved the playlist to HU so that I can have access to post. I will try to get SWB's code so that his version and his updates will show up in the future.]

I also added Smyrna5's playlist to the bottom of the Baritone Links for easy future reference

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