Saturday, December 4, 2010

WEEK FOCUS #3 || Songster Lew Dite

“Songster” Lew Dite is from Montreal, Canada and is a multi-instrumentalist that has become a one-man-Smithsonian of old-timey music. He brings to life these old tunes with amazing enthusiasm and has created a YouTube shrine to celebrate the music, playing Guitar, Banjo, Erhu, Strumstick, Ukulele and Baritone Ukulele. To appreciate the breadth of his offerings just check out his two YouTube Channels…

LewDite 1,086 Videos.

Lew Dite Songscreen (Karaoke Style)

Lew often has a title of “Songs _____ ______ Taught Me to Love.” Perhaps someday someone else will post “Songs Lew Dite Taught Me to Love” due to his musical generosity.

This week's focus is on Lew's Baritone Ukulele Videos:

1) I Only Want a Buddy Not a Sweetheart

2) Pay Me My Money Down

3) Blue-Tail Fly

4) Memphis Yodel

5) Kentucky Waltz

6) Bottle of Wine

7) Kisses Sweeter than Wine

8) Two Brothers

9) Riding in My Car

10) Grandfather’s Rights


Humble Uker Playlist Compilation (Listen while you work.)

"Back in the 1940's as a young boy I was introduced to the world of self-made music by my father (1903-1983) who sang and played the banjo uke and tenor banjo. There was no pretense here, just simple straight out stuff, much of it Tin Pan Alley. It was this simplicity of delivery that attracted me as a teenager in the 1950's to British skiffle music in general and Lonnie Donegan in particular. Exploring the origins of British skiffle led me to Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Big Bill Broonzy, the Carter Family, and all the old-timey music from the 20's, 30's and 40's..." (read more on Lew's YouTube Channel)

Lew also has a Sing-along Songs CD,. It is very reasonably priced. Mine is in the mail now. I am looking forward to enjoying the songs Lew Dite taught me to love.

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