Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Bari Best BARITONE UKULELE Songbook

Since I am taking a look at a few books, this is another Jim Beloff, Jumpin' Jim music book specifically for the Baritone Ukulele. It is in a larger format than most of his books at 8-1/2" x 11" tall. There is a generous list of songs at 30. There's a blend of musical genres: Little Grass Shack to As Time Goes By to Tennessee Waltz to When I'm 64. It was published by Hal Leonard and can be found on

This is an example of perhaps the most complex chordings.

This is an example of a simpler arrangement.


  1. I"m new to the baritone uke, and I've been searching the internet for baritone music study books, and it sure appears that they simply don't exist.

    Almost ALL the books I've seen on the internet only have SONGS to play.
    What I"m looking for are scales, arpeggio's, etc.

    Please, if anyone knows of these books, please let me know where I can find/buy them.


    1. I understand that this post is a few years old, but if you, or anyone else, is looking for scales, chords, or fingerpicking exercises for the baritone uke, I have a few created and hope to have more as time permits.

  2. Hey Poppy Blog

    Answer #1 - Here's a cool free scale tool


  3. I'm just learning the baritone uke. What I'd like to know is" why isn't there a FORUM stated at the beginning of this website?

    I've always got tons of questions that I'd like to get answered and going to a FORUM would be much easier for me, and perhaps others as well.

    For instance: I'd like to purchase more baritone ukulele song books and even ask some questions about playing the songs. The FORUM would be easy for me to ask those questions.......

  4. I just found this and ordered it from Elderly Music . QUICKSTART : Scale fingering for tenor & baritone ukulele , VOL.1 - Key of G tuning