Monday, August 2, 2010

Jesper r810s || Fingerpicking Baritone

Jesper wrote...

"I got this baritone ukulele yesterday. Never tried it before, but it was love at first sight. Please bare over with me for minor errors here and there."
Sounds like he's been playing it for 20 years to me! It's all a matter of perspective. Jesper is in Denmark and likes old-time folk songs and tunes. His YT page is

"The inmates of cell block B playing Monkey on a Dog Cart. Naw just kidding. This is from the second reunion of the Danish oldtime band Big Hungry Joe, since we broke up in March last year. We haven't tried this tune before. It's inspired by the great band Boiled Buzzards who also use a harmonica instead of a fiddle as the lead instrument. It is Lasse Høi on harmonica, Mathias Enevoldsen on bass, Tobias Enevoldsen on banjo and moi, Jesper Deleuran on guitar. And it's no April fool's joke."

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