Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chris Perkins || English Luthier

This is a custom TENOR ukulele playing his version of a study by Francisco Tarrega before it goes to its new owner Vanya. I put this video here for the skillful classical arrangement as well as the great background of instruments on the wall.


  1. Hi Jeff, thanks for your comments I've only been making ukes for a couple of years and that is my first baritone uke although I've made 10 tenors, all out of different woods. I like to write my own music and when I have time I will post something. I've been playing guitar a long time but only just getting used to the ukulele. I think its a great instrument. Thanks again, nice to hear from you.

  2. Thanks Chris, Please let me know when you have an arrangement to share with the uke community.

    Jeffrey CrashandBurn
    Humble Uker