Monday, February 27, 2017

Berkeley Old-Time Music Convention (Spring & Fall Information)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lil Rev' || Sing Daddy Sing

I have seen Lil' Rev sing, perform and teach over the years. I helped him start off his Fountain of Uke blog. He's a songster, historian, teacher, writer leaning towards the vibrant Old-Time music, Ragtime, Schottisches, Klezmer and such, A multi-instrumental extraordinaire to be certain. I forgot to mention the Blues. What out when he has his mouth harp out cuz' Rev can wail with the best of them.

He's working on a new musical project, You may find out more and support Lil' Rev here, Lil' Rev's Sing Daddy Sing recording project (Go Fund Me Page) He tells me he's featuring the bari-uke in a few songs. 

This reminds me of a LR song that I posted many years ago. His flair and love for the music is unmistakable. He's playing a BEAUTIFUL Tony Graziano baritone ukulele. Check out that bari and enjoy Lil' Rev's stylings on Bonaparte's Retreat.

Rev writes,

"This tune was originally recorded by Pee Wee King. I feel in love with the tune thru the work of the Holy Modal Rounders and adapted it to the Baritone Ukulele for this simple rendering. I play D shapes and A7 chords, The tune is very simple rhythmically speaking. But it has a great melody and an old time feel that i really love. enjoy! Lil Rev or"

Friday, February 24, 2017

Angela Grace || Fever

My Ukulele World || Biper Art SG Baritone Ukulele Test

Specification 4 string Guitar Body, neck and fretboard - Oak scale 24" burned dot 22 frets radius 7,1/4 no truss rod two pickups from pbass 1volume 1 tone 3way switch thru body string

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tom Nelson || More Shared Tunes

Tom Nelson has added to his Shared Tunes collection with a couple more classics for home study:

As Time Goes By

Georgia On My Mind

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pono Beauty || Pono Pro Classic Rosewood/Spruce Sunburst Baritone Ukulele NUI (BN-30D SB)

Māori "nui"

(noun) size, quantity, vastness, greatness, importance, amount, abundance, plenty, rank.

This Pono baritone has many of the features that I have dreamed about for a baritone ukulele. Being the Pro-Classic model it also comes with the Pro-Classic price. I like to think that an instrument is a lifelong investment worth every penny. But for the average hobbyist the price point ($1,100) is a bit challenging. That being said I think that Pono is on the leading edge of models and designs for the baritone ukulele.

I have a beautiful Pono AB, Acacia Baritone, and it has become my regular player at home.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Jake Wildwood's || Antebellum Instruments

If you love the beauty of old instruments and vintage musical memorabilia be sure to check out Jake's site. There's surely something there that you never knew existed. Thanks for the 1952 Regal update from two friends on this one -- both Gary Meade creator of Ukulelia, and Jon Thysell chord charts, techy and baritone ukulele player. 

1952 Regal "Tara Guitar" Baritone Ukulele

Jake also includes sound clips with many of his instruments.

Monday, February 20, 2017

MOTTO "Fostering Muscianship Four Strings at a Time"

There is the 8th Tenor Guitar Gathering coming up in June 2 ,3 2017 Astoria, Oregon


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Victoria Vox || Supermoon

Just wait until she brings out the Louis Armstrong,,,

Zoë Bestel || Tale of the Sea (Original) from "Little Stove Presents"

Thanks to Ron Hale. Tail or Tale?

Sanne Verbogt || Viva la Vida Uke Arrangement [with score]

Instruments used by Sanne in this video:
LIZZY-BSFL-GB bass ukulele + Horse Kick Pro shaker sound
RU5CE-BA baritone ukulele + Horse Kick Pro bass drum sound
LIZARD SO-GB soprano ukulele + Horse Kick Pro tambourine sound

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Baritone Ukulele T-Shirts on Amazon...

I am not too impressed with the selection here. They all look like a previous witty idea that doesn't carry over very well. Has anyone seen any creative, original bari-ukin' tees?

Check out the ordinary tee's.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I have been neglecting another excellent source of baritone ukulele music and it's time to cure it. This source has also been extremely dedicated to providing quality music to the baritone ukulele community. I have previously mentioned links and some of the songs, but now as I add more pages for you, bari brothers and sisters, I surely need to share this avenue of musical enjoyment as page links as well.

Dr. Uke provides what I consider a great prescription for learning new chords. I imagine most will be challenged with the arrangements. But will surely make impressive progress if diligently studied. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Humble Baritonics Changes & You

Hello reader. I have been adding pages to bring more to share and explore on Humble Baritonics. I have had several conversations with  Roger Ruthen of pdf-minstrel and he's been an inspiration to provide more information to the baritone ukulele community. 

Tonight I added a page called "Bari CD's" which will contain Artist and their CD's as well as links on where to purchase them whenever possible. I have started reviewing past posts and 

Are you aware that James Hill has a CD that features the baritone ukulele? Did you know Jake Shimabukuro has a Baritone ukelele song in one of his albums? Did you know that Jon Braman has a Hip Hop ukulele CD? There's also a Parlour Music CD from John Kavanagh published in 2006 and is still available on CD via CD Baby?

I will be updating the list over the next couple of weeks. Please, if you are aware of other groups playing baritone ukulele in part or all of their music, share it with the bari-uke community.

Wild Child, The Haunted Windchimes, The Burning Hell. Alison Krauss, and more...

Thanks for sharing and making this a better place for everybody.

Jeff / Humble Uker.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Mitchell McDonald || Primrose Baritone Ukulele (Demo)

Here's a "short demo of a Primrose baritone ukulele. Curly maple back, sides and neck. Cocobolo fretboard, headstock veneer, and Cedar top. The bridge is also cocobolo with buffalo horn saddle and ebony bridge pins"

Andrew Morse || Try (Colbie Collait)

Andrew writes...

"Growing up a teenage girl these days is virtual minefield. Navigating the peer pressure, desire to fit in and fighting negative self images derived from unrealistic media portrayals of the feminine can be a brutal cocktail for impressionable young women."

This is for my granddaughters

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Roger Ruthen || Cry Me A River (Jazz Bari)

Roger Ruthen has been a big supporter of the baritone ukulele community for several years. He's been creating music in several genres: Classical, Traditional, Bluegrass, Celtic and even Jazz. I just checked out his tab for Cry Me A River. Jazz-Bari, check it out!

If you've been keeping track of blog activities lately you'll recognize that Roger has contributed a great number of tabs for both Old-Time/Bluegrass Bari and Celtic Bari. I hope that you'll check out some of the old United Kingdom and Americana traditional music. On Humble Baritonics, we have midi's to go along with the music that can be downloaded so you can play back and get the tunes away from numbers and lines and into your head and fingers.

I also want to note that I now have a page tab with a direct link to Roger's pdf-Minstrel. He has a wealth of knowledge on music and transcribing and you'll surely find some treasures there.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Tom Nelson || Shared Tunes

Tom Nelson

Tom has put together some music for his own self study and shared his work with the readers and followers of Humble Baritonics. His work shows a good ear and tremendous patience in placing it all in the Tabledit format in an extremely festidious manner. The names of the 4 songs are El Mariachi, EresTu, Harlem Nocturne, and Stardust.

Tabledit has a demo version where one may play the songs and get a feel for them. This is a great advantage for the student. The arrangements are provided for musical development and not public performance. The songs are also provided in pdf format.

Tom shares...

"I have been using Tabledit for about 10 years. I have looked at other programs but they cost more or just don't seem to be as clear and easy to use. Tabledit also has an online forum on which owners can get answers to their questions. I have used this more then once. I recommend TE to anyone that asks me about it. It does have some quirks but, I think it's the best program for the price... In high school, we all played around with the guitar, but I never really learned to play the guitar. Some years ago, I bought a tenor uke to again play around with but really didn't care for the sound. And for some reason I couldn't get a good G note out of the thing. Into the closet it went... When my son got married in Hawaii in 2012 I thought a uke would be a nice souvenir. Remembering back in high school a 4 string tenor guitar that a friend of mine played and I always thought was kind of cool, I bought a Kamaka bari at Scotty's on the island of Kauai at a good price and the love fest began... Two years ago I bought a second bari, this time from the Hawaii Music Supply. It's a cedar top Pono and it is my main instrument. It's the one in the picture. I'll soon be buying a spruce top Kala bari from Elderly's here in Lansing to see if I like the brighter sound for the Spanish flavored music.  Who knows, maybe a new Pono will be required in the future."

I have made another page/tab called "Shared Tunes" for Tom's work and possibly others that would like to contribute to the baritone ukulele playing world.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Jay Holiday & Robbie Ihry, Tailgaters & Good Friends || Folsom Prison Blues

Here I'm posting two of my good old friends Jay Holiday and Robbie Ihry's and their band called the Tailgaters (plus several friends). Almost every one of these players is a member of one of my favorite hangouts -- the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz. There's only one uke in the video but it shows the energy and talent of a great group of musicians.

Here's a Tailgaters only video with Banjo Uke and Std Uke.

Larrivee Spruce/Mahogany Baritone (UB40MHO, #127060)

Here a link to "The Ukulele Site" store video with the Larrivee Baritone. There is also another vimeo video showing it off. Here's another link to there site using baritone as the key search term. There are several beautiful baritones on a few pages if you click around a bit.

Pono Pro Classic Cedar Top Mahogany STEEL String Baritone Ukulele (UL4-20)

This video came from "The Ukulele Site" where there is more info...

Pono UL4-20 from Hawaii Music Supply on Vimeo.

NAMM 2017 || Ken Middleton BK-100R

Ken Middleton is a friend to Humble Baritonics and the Bari-Uke Community. He's a great advocate of the ukulele and a representative for the Ohana Ukulele Company. The beginning of this video has a very brief description of a beautiful Ohana Bari-Uke.

I have not had a chance to see one in person but I love the blonde face and the new O design for Ohana. Rosewood back and sides. White binding and a solid spruce top. It's nice to see the bari introduced first in a video fro a change.

Thank you,