Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hoodrio || Guitar & Baritone

Easy Rockabilly Travis Picking with a bit of baritone ukulele.


Robert Light commented on this video, "Are there any other special uses for the baritone ukulele to further justify its purchase?" and Hoodrio responded, Well, the first thing to bear in mind is that the baritone ukulele is tuned the same as the top four strings of a guitar, so it's really like a simpler version of the same instrument. Add that to the incredibly compact size, and you have something really convenient for playing on the couch or porch – or throwing in the car for a trip to the beach or camping. And like I say in this video, the wider string spacing makes it the ideal tool for learning and practicing fingerstyle methods.

Easy Slide progression for Guitar & Ukulele

Cool Chuck Berry Style Progression for Guitar and Ukulele. Fun double stop progression in A with turnarounds. Kala Baritone Uke and Fender Esquire.

Brüko No. 16 Baritone ukulele

Monday, June 29, 2015

Kevin Holmes || Brahms op 39 no 15

Emily Naul || Start Anew (The Perishers Cover)



Emily shared a shot with her bari in October 2010, link. Glad to see her back sharing her lovely voice and a tune with her Lanikai baritone uke again.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sinfonico Honolulu || Fra cent'anni (official video)

Here's another find shared by Ron Hale and frankly I'm not sure there's a bari in here but this video is a blast of fun.  

Terrific Sunday || Streets of Love

A Polish Group...


A Ron Hale find.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ella Coyes || The Bailer Black (Twisted Wood Guitars' Baritone Ukulele)

Youtube Notes...

"Watch one of our newest ukulele artists singer/songwriter Ella Coyes. Performing on our zebra wood baritone ukulele. Check back soon for more videos from Ella and our other talented artists."

Twisted Wood Guitars

Ukulele Hunt || 3 Best Ways to Use a Pick on a Ukulele

I have experimented with a pick on the baritone only sporadically. Playing the low tuned baritone ukulele among several high-G tuned ukuleles can make the bari sound a bit muted. A pick may bring a bit more pop in these conditions. I have also been a fan/reader of flatpick guitar magazine which is all about picking even though I try a pick only rarely. I try the tunes fingerstyle.

Below is a link to the pick advice of a premier ukulele enthusiast, Alistair Wood, from a recent post on Ukulele Hunt.


Todd Baio || Don't You Wanna Go (Original Gospel + Old Blues)

Todd Baio playing music
on the Baritone

And sounding so good...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

Uke Val || Hesistation Blues (Variation with Tab)

Uke Val did us a big favor by sharing tab of his variation... (link)

Thank you Val for sharing!

(Note that his one's look a lot like upside down V's)

Roger Ruthen's pdf-Minstrel || Andante (Ferdinando Carulli)

Roger's musical arrangements are good for relaxing the mind on a lunchtime work break. I like the constant rhythm and interesting movement of this arrangement. Just add a baritone Low-D ukulele. Today's feast...


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jim Boggia, Allison Polans, Sarah Larsen, Philip D'Agostino || Ode To Billie Joe

Here's an awesome video I found lurking on Uke Hunt...

Ukulele Hunt is celebrating it's eighth year of providing excellence. Congratulations Al!

Player Photo || Hillbilly Tex (Image from "Honky Tonk" Portraits of Country Music)

Old black & white photo book
capture Americana
Could this be a Bari-Uke?


Friday, June 12, 2015

MUSIC THEORY || How to Write a Melody

Roger Ruthen's pdf-Minstrel || Adagio Theme (Tomaso Albinoni)

We are fortunate to have another great fan of the Baritone Ukulele in Roger Ruthen. He has create so many arrangements for the baritone ukulele player. I'm sure he must have the most hits on his site as he offers players actual arrangements.

Today, during my lunch at work, where I just happen to have an extra old beater Maxwell bari, I decided to take a little break to play something soothing after a fast-paced week at work. I pulled up Humble Baritonics and scrolled down the right hand margin to pdf-Minstrel and chose a tune. Today it happened to be the Adagio Theme. Here's the direct link...


For even more of Roger's work click here.

If you have a favorite link that works well for the bari focused player's please take the time to share it with our bari-playin' community. E-mail me at humbleuker@gmail.com.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Veronica Sbergia & the Red Wine Serenaders || Live at Kansar

My old friend Ron Hale sent me a link to this video, unfortunately it has been disabled for embedding. https://youtu.be/NQpUOAJh1Fg

Monday, June 1, 2015

Jonathan Mann || Song A Day - XOXO Festival (2014)

XOXO Festival Notes...

NYC singer-songwriter Jonathan Mann made a music video today. And yesterday. And every day since January 2009, more than 2,100 songs and counting, a project that landed him multiple viral hits, TV appearances, and a Steve Jobs keynote. In the process, he’s parlayed Song A Day into a uniquely weird career.

Recorded in September 2014 at XOXO, an arts and technology festival in Portland, Oregon celebrating independent artists using the Internet to make a living doing what they love. For more, visit 

Jonathan picks up the holy bari about 19:30 and plays.

Jonathan Braman || Hip Hop Baritone

"The 99" Music Video

mb2003 || Pua Liliehua

The box is small since the video is just the song title...

PUA LILIEHUA (I love the Hawaiian Instrumentals)

Earlier today I received a call from Andy Andrews in Hawaii. Andy was a major part of the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz mystique for a decade. He still is part of the heart of the community and keeps in touch by sending out the alerts about the monthly ukulele club events. Andy is a person that always made others feel the Ohana aspect of the ukulele community.

Andy created the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz song books. These song books have found their way to all parts of the world. He has added in tidbits of trivia and song knowledge. He's going to be sending me the contact info and pricing for the books and I will post the information on the blog for anyone interested.