Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I came across an interesting site http://ukenut.com/ that have posted some song tablatures. If you like to play fingerstyle you may want to check it out.

Cinderella Lifestyle || Sad (Original based on Newspaper Article)

Laurie is a creative force. I love her original creations...

Friday, September 26, 2014

WeTigersUkeSongs || Visa från Utanmyra

I went a little cuckoo on this one as I have been studying Swedish again. I like it when I get to hear music from Sweden especially a sweet melodied folk song like this one. This video is of Michael from the Netherlands x 3.

For more songs in Swedish see...

Visa från Utanmyra är en traditionell svensk folkmelodi. Till melodin finns två texter. Den första med titeln O tysta ensamhet är skriven av Olof von Dalin. The song has two different texts. The title translates to View from Utanmyra.

Monica Zetterlund, jazzy

Musical transcription

Jan Johansson

Sissel (Norwegian Singer) Interesting to follow the English subtitled lyrics.

Barbara Segerath -- classical guitar version


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Emily Walker || Tiny House

I do not have a tiny house. But I have worked in construction, built a shed, put additions on two homes, and had a tiny office. I have been a junky for the Tiny House Nation show. At last weekends Burning Uke in Little Basin 2014 I had the opportunity to check out a uker's 22' diameter teepee. What an awesome playspace!

What would you keep in a tiny house? See what Emily keeps in her house. If you're impatient push the curser to the 7:00 minute mark and watch...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pabrizzer || My Rifle My Pony and Me (sung by Rick Nelson and Dean Martin in Rio Bravo)

Erivel || In My Room (Beach Boys classic)

Barry Maz || Grand Northern Uke Festival

Barry Maz posted on his "Got a Ukulele.." blog about another uke fest in Northern England in a Yorkshire town called, Huddersfield. He took some great photos and shared them nice and big. There were many top notch players and performers on the bill. I wanted to share these bari-player photos of Krabbers and Zoë. Click this link to go directly over to Barry's Post to hear all about it...

Krabbers with a Bari

Zoë Bestel with her bari too!

So my question is does Barry play the bari? He's posted a simple chart...


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hoodrio || Easy Slide Progression

Slide Bari!!! DGBD tuned, Open G

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jonathan Mann || Songwriting & Chords

Jonathan Mann shares the good knowledge. He writes a song every day and he plays the most beat up bari-uke in many of his videos. He is a man that is continually creating.

Lessons: Learning Music by Ear


I have been working as a project manager for a steel fabricator in the San Francisco Bay Area. The job load and work pace can get pretty intense at times, that is, just about every day, 6:30am to 4:30pm (minimum). My free time is about 3-4 hours per day LESS than when I worked from home for the previous 9 years. So my playing/practice/blogging time has been deeply curtailed.

This weekend marks the 2 year anniversary of my return to the salaried work force. I started working there in September of 2012 the day after the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz Burning Uke #9. I will be going to Burning Uke #11 at Little Basin in the mountains near Santa Cruz this upcoming Thursday Sept 18 to Sunday Sept 21.

So with the time limits I now face, Jon Thysell's "How to Practice" blog post has had me inspired to create a regular, index card based practice plan. I have been working on scales and picking out simple melodies by ear recently. So I have been looking for criteria for developing a practice plan to develop my ears. Jim D'Ville has his site called Play Ukulele by Ear. Jim is energetic and a great inspiration for learning to understand music.

I turned to the internet tonight and also found a guitar-centric, called Maximum Musician. They have a 10-part series which takes an in depth look at learning guitar by ear. Here's the link to their part 1. As a part of my upcoming posts I may also share some of the things that I find most useful. There is a ton of information available on this site.

Please share anything you can about your experiences or benefits of learning by ear.

Jeff / Humble Baritonics

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jonathan Mann (Song-A-Day) || When the World Ends #2073

Why has my blog turned to shakey jello? Is this the end of Humble Baritonics as we knew it?

Christian Müller || Zoot Allures

Zappa on Bari?

FaceBook and the Baritone Ukulele Player




Fizzy Giggleness || Grow Old with You

Marsha with a Regal 1920's Parlour Style Tenor Guitar

At the August 2014 meeting of the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz meeting, Marsha was sitting across the table and two placers over. I saw that Regal and knew immediately what is was. I asked to see it right away. It is an absolutely beautiful vintage instrument. I asked Marsha if I could take a picture of her with it and told her I would post the vintage photo that I had posted quite a while back.

I hope I can find it in the 4 years of nearly 3,300 posts... (Found, thanks to Kurt!)


Also here's a second photo, courtesy of Kurt's research...


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Jon Thysell shares his Port Townsend Bari-Ukin' experiences

Jon is a bari player, blogger and major techie. He has shared quite a broad selection of topics. But his most recent post is full of good information. He has many tidbits of information to share that are sure to add something to your playing. It's all good stuff. Read more here...


I was glad to hear that Aaron Keim was an instructor for the bari. He's a great advocate for the baritone ukulele and has a site which has some bari focused arrangements, see his Ukulele Tabs & Videos

I would change one of Ginger Johnson's comments about scary Jazz chords. Those Jazz chords can be especially fun. And 9th's and 13th's are quite easy to play. But if you really want to learn some great Jazz chords look up Glen Rose.

Woody Guthrie early life || Bound for Glory

Wendy and I were at the DeAnza College Flea Market and she found this movie starring David Carradine as Woody Guthrie. I did not know what to expect but it was better than I thought. David plays guitar and does a really solid job. The movie was made in 1967.

Here's a video with Emmylou Harris and then a Woody Guthrie recording of him singing Hobo's Lullaby. Woody sang songs with compassion and conscience. The movie gives a feeling of the times he was living in...

Pete Seeger singing Hobo;s Lully too.

Hobo's Lullaby Lyrics & Chords

Thursday, September 4, 2014

John Burton || Pure Imagination

From the classic film, "Charlie & the Chocolate factory..."

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sandor Turbo Paprika Man || Peel Me a Grape (Uke Ellington Band)

Here's a treat. Sandor is a good friend of mine and the ukulele world. He's a big part of the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz. "The UCSC where you get a real education." If you have been a long time viewer you will know about Sandor's beautiful and amazing collection of photos. Here's some Jazzy Uke Ellington... In Sandor's own words...

"The occasion was Sandor Nagyszalanczy's 60th birthday bash at the Delaveaga Lodge in Santa Cruz on a lovely June night in 2014. The Lodge was transformed for the night into "Cafe Sans Souci" (Cafe Without a Care). Uke Ellington's performance features: Hannah Smalltree on vocals, Rick Turner on tenor ukulele, Sandor Nagyszalanczy on baritone and tenor ukulele and vocals, Gary Cunningham on bass, and Olaf Schiappacasse on drums."

Watch full screen for the best effect!

Myrna Ukelele|| Sweet Lillie

Lew Dite Songster || I Faw Down and Go Boom