Monday, January 28, 2013

Dr Bekken || Getting Real Cheap... with Bari

The Doc is a jazz musician and it appears that any instrument sounds great in his hands. It is interesting to hear the different "voices" in each. It is nice to know how much we can get from some of the inexpensive instruments.

I have gone a bit different route and have spent approximately $350 on each of my Favillas. I also have a modern Kala electric bari that sold for about $190. I like to have different strings on each bari and perhaps that accentuates the difference.

I feel that the money spent on an instrument makes many wonderful returns. How many joyful hours per $ are you getting?

Thank you Dr. Bekken for sharing. There are many brand choices and all of these sounded like keepers.


Uke Hunt || Bari Tuned = EABE

I haven't had much communication lately with the main man of ukulele knowledge, Alistair Wood, but he has the the most Rockin' ukulele info'mation blog in the world. Al posted a Bari song with alternated tuning quite some time ago.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Julia Lavery || Yellow (Coldplay cover)

Coldplay has some beautiful songs. I thought I'd check my bari-uke archives, repost Julia's video, and post the chords to the song...

Chords #1 from Guitar Tab dot Com

Chords #2 from Tabs Ultimate Guitar

If you look at the CHORDS in the #2 you will see some interesting guitar chords that perhaps a little truncation will yield some interesting results:

C in DGBE order =2010
Csus4 = 3010 [3013]
Cmaj9 = 0010, 0013, 1320 (which sounds best?) [0140]
Fmaj7 = 3210 ==> This is one of my favorites!
Csus2 = 5533 [0013]

Perhaps you have some better choices?

Yeezer || Dayung Sampan / Tian Mi Mi

Just E. Rose || Grey or Blue

NOTE: I just added the song Paradise (by Coldplay) to my DGBE song list.

Hassan Estakhrian || In My Life

Gets better and better...

Geez Louise || Song Selection

I haven't heard Nadine / Red / Geez Louise for awhile...

GIRL with ONE EYE (Florence and the Machine)

GREEN EYES (Cold Play)


TIGHTEN UP (The Black Keys)

Friday, January 25, 2013

James Raymond || ADHD

Nicholas Abersold || Me, In a Woman's Body

New player, original song, high fidelity...

Musical Wisdom from Rhan Wilson

Rhan is a Santa Cruz musician, music teacher, and buddy of mine. He sees the big music picture and occasionally posts insights on his "All in Good Time" blog...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

John Sharpe || Here Comes the Sun

Neal Jones || Lazybones

Thanks for letting me know I messed up, here's a classic old tune...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Acoustic Guitar Magazine Feb 2013 || Mumford & Sons

If you like the Low D sound of your baritone ukulele you may enjoy a subscription or occasional newsstand purchase of Acoustic Guitar magazine. I think this February's magazine is sporting a baritone ukulele or vintage small body tenor guitar. Only Mumford & Son's knows for sure.

Notice that there are "5 Songs to Play." This is a regular feature of the magazine. I also notice the "Roots Fingerpicking Basics" and "Pentatonic Patterns." 

I also notice that one of my Luthier friends, Tony Graziano, regurlarly advertises his services in the back marketplace section of the magazine. Tony has made some beautiful baritone ukuleles but it is hard to get him away from building long enough to get some photos. Perhaps our bari-friendly, friend Sandor, will get some shots soon?

Here's a Mumford & Son's video sans bari...

Roland || Space Coast Ukulele Club

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Portly Knight || Programmer's Blues

Dr Bekken || One Bad Crutch

Chris H || Cry Baby Cry (Beatles cover)

Jeremiah Walker || Moon Face

Wow, It's been about a week since I checked out some videos. I have been watching Jeremiah's video compilations. Nice to see a live performance...

Jenny Littlefield || Someone Like You

9-Year-Old Beginner || Full Moon's Up

I recently posted some great dulcimer videos made by Stephen Seifert here on Humble Baritonics. He's an amazing instructor. I just had to post Stephen's daughter's video with her baritone ukulele...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ariyapol Srabua || Killing Me Softly

Very nice performance with a high quality audio. He calls it a Fukulele baritone. I have to see if I can find out more about these baris.


Owen Stone || Cowboys

John Sharpe || Lord Franklin

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sarah Donner || One Day More (Les Miserables avec Road Noise)

An epic performance, a bit spoiled by the road noise...