Friday, August 31, 2012

Ondrej Sarek || Baritone Ukulele Book Author

Ondrej recently posted a few baritone ukulele videos and sent me an e-mail to let me know about them and some books that he's written for the baritone ukulele. He says, "I am glad that your blog supports baritone ukulele. It's a beautiful instrument. For "baritonového" ukulele I love standard tuning (DGBE). The low D string has a nice deep tone."

He lives in Prague (the Czech Republic) and studied composition and parallel musicology. That's why he likes classical music. He enjoys writing books for ukulele and especially for the baritone ukulele since it is hard to find books for it.

Irish Tunes for All Ukuleles: C, D and G (Baritone) tuning

Gospel Baritone Ukulele Solos: for Baritone Ukulele

Ondrej's Czech website link,

NOTE: He's preparing another book for baritone ukulele. It should be out in early September on Amazon. It's "Gregorian Chant for Baritone Ukulele" played campanella style. Here's an example...

Howie Reprise || Fast Car (Lesson 23,000 hits)

Jonathan Mann || What You Are Left With is Me

I really like Jonathan Mann's creativity. Music is in his soul, creativity is his way, sometimes a bit of craziness runs through his blood. He uses every modern tool at his disposal. And yet sometimes, with his bari-big-uke in hand, he strips it all down and we get a jewel.

My YouTube comment to the Song-A-Day Mann...
"I really like the sound of the song. It constantly makes you ponder what you are getting at. I guess this this a stripping down of our ego, our labels, or mental attachments. I like that you are posting the words and chords now. I have watched your earlier "chord study" videos. I also enjoy the smooth arpeggio fell of the song. Could have use the resonating sound of your stairwell like so many of your other songs. To me, this is one of your tops for staying within a single thought. Brilliant, J"

Jonathan Mann's Dream Song A Day #1339

If you take away the songs I write
C Em Am
If you take away the things I've done
If you take away the friends I have
C G Am
The place I live or the town I'm from

If you take away the way I look
If you take away the books I like
If you take away the clothes I wear
My automobile or me on my bike

Dm Am
If you take away my deepest fear
If you take away the things I want
If you take away my greatest shame
The dreams that soar and the ghosts that haunt

If you take away the jobs I've had
If you take away my money too
If you take away my height and mass
If all of this were somehow removed

If you take away the jerk I've been
And the times that I've been ridiculed
If you take away the sports I played
The grades I got and where I went to school

If you take away my compassion
If you take away my need for love
If you take away my empathy
And everything I am made of

If you take away the things that inspires me
If you take away my fans who know
If you take away my favorite 
Video games and television shows

If you take away all the women I've loved
If you take away my family
If you take away my unborn kids
Then what you're left with is me

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Elly Lou (Buggin' Word) || Today

This woman, Elly Lou, completely amazes me. Music just flows so effortlessly from her. So relaxed amid so many distractions...

Way Over Yonder in a Minor Key

Sunny Boy (Uke Sun) || Dancing Waves

Sunny Boy says, "Me, my Brüko baritone ukulele and my dog on Weissenstein, Switzerland." 

Mexchica || Siempre Hace Frio (Selena Quintanilla Cover Acústico con ukulele bariton)

I admire those that can sing with so much feeling and like Armelle (Ukuleles & Languages) I enjoy songs sung in foreign languages too...

(There's a little snippet showing her playing the bari in the video.)

Wilfried Welti || e-Books

Wilfred is a committed soprano and sopranino ukulele player and has been making classical and folk arrangements for ukulele for several years. I had a link to his free book on Humble Uker for several years as I played smaller ukes. He recently e-mailed me to let me know that his book link should be updated and that he has ventured further into making arrangements.

Wilfried's blog website is Ukulele-Arts (Wilfried Welti’s solo ukulele page) [English version]

He now has comprised some e-Books for sale. The King of all ukulele blog/ukulele music book sites and author of Ukuleles for Dummies, Alistair Wood, has made a thorough breakdown of the books on Ukulele Hunt so I will direct you there for song lists but give you links to WW's site herein.

[Personal Note: I have been enjoying a wider diversity with my baritone ukulele lately, that is, since I received my set of Living Water High-D DGBE strings from Ken Middleton. All of Wilfried's arrangements are for the high fourth string tuning, a.k.a. re-entrant tuning. Ken's string set is all flourocarbon and have a nice bright ukulele sound. I have four bari-big-ukes all set up with different string sets. Now's your chance to momentarily feed your dreaded UAS and get a second bari with re-entrant tuning for more musical fun.]

Solo Ukulele für Einsteiger (Free music PDF hosted on Ukulele Hunt, text in German.)

Link to e-Books and mp3 sales page

Best wishes to Wilfried in his e-Book adventure,

Jeff / Humble Uker / Humble Baritonics

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tony Catalano || Arabian Shuffle

Born Again Jeeper || Goodbye (Steve Earle cover on Baritone Ukulele)

BAJ stays soulful for another tune on his bari. I wish I could see his hands a bit better so that I can hear/see those intros that sound so smooth. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Short Grain Music || In the Good Old Summertime

Here's the theme song from a 1949 movie of the same title starring Judy Garland and Van Johnson. Short Grain has a lovely rendition...

eBay Photo: Arthur Godfrey Sings

Check out this album cover that I found on eBay. It is of the 50's and 60's television personality Arthur Godfrey with his Vega baritone ukulele...

Folding Stars Music || Princess Sparkle

This young lady is quite patient and responds to even the most hurtful comments on her You Tube videos. I think her music is just fine and I like her song selection since I get a chance to hear some new stuff. I happily came across her music by accident.

I wish that people tagged "baritone" on their videos more regularly, I'm sure too many good ones are "hiding" somewhere.

Guchot || I Washed My Hands in Muddy Waters

Guchot is a photographer and here's a great photo compilation & display...

Guchot tells about his "Little Miss Mojo" electric steel string bari, here.

AJ the Fool || Satan Gave Me a Taco (Beck cover on Baritone Ukulele)

AJ strikes out with another easy listening tune. Nope, I don't think Beck did any "easy." I had to post this one for its unique, insane lyrics. Thanks Fooo. (as pronounced by Mr.T.)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Born Again Jeeper || Lean on Me

Such a soulful sound. I am a glad to see the Jeeper back again -- even if he has bubbles... (stop the video at the outtakes and savor the soul.)

Mike Lynch || Elementary Baritone Ukulele Information

Ukulele Mike has compiled an extensive library of standard GCEA ukulele tutorial videos. This one is very elemental and is his first for the baritone ukulele...

Gryphon Strings || The "Candy Store"

On my regular travels around the San Francisco Bay Area, I make frequent visits to Gryphon strings. They have an amazing selection of stringed instruments of great quality. I have been getting some instrument repair and other questions lately and if I don't know the answer then they surely will.

Gryphon is a seller of Pono Ukuleles (which have truss rods in their necks for adjustment.) This is their video showing of their Popno selection whic includes the Bari-Uke at about the 4 minute mark. Gryphon Strings question page is here -- Contact for Repairs & Restorations. And their main website is here.

Low Down by the Bay || Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair

A Bessie Smith classic...

Kalei Gamiao - Kiss from a Rose (Baritone Ukulele version)

SixColora || 望春風

LZM Amzelle || Green Tea Ukulele

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Boombox Seance || Trouble

Victoria Vox & Aaron English. Here's something new and experimental. The last time I posted VV with this Boat Paddle bari the video was removed in a few days. I hope this one with stay...

Zoë Bestel || Butterflies (Original Song) The Star Folk Club, Glasgow

Wow what a voice. A voice that is heavenly...

Todd Baio (Doogey9) || Mean Ol' Frisco

Well I've enjoyed all of Todd's baritone videos -- so many great old songs, blues, slides...

Todd Baio (Doogey9) || Bari-Uke Noodlin'

Wingnut || Bad Bad Leroy Brown

Flickr Foto: Crooked Still

.:Crooked Still:. by The Bugmaster
.:Crooked Still:., a photo by The Bugmaster on Flickr.
The Bugmaster writes...

"What can I say? Wow! I always loved Crooked Still when listening to them on CD but that is nothing compared to hearing them live! They are really incredible! It was an extremely enjoyable night and I am so glad that they came to Alaska!!! Tristan Clarridge (fiddler to the left) is absolutely one of the most talented people out there. He gave a flawless performance. Left to right: Tristan Clarridge, Greg Liszt, Aoife O'Donovan, Corey DiMario, Brittany Haas."

Aoife O'Donovan

Aoife O'Donovan by wfuv
Aoife O'Donovan, a photo by wfuv on Flickr.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Flickr Foto: Amanda Shires and Rod Picott 2008

Amanda Shires and Rod Picott by sjrowe53
Amanda Shires and Rod Picott, a photo by sjrowe53 on Flickr.

Amanda Shires || Mineral Wells

Amanda Shires plays 'Mineral Wells' at Kilkenny Roots Festival 2012 in the National Craft Gallery.

Here's another of Amanda's great videos sans bari, "Detroit or Buffalo"

Amanda Shires performs at the Buddy Holly Center's Summer Showcase Concert Series -- Hub City Sound

Jonathan Mann (Song-A-Day) || I Don't Understand Twitter

Jonathan continues his Song-A-Day campaign and he's got a beaten and battered holey baritone ukulele. I like Jonathan's impromptu musical creations. Sometimes I feel he gets a bit wild but it's a peaceful and creative wild. I noticed that he's beginning to post his lyrics and chords within his video comments.

Song # 1324 Photo Bomb Song

Jonathan's blog

Amanda Shires || Put Me To Bed

And with her violin...

Amanda Shires || I Keep Watch Like Doves

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shelby Olive || Beautiful Girl (Sara Bareilles bari-uke cover)

Flea Bitten Dawgs & Dominator || I Don't Wanna Work No More (Ukulele World Congress)

There's the Boat Paddle duo of Flea Bitten Dawg's on the left and Dominic the Dominator on the right. The Baritone is hidden by the music stand on the left.

Some of the videos that I find are just from good fortune. Olgoat commented on BAJ and so I just hunted around and found these two jewels from the Ukulele World Congress.

Do Nothing till You Hear from Me

I'll be your baby tonight

BORN AGAIN JEEPER || The Way You Make Me Feel

Hooray, another wayward bari player has returned to post more on YouTube. BAJ has taken many good songs and made them his own. The image of the hunter's hat and compound bow portray more of a country feel but BAJ has entertained with easy listening songs like Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline with Trombone from October 2010, which I loved too. 

Hearing him sing this tune so well reminds me of a conversation with a friend of mine. She said that she feels that when she sings alone she feels comfortable but when she tries singing with others she always feels ackward. She notices that she almost automatically sings in another voice, trying to match the other's vocals, and it is straining and hard to stay on pitch. So she feels that she is not a good singer.

So I was wondering how is it that one develops their own voice? This video with Born Again Jeeper clearly is sung differently than Michael Jackson but it sounds so strong because he sings so solidly in his own voice and key. I continue to struggle with this too. 

I know that occasionally I try to sing with someone that has an amazing vocal range and I just can't fit my vocals in anywhere comfortably. Is the key too difficult? Roger Ruthen wrote a short article about finding your right singing key (Dec 2011) and I shared it here in HB. 

Well, I would like to get back to BAJ and say welcome back! I find your videos and song selection quite a bit of fun. I think the vocals on this MJ tune are solid, unique and really do a great job/having fun with this song.

Jeff / Humble Uker

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Patrick || The Daily Frail

Hello Bari-Ukers! No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a banjo. I really like Patrick because he teaches with such joy. I think that the techniques shown in this video would be fun to use on the big-uke too. I love the country blues sound. I have to give it a try myself this evening.

Todd's BACK with a BARI Again!

Down in the Valley...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Michelle Blades || Kayaks Encrusted with Salt

Michelle is always tinkering and creating. Great dynamics on this one...

Randa Cheyenne || Bowl for Two

Flickr Foto: Hand Painted Guitars, Ukuleles, Lichty Guitars-2

Flickr Foto: Ukulele Badges

Ukulele badges by blinkypalermo
Ukulele badges, a photo by blinkypalermo on Flickr.

Ukucafe' Tabs || Some DGBE Arrangements

The French language ukulele blog called Ukucafe' has some arrangements for the baritone ukulele player...

Picasa Photo: Humble Uker

"Ghost Cheekens in the Sky"
Photo from an open mic blunderstorm
at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz
Posted by Picasa

Hey you. Yes you pardner! Send me a photo of yourself
or your group with a bari predominantly showing.
I like photos of players.
Have some fun with it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Flickr Foto: Hugo on Baritone Uke

Hugo on Baritone Uke by mrclean
Hugo on Baritone Uke, a photo by mrclean on Flickr.

Flickr Foto: Deanna DeLuke (Lucky Jukebox Brigadier)

Flickr Foto: Amy Bleu

Amy Bleu by caseymoral
Amy Bleu, a photo by caseymoral on Flickr.

Flickr Foto: Krista Muir

Krista Muir by Bobby B.
Krista Muir, a photo by Bobby B. on Flickr.

Rancho Relaxo 10-20-2008

Flickr Foto: Sarah Donner

Day 141 - Sarah Donner by Amanda Duncan
Day 141 - Sarah Donner, a photo by Amanda Duncan on Flickr.

Flickr Foto: Bliss Blood

untitled by blogjam_dot_org
untitled, a photo by blogjam_dot_org on Flickr.

Have you heard of The Moonlighters?

Flickr Foto: Bliss Blood

untitled by blogjam_dot_org
untitled, a photo by blogjam_dot_org on Flickr.

Haunted Windchimes (Desirae Garcia) || Maybe in the Evening

Desirae sings & plays solo...

Haunted Windchimes || Little Box

I had the opportunity to see them play in Santa Cruz. They put on a great show...

Just E Rose || Rivers & Roads

Matty Dee || Dream On (Aerosmith cover on Mainland bari-uke)

Awesome vocals with bari-uke back up...

Kevin W. Holmes || Tuesday's Lament

The corgi seems pleased...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Luaplug || Various Songs on the Baritone Ukulele

He's got quite a few videos posted and recently posted these three on the Baritone Ukulele. I like the way that he paces the songs and uses minimal strums but still gets the song across so effectively.   

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kevin W Holmes || Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon

Beautifully performed...

Beatles Ukulele Fun! (With bari-chord subtitles)

Marcy Marxer || 12th Street Rag Ukulele Lesson

The lesson is in high GCEA but perhaps there are a few high DGBE players that will enjoy this lesson from Marcy. The video shows the simplicity if finger arrangements for the left hand and several variations for the right hand as well. Triplets. Great stuff! I notice this is lesson #11 so I'll take a look and share some more soon. This lesson reminds me quite a bit of Jake Shimabukuro and his Cragy G performances.

Friday, August 17, 2012

J C Clarks Ukulele Blog

Beautiful Custom Long Neck Bari-Uke

Acoustic 1972 || If I Had You

The synchronization of this video is a bit off. I have tried this old tune and it is fun ...

Flickr Foto: Whiskey Chimp Band Photo

The Chimp by vegasshooter
The Chimp, a photo by vegasshooter on Flickr.

Flickr Foto: Stan & Brent (Whiskey Chimp)

Brent and Stan by vegasshooter
Brent and Stan, a photo by vegasshooter on Flickr.
Stan & Brent by vegasshooter
Stan & Brent, a photo by vegasshooter on Flickr.

Tony Catalano || MamaAfrica

Here's a  solo baritone ukulele with alternate tuning performed and composed by tony catalano. It is a tribute to African world music...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kevin W Holmes || Brahms Op.39, No.15

Wild Child || Tonight You Belong to Me

"Tonight You Belong To Me," from the movie "The Jerk" (1979)
Performed by Wild Child
Major Nation Records
(c) 2012 Wild Child Sounds

TotallyFuzzy blogspot for music discovery

Bearly Rambling Wild Child Post with Photos & Videos

Wild Child || That's What She Say

"The birth of Austin indie-folk band Wild Child. Filmed right after Wild Child finished writing their first song--in fact, this is the first time Wild Child ever played their first song all the way through. Amazing to have the moment captured on film."
© 2010, Major Nation Inc.,

Flickr Foto: Wild Child

I am always hiking on the internet highway looking for more to share. 
These two great band action shots were generously shot
and shared by "Amy Price/Amicitas"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

雞湯的烏克麗麗小彈唱〈港都夜雨〉(Baritone Ukulele)

Very beautiful and so well played. "Chicken Soup" (Port City, Rainy Night) [I think??]

I posted this before...

Berean315 || Poor Boy's Delight

I listened to this 5 times this morning...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jonathan Mann || Open the Door (Song #1319)

Open The Door
Song A Day #1319

A F#m
Open the door
A F#m
And walk right through D E A
And you know that you'll find something new
Over there
But it's scary because you don't know if you're you

But open the door
You've got to be brave
And your courageous attitude will set you free
Out there
But you don't know what is waiting or what will be 
And you're scared

And if you weren't scared
Even a little bit A F#m E
Then you wouldn't be a human being
Feel it really feel it oh man can you feel it
Scared and sad and all your feelings

Open the door
Rip the bandaid off
It's gonna be a sharp, sharp pain
Over there
No more sitting still and in chains





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Joy Ike || Be

Somewhere in Equador...

Myrna Ukulele || Deep Purple

I love this song. Thank you Myrna for sharing some Alaskan summer and beautiful blossoms...

Jamie Landers || Make You Feel My Love

Jamie sings with passion...

Garth Brooks version in D
Adele version in G

I didn't find a simple/clean chart from Bob Dylan.
I'm hoping that Jamie will share a link to her chords used in this arrangement, if not just watch her fingers.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yeezer Mac || Baritone Ukulele Duet

I received an e-mail from Yeezer Mac letting me know that he is a bari-uke player. He sent me a link to some of his music on Sound Cloud. He is from Singapore, Singapore. He's a self-taught musician and is a multi-instrumentalist. 

I did some searching on YouTube and found this impromptu baritone ukulele duet with his friend "Izzy May" from 21 April 2012.

"My name is Yasser Mattar and I am from Singapore. I go by the pseudonym Yeezer Mac for entertainment purposes. I have no formal musical training. I picked up my first instrument, the keyboard, and taught myself music theory at the age of 34.  I picked up the baritone ukulele in July 2011, and have truly enjoyed playing the instrument. I find it to be closer to the guitar than to the traditional ukulele, and I found it to be easily adaptable to the songs and styles played on the ukulele, guitar, banjo and mandolin. I have tried to adapt various aspects of these instruments in my own playing. I currently play a Kala KA-B, a Tanglewood TU-5 and a Eleuke BJC100-FMH."
I requested that he send a photo of himself and I must admit I like his style! You can hear more of his music on YouTube under "Yeezer Mac" or at this sound cloud link:

D Groen || You and Tequila

ADIE (WE HAPPY FEW) || Kamaka Baritone Ukulele - Blues Turnaround

Thanks Adie for the Sunday Morning Blues.
So how many baritone ukuleles do you have now?

Chris Jackson & Jessica Roudman || All You Need is Love

Outro music for Chris' friends Dave & Cassandra at their wedding. I love the blend of Beatles, Cello and Bari...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alison Krauss || Away Down the River...

THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO WAS CANCELLED BUT IT SHOWS UP ON ANOTHER SITE. SO SWEET! Takes 30 seconds to get to the video but it works still 9/3/14.

Click Here for Alison!

I am not concert type of person. When I do attend a concert it is usually a small-house affair. But the last time I was at the record store I picked up two music DVD's. One was Doc Watson and the other was Alison Krauss. Today I finished work early and started to working on some weekend chores early. This included moving a couple hundred patio and retaining wall concrete blocks and pavers. I was a bit tired and mellow, so after watching some fast-speed-recorded-football I watched the Alison Krauss video with my wife Wendy.

About two songs into the DVD I see an ukulele. Could it be a baritone? After a few glimpses I see that the label indicates it is a Vega. Vega was a brand of ukulele that the 1950's television personality Arthur Godfrey promoted. So my next question is, "I wonder if it's on YouTube?" Lucky for you.

Without further ado, here's the angelic Alison Krauss...

Has anyone seen a capo like this one before? What brand?

Now tell me was that an awesome? So softly played. So soft yet powerful.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Flickr Photo: Scored a Baritone Ukulele

Emma Dryden (The Ginger Bread Train) || Going to Califfornia (Led Zeppelin cover on Baritone Ukulele)

Emma always sings so passionately...

[Yesterday, I went to a 6-week Learn-to-Sing class sponsored by a Men's Barbershop Quartet / Chorus in San Lorenzo, California. Their website is I found many men that were passionate about singing. They said that they could teach me too. Perhaps there's still hope.]

Kevin Witchger || Race For the Prize (Flaming Lips Cover)

Pretty awesome...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aaron Keim (Mya Moe Ukuleles) || Two Beautiful Baritones

Matt Battle || Amazing Grace

eBay Find || Electric Ukulele

I was impressed with this beauty found on eBay earlier today.
So I asked if I could share the images.

Quite a sparkling beauty!

Tall Branch || Empty Bed Blues

Some like the blues served hot...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Satoshi Kuribayashi || Longneck Baritone

Japanese language blog,

PHOTO: Big Bufo Baritone

Found this on Curt Sheller's Blog
I know this is a uke bass, but I like it's body and f-holes

Short Grain Music || Some Folks (Steven Foster 1855)

Here's a song safely from the Public Domain archives.
Short Grain has a powerful classical sound to me...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday to Humble Baritonics

I started this blog 6 JUL 2009. So it is officially 3 years old! This lovely rendition of "Happy" Birthday" got me to thinking about how long this blog has been going. Thanks for hanging out with me while I use my hunter, gatherer skills to provide a show & tell experience of www proportions.

(If you're posting videos, please tag them "baritone ukulele" or "baritonics" so that I can give them a look!) I would also like to give kudos to this young man for playing hurt. These 4-stringers are hard to put down.

Flickr Photo: Ariel Rubin and Anna Dagmar || Passim Campfire Festival

p2750739.jpg by DanTappan
p2750739.jpg, a photo by DanTappan on Flickr.

Ariel resting on her bari

Only Uke That Matters || California Gurls

Another inspired performance...

It seems to me that double entendres were a bit more subtle in the past.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Larry D || Cupid

Nelson & Jim || Last Cold Whiskey

It sounds like a joke to me but here's a link of Jim Kozel on guitar telling a story and playing Windy and Warm at the Barking Sprider 5 JUN 2012. He mentions his inspiration from Tommy Emmanuel and the recently deceased Doc Martin.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

John Sharpe || Watering Hole (Missy Higgins cover)

There's a little prologue to ponder before the song...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Deliberish || Swinging Low

At first I thought the video was slowed down. But then it go movin'...

Krabbers || When You Come to Say Goodbye

Krabbers' YT notes...

itunes link

copyright krabbers 2011

ohana baritone bk20ce
ohana tenor tk35g
ashton acoustic bass

Ariel Rubin || Born to be a Cowgirl / KICKSTARTER Campaign

Ariel is looking for support for her upcoming album "The Undertow."

Myrna Ukulele || There's a Kind of Hush

Shelby Denton || Forever Yours

Recipe of Life || If the Shoe Fits

Every song should be played with barefeet, wiggling and giggling...

Choan Gálvez || Peg O' My Heart

Choan is from Barcelona, Spain and is using Ken Middleton's (High-D/re-entrant) Living Water Strings and an Ohana baritone ukulele. He writes in the YT video comments...
"Un arreglito, más o menos al vuelo, de Peg O' My Heart, una canción de 1913 con letra de Alfred Bryan y música de Fred Fisher. Utilizo un ukelele barítono (Ohana BK-32, ya no se produce) con cuerdas Living Water. Afino en sol con cuarta aguda (d G B E)."

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

War Jacket || Pour Traverser

Record to be released in 2013.

ElkBeatle || Iris (Goo Goo Dolls cover)

PDF-Minstrel (Roger Ruthen) || Jazz Arrangements

Roger is back creating again. He has developed many classical arrangements for ukulele over the last few years and now he's expanding into some jazz standards. You just have to keep popping over to his pdf-Minstrel (Jazz Bari) section because he regularly because there always seems to be something new.

I just found Cry Me A River and played thru it and I really like the voicings that Roger has put together for the "Low-Tuned" ukulele. My bari is in Low-D. If you're playing a re-entrant uke give it a whirl and drop a comment. 

Olivia Quillio || Lukewarm Action