Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FabioKoryu || OTRENOPPEMILANO (Chattanooga Choo Choo)

Orkestrazbylenka || AEIUOMORE

L'Italiano Baritono Ukulele. So I am studying Pimsleur's Italian lessons 1 thru 5. I told a friend of mine about how much I liked the Pimsleur learning program and she said she wanted to learn Italian. I said I would do some studying with her as motivation. I have studied both Brazilian Portuguese and Swedish and I think that this is an amazing way to learn. Their system works well for me and I always recommend it when someone says they want to learn a language.

So combining the L'Italiano and the Italian word for baritone, "baritono" I found something new. If you can speak another language and can find some more Bari-Uke videos I would like to take a look at the videos.


Jeff / Humble Uker

Garret Baker || Laymen of Song

Irishman Garret Baker with another powerful arrangement...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jenn || Vincent Tutorial

Jenn is a friend of mine. She lives about 45 minutes away but we've hung out at some of the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz meetings over the last year or so. This is a great song, the chords flow very sweetly with Jenn's vocals...


Her chart is here, http://jenfo.com/ukulele/songs/baritone/baritone_vincent.pdf

I have her song charts listed in the song links as JENFO SONGS.

Hasty Fish Bone || Unnamed Tune

Well it is a cheap bari-uke played with experienced hands... Funny comment, "I've played lap steels with lower action than this!"

Wild Child || Pillow Talk

I completely pilfered this from the YT comments for this video...

SXSW 2012 Showcasing Artist
"Wild Child, indie-folk pop band from Austin, Texas, began as an acoustic duo consisting of Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins singing ukulele love songs written and shared over red wine and old photographs. The two met for the first time just three days prior to a six-week tour with a Scandinavian band and instantly became enamored with their new life on the road. With northern U.S. parks and fields as their backdrop and a tour van as their practice studio, Kelsey and Alexander formed their first ten songs, flawlessly documenting the ups and downs of a less than idealistic yet enchanting romance. Wild Child has evolved since then into a six-piece band, accenting the soulful vocals and folk-influenced instrumentation with lush strings, keys, bells, banjo and percussion."
"After returning from the tour in November of 2010 and recording lo-fi demos of their songs on an old 8-track recorder, Kelsey and Alexander spent the next few months working on pre-production with the help of Anthony Erickson of Eye in the Sky Collective. San Francisco producers Evan Magers and Alex Peterson traveled to Austin at the beginning of March 2011 to begin recording the full-length album. Following a month of rehearsing, recording, and making their SXSW debut, Kelsey, Alexander, Evan and Alex returned to San Francisco to finish tracking the album and spent the subsequent months mixing at Major Nation Studio in Austin."
"In the midst of the recording process and in anticipation of their SXSW debut, Wild Child added drummer Carey McGraw, cellist Sadie Wolfe, keyboardist Evan Magers, and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Mares to inject their own unique influences and playing styles into the mix. Wild Child has fostered their growing reputation by performing regularly at venues and festivals throughout central Texas, including Emo's, the Texas Music Theater, Wild Frontier Fest, and Art Disaster 13."
"Wild Child's debut album, 'Pillow Talk' (Major Nation), was released in October 2011, and drew instant acclaim from a wide variety of national publications and blogs. "An album of anthemic proportions" (indieshuffle.com), 'Pillow Talk' features 15 tracks full of gorgeous harmonies, tempered rhythms and conflicted lyrics about love and loss. Ranging from the dazed and nostalgic "Silly Things" to the waltzy and wishful "I\'ll Figure You Out," the songs tell a rich tale of inconvenient matters of the heart with an irreverent, playful innocence and deceptive musical simplicity. From the somber and sweet "Darling Divine" to the rambunctiously infectious "Cocaine Hurricane," the chemistry among the band is palpable and unique—sweet and youthful on the surface, but frenzied, unruly and fiercely honest underneath."

Devine Guitars' Baritone Ukulele Models in Progress

There are more juicy photos here...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wild Child

Wild Child by samanthaspametc
Wild Child, a photo by samanthaspametc on Flickr.

Wild Child

Wild Child by redrivernoise
Wild Child, a photo by redrivernoise on Flickr.

Wild Child || Darling Divine

Wild Child || Silly Things

Stumbled across another video of these two which led me to this one. I think it is another one of those finds that make doing this blog so much fun -- finding bands that sound great and also have bari-ukes played prominently within them. This video is taken just across the bay from where I live. It's a "BAMM.tv presents" video. I love the combination of vocals, baritone uke and violin. But wait there's more...
"The Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco) was built for the Pan Pacific Expo in 1915. The idea was to create a ruin from another time. What a perfect backdrop for Wild Child. Alexander Beggins and Kelsey Wilson play off each other like old friends during a wonderful performance of an incredibly endearing song." 
For a free download from Wild Child, head over to http://eyeintheskycollective.com/wildchild



Check out Wild Child's Indie CD press releases.

Ben & Marine || My Darling Kangaroo

Zac Tiessen || Moonlight Sonata

Superior sound. The baritone is also a good instrument for classical music!

Zac says, "It's a Kala ASAC-B, I love it :)"

Gerald Ross || Beginning Swing (GCEA Instructions Stolen for DGBE) ** DELICIOUS STUFF **

This lesson is too good to pass up. So use the shapes, you know the names or you can easily work it out. All good musicians must listen and steal. You then pay it back by sharing it with another player.

Air Soft C || The Black Keys

Here's a multi-instrumentally-talented young man that I've posted before. I was looking for some missed bari-uke videos and combined this with the keyword "accordian."

Hawaii Music Supply Bari-Uke Lessons

Bari Players may want to "Bookmark" this post for future reference.


 CHORD THEORY 2 (Minors & 7th's)

 Baritone Ukulele Scales

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jeremiah Walter || Blackbird

Another interesting video slide show from Jeremiah...

Myrna Ukulele || Bringing Mary Home

Mary playing outdoors in the beautiful Alaskan summer...

John Sharpe || The Bones of You

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tony Davies || All Along the Marais

All Along the Marais from Tony Davies on Vimeo.

Thomas S. Pottage || Snow Day

Snow Day from Thomas S. Pottage on Vimeo.

Canned Goods || Chew Tobacco Rag and Viola Lee Blues

Canned Goods performs Chew Tobacco Rag and Viola Lee Blues from Canned Goods on Vimeo.

Canned Goods plays Viola Lee Blues from Canned Goods on Vimeo.

Seeward || As Crazy As It Sounds

As Crazy as it Sounds from seeward on Vimeo.

Franny Deschanel || Bear Teeth

Bear Teeth from Franny Deschanel on Vimeo.

JVLL || Wolves - Phosphorescent Cover

Another video ad for great bathroom acoustics...

Shelby Olive || So Yesterday (Hillary Duff cover)

Jamie Landers || Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover)

ChristyLynn42 || Sunshine on my Shoulders

Thank you Christy for another John Denver cover on your baritone ukulele...

Aaron Keim demonstrates a finished Mya-Moe Baritone Ukulele

I see Adie has commented that he's coveting one of these already. Aaron is quite a musician and salesman. For more info listen...

Uke4U2 || Forrest Gump Theme

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scott Kingsley Clark || Human (The Killers cover)

Are we human or are we dancers?

Since I am a musician with many imperfections I can relate to Scott's quote...
"Error Folk reflects the imperfections of life by allowing for imperfections in the music itself. This brings a human aspect to the songs and a unique reflection on the topics." 

This is quite a nice production...


Sunday, July 22, 2012

雞湯的烏克麗麗小練習 陶喆─寂寞的季節 || Baritone Ukulele

Perhaps someone can make a clear translation. The music comes quite clearly but my Mandarin is rusty...

Jeremiah Walter || Chumash

Here's a fascinating video montage of the Chumash. Jeremiah creates a haunting soundtrack and sets to a background track. The images conjure up questions about their meanings. Thanks JDub!

Brief Wiki historical... "The Chumash are a Native American people who historically inhabited the central and southern coastal regions of California, in portions of what is now San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties, extending from Morro Bay in the north to Malibu in the south. They also occupied three of the Channel Islands: Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel; the smaller island of Anacapa was uninhabited. Modern place names with Chumash origins include Malibu, Lompoc, Ojai, Pismo Beach, Point Mugu, Piru, Lake Castaic, Saticoy, and Simi Valley. Archaeological research demonstrates that the Chumash have deep roots in the Santa Barbara Channel area and lived along the southern California Coast for millennia."

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rachel Aumiller and her Illegits || Original Song

Rachel Aumiller and Her Illegits perform "No Good for Me" at The Cantab in Cambridge, MA on July 18, 2012. The illegits are: Rachel Aumiller: voice and baritone ukulele, Kirsten Lamb: voice and upright bass, Dave Rizzuti: pedal steel, James McIver: banjo and Ariel Bernstein: skins. ("No Good for Me" copyright Rachel Aumiller 2012.)

Jeremiah Walter || Like a Rolling Stone

Jeremiah makes a video slide show to go with his music. It is fun stuff and I am going to have to listen to all of his videos again...

Megan Jones (MeganGore) || Original Song on her Blue Bari

She's spunky, writes, sings, and plays a blue bari...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flickr Photo: Big Joe

musica by mrbuttera
musica, a photo by mrbuttera on Flickr.
oh the uke.

AJ the Fool || It's Gonna Be Alright

Here's a mellow cover tune from AJ...

Benny Chong || My Romance

Hawaii Music Supply has really been supplying some delicious stuff for the baritone ukulele player lately. Benny Chong is a master musician. His fingers are doing pretzels all over the fretboard. Mahalos to Hawaii Music Supply!

HMS writes...
"Benny is an old friend of ours and we were glad to see him recently and record some of his playing for you. He plays the baritone tuned D-G-B-E. But with a Higher octave D and an all plain nylon set more like the traditional ukulele sizes. Benny led Don Ho's band for many years on guitar and about 10 years ago picked up the uke again. Here is a link to a blog write up on Benny and another video from this session... The Ukulele Review"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sarah Donner (lilymaide) || Perfect Time

Sarah's got such a powerful voice. This big house has some great acoustics.

Adie (We Happy Few) || Homeland Blues

Baritone & Tenor ukuleles...


Flickr Photo: Vintage Baritone Ukulele 1926

Actually this is a Tenor Guitar that is pre-bari-uke. I have posted this photo before but it deserves another go around. Jeff

Uke Uncle Photo: Pono Bari-Uke

Ukulele by Pono by UkeUncle
Ukulele by Pono, a photo by UkeUncle on Flickr.

Ken Middleton || You Can Call Me Al (Baritone Ukulele)

Ken's magical hands.
Slowed down to a soothing pace.
Fingerpicking bliss.

Ken is showing off an Ohana Bari loaded with his high-D Living Water Strings.

Ken YT notes...

"You will either love or hate this one. I have slowed the song right down and messed about with it a lot. I'm playing a re-entrant tuned baritone uke. I have taken it up half a step to Ab tuning, which I prefer. The strings are, of course, my own Living Water Strings and the uke is an Ohana BK-35. Although this is a pretty spontaneous recording, I based it a version that BazMaz (Barry) sings."

Julia Lavery || Yellow (Coldplay cover with Baritone Ukulele)

I am not a bit fan of single image "videos."
But this one did float around a bit.
I hope to hear more from Julia.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baritone Ukulele Books

This is the best baritone ukulele book made for beginning to solid intermediate player. Bruce Emery has written several guitar books in his Skeptical Guitarist series and he takes this experience and makes a first class spiral bound book. I recommend this book very highly.

Next we have my friend Lil' Rev's Baritone Ukulele Method Book 1.  I am very partial towards Lil' Rev since I have taken several of his classes and seen him in concert several times. Rev is a multi-instrumentalist, historian, and story teller. This book is also in my collection and it is a basic Method Book style  full of Rev's style. (I am also honored to have this blog, "Humble Baritonics" mentioned in the book.)

Now some kind but anonymous reader left mention of this book in the "Today is the Best Day to..." posting comments. I have not been able to peak inside yet but I do try to purchase all books that support the Big-Uke. This book is  for a standard uke in C or D tuning (GCEA or ADF#B) and G tuning (DGBE). I will keep my eyes open looking for these at Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto, CA.
 Here's another book mentioned by Anonymous that I currently know nothing about. Several people have posted Gospel Tunes on YouTube. The book specifically mentions "Baritone Ukulele." Found an Amazon link to Ondrej's books:

This book is of famous tunes compiled by Jim Beloff. It is a standard for every Bari-uke players collection.

Krista Muir || Montréal Uke Fest 2012 - Teaser

After falling for the baritone uke in 2006, Krista composed a collection of whimsical tunes that she recorded with Toronto's Fembots and Montreal producer Shane Watt. "Leave Alight" (2007) led to "Accidental Railway," (2008) an imaginary city that is also her first concept album. Picking and strumming, Muir reflects the rich tradition of folk artists such as Joni Mitchell and Bobbie Gentry while being inspired by Greek Rembetika and French Chanson styles. 

Concerts/Shows: http://montrealukefest.com/concerts
FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/MontrealUkeFest

Garret Baker || The Random Nouns music

Garret posts 3 songs...

ChristyLynn42 || The Beat Stuff (Hannah Georgas cover on Baritone Ukulele

Patrick Remmick on his Honeymoon in Key West (Cover of We Are Young on a Big-Uke)

I remember trying to take my ukulele with me on a cruise ship when I was just starting out playing. I was so awful that she asked to be spared from such torture. Now Patrick brings his baritone out for his honeymoon. I guess you gotta have something to do on your honeymoon during your "downtime." "But honey the bari must go to the beach." Hope he played his beloved Emily many romantic tunes.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jackie Lopez (Mexichica512) || Sweet Dreams (Patsy Cline cover)

Christian Novelli || Woodsy (A short film)

Logan Ford || Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover on a Baritone Ukulele)

Mike Lynch || Twelfth Street Boogie (Lesson)

Mike Lynch (a.k.a. Ukulele Mike) has many, many ukulele videos posted on YouTube and is definitely a friendly resource. He plays a standard GCEA tuned ukulele. But you'll notice that there is no mention of ukulele type or tuning. Here's a link to his blog post with the TAB yo get you started.

So we have a Boogie Woogie sound that is equally viable on the baritone ukulele. I notice that many of the old blues guitarists would use some short Boogie Woogie riffs in their playing. This BW is in the Key of G on a GCEA uke, but for the DoGBonE tuning it would be a boogie in D. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bartt Warburton || Yesterday (Delicious Performance!)

With this masterful performance Bartt earns a plug:
Learn ukulele with Bartt's books and DVDs at http://bartt.net/
Bartt has some Baritone Ukulele Chord Charts on his site, like...
Hey Good Lookin' (Hank Williams)
Besame Mucho

Billy Wilson || Bubbles in my Beer

Friends of Old Puppy play Bubbles in My Beer. "Bubbles in My Beer" was written around about 1947 by Tommy Duncan, Cindy Walker, and Bob Wills. Lyrics are not used in this performance. The Friends of Old Puppy features Steven Strauss on Risa electric soprano ukulele, Billy Wilson on electric baritone ukulele, Ed Johnson on wash-tub bass ("gutbucket"), and Cynthia Wilson on the drums. 

This music was recorded on June 30, 2012. Videographed and sound engineered (such as it is) by Pip R. Lagenta. The video and audio are edited by Pip R. Lagenta. Friends of Old Puppy play at the Nabolom Bakery in Berkeley, every Saturday morning (starting at 10 a.m.).

(When this video started off I thought I was watching The Bourne Identity III.)

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Roger Ruthen is a baritone ukulele enthusiast as well as a musician, thinker and tinkerer. He trained as a classical musician, and has passed music theory exams. He has created a handful sites devoted to sharing music with others. The information from these sites have been gathered on Roger's PDF-Minstrel Site . Although he started on the guitar he has also recognized the value of the 4 stringed ukulele and baritone ukulele and has devoted a great amount of time developing arrangements that suit standard GCEA as well as DGBE tunings. 

He has written many scores and tablatures that suit the baritone ukulele community. He has tinkered and created Tri-TABS, Quad-TABS, and Uni-Chord-TABS all in an effort to supply good music to a relatively small community of baritone ukulele players. (His work suits really suits all uke players but I’ll keep myself focused on the Bari.) He is constantly thinking of ways to be all encompassing for all types of players. The ukulele community has a dichotomy – The ukey sound of the High-D (a.k.a. re-entrant) and the wider range sound of the Low-D instrument. 

Roger has also contributed a few articles to this website. I am greatly appreciative of him taking the time to share his experience and allowing Humble Baritonics to be improved. I have tried his arrangements through all of his different composing styles, and although my skills are still quite humble, My musical dexterity has greatly improved. 

Roger writes,
 “…I believe that the Bari (and my Treble Guitars) should be taken as serious instruments by the classical world… (and) will devote the next few months in creating tabs that can be played by people that love the classical guitar. I have already had some great comments. One woman who is a public performer on the classical guitar thanked me for my Bari tabs, her young son was learning them on the Bari, and she said that it was a great training tool for young folk before moving on to the classical guitar proper.” 
So, I want to now introduce you to Roger Ruthen’s latest creation which he has dubbed, “Ukiversal TABS.” These arrangements use his vast experience and love of music to create arrangements that sound great whether played with a High-D or Low-D tuned instrument. Roger is a humble man but he is excited about these new tabs and hopes that you’ll give them a try. By the way, his TABS include a wide variety of Classical Music, as well as, Folk Tunes from around the world.


Working on Roger's arrangements will certainly increase your skill. I particularly like the way he uses two-note partial chords in thirds-pairs. He's convinced that the ukulele is fully viable instrument in its own right, equally challenging to playing the guitar skillfully, and I say with the added advantages of it's compact size.

On a personal note, I am a casual and regularly distracted student, but I always seem to circle back to Roger’s work. I have three bari's that I regularly play. Two are Low-D and one is Re-entrant using Ken Middleton's Living Water (all flourocarbon) strings. Roger's professed goal is that both ukuleles can play the same arrangement with equal success. Please give it a go, and be sure to leave comments here or on Roger's site telling us how you like the arrangements.

Ukukulele (Reprise) || Lovers in a Dangerous Time

I love the sun shining through, her soft voice, and her banging out this tune!

Joy Ike Music || Thank You

JoyIke says,
"We made it! a big THANK YOU to every single person who donated to the Kickstarter Campaign (http://kck.st/KE7OCs). If you'd still like to donate and claim one of the rewards, there are 4 days left. And so here's a song of thanks for you!"

Beautiful New Pono Cedar Cutaway Baritone Ukulele

It's a bit pricey but quite beautiful... Link to Hawaii Music Site Pono Link. Be sure to scroll down their page and listen to their video.
"I have always thought that a musical instrument is such a great investment. Ukuleles are especially high in enjoyment hours per dollar." -- Humble Uker 

Ukes Gone Mild || Under the Boardwalk

Played on a tenor, baritone & bass ukulele...

SLEEPWALK (Santo & Johnny)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Talia || I Am Yours (Tracy Chapman cover)

Here's a beautifully sung tune...

Todd Baio || The Lutheran Coffee Primer

Retro Todd from 2009,
"More a meditation on caffeine neediness and how the lutheran community trumps most cool coffee drinker's consumption levels and they don't even know it. This is all a joke of course... well, there may be a 'skin of truth' to this..."

Dr Bekken Jazz Man || Green Grass Blues

There's a Jazz Man in the grass.

There is so much talent expressed on YouTube. The Doc has been one of my favorites of those who share tunes on the baritone ukulele but he just dabbles on the bari compared to his jazz piano work. I thought I would share one of these with you now. 

Jethro Wilbury || The Hero of Canton

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anthony Glynn || Love Calls Me

Muzik Street Classic || Diary (Alicia Keys cover)

There a bit of hiding behind the recording devices at the beginning but then things get a movin'... The bari is named "Earl."

Michelle Blades || Alligator / Grizzly Bear

Garret Baker || The Moment Eternal

Garret's mournful sound...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ryrod || String Review & Concert

(South Coast Heavy Gauge High-D Strings)

Lou Armer, Craig Robertson || Whatever Lola Wants

Hey -- Wow cool! -- Lou Armer has just sent out word...

"Just thought I'd let you know about the latest track I've just put up. It's also available as a free download. It features me on vocal and baritone ukulele and Craig Robertson on bass, slide, guitar, programming and production. Hope you like it."

"Craig and I are also hard at work putting the finishing touches to my debut song collection - yes it's actually coming at last! The songs are all originals and the bari features quite heavily too."



Lou flew to Boston to work with Craig Robertson. Lou has been doing ukulele podcasts which have been posted on Alistair Wood's Ukulele Hunt. She has an amazing voice and plays the baritone ukulele as does Craig. Lou is also a much better blogger than I and she chronicles her journey to Boston on her blog...


Here's some direct links...

Life in Beantown, Part 1
Life in Beantown, Part 2
Life in Beantown, Part 3

Another song with Craig, Messing with my Head

UkeHunt Podcast #15

Cinderella Lifestyle || Angel Devil Heaven Hell

Laurie Lee C just knocks my socks off with every one of her tunes. Her songs all seem to easily flow out in such a powerful way. I noticed that she's playing in an Open Tuning and her YT tags show DADF#. I guess there's a myth of how easy it all is. Easy is as easy does after years and years of playing. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Berean315 || Clawhammer Introductory Tutorials

Video #1 Understanding the Tunings (Bari, Banjo & GCEA Ukes)

Video #2 Bum-dit-ty

Friends of Old Puppy || Polka Dots & Moonbeams

If you enjoy a jazzier sound then here's the place. This group of friends gets together almost every Saturday at 10am to play great music at the Nabalom Bakery in Berkeley just around the corner from where my daughter works at the WF bank. My buddy, Steven Strauss plays the little Risa solid soprano ukulele, he was the musical conscience of the Berkeley Ukulele Club for the first 5 years and delighted us with his skills and occasional concerts.

Billy Wilson is playing the EleUke electric baritone ukulele...

Pip R. Lagenta videos and edits the performances and had the following comments:
"Friends of Old Puppy play Polka Dots and Moonbeams. "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" was composed around about 1940 by Jimmy Van Heusen with lyrics by Johnny Burke. Lyrics are not used in this performance. The Friends of Old Puppy features Steven Strauss on Risa electric soprano ukulele, Billy Wilson on electric baritone ukulele, Ed Johnson on wash-tub bass ("gutbucket"), and Cynthia Wilson on the drums. This music was recorded on June 30, 2012. Friends of Old Puppy play at the Nabolom Bakery in Berkeley, every Saturday morning (starting at 10 a.m.)"

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Harp Kit || Baritone Ukulele

Demonstration of the Prototype Baritone Ukulele.

LClarkTV || Young Love Rebels (Original)

Here's a very strong first open mic performance...


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wicked Penguin (Steampunk) || Until the End

Here's an amazing video production...
From WickedPenguin's YT comments:
Escape the Clouds creates steampunk music. 
Listen to all three albums at http://EscapeTheClouds.bandcamp.com/
FREE DOWNLOAD at: http://EscapeTheClouds.bandcamp.com/album/until-the-end
Official site: http://www.EscapeTheClouds.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/escapetheclouds
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/EscapeTheClouds

"The Song: A reimagined, stripped version of Until the End's title track, it's the tale of a captain and the beloved ship that has carried him on throughout his life. It was recorded using two electric ukuleles, 5-string bass, pizzicato violin, two shakers, and a Native American buckskin drum. The Album: Using a mix of industrial and global sounds to paint vivid characters, stories, and emotions through music and words, Until the End strikes a balance between aggressive and poignant. From the cautionary dieselpunk tale of a crack aerial hitman... to the Victorian lady succumbing to her illicit wants... to a Louisiana vampire hunter's last gig... to a fresh telling of the Jack the Ripper story, every track is distilled from ideas either historical or fictional -- and many times both. The Artist: Escape the Clouds has released three albums of steampunk music in as many years and is also a published author of steampunk works. He's been featured on sites such as Sepiachord.com and Dieselpunks.org, was nominated for three Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice Awards, and has been a panelist on Dragon*Con's steampunk track. Based out of Pensacola, FL, he enjoys telling stories through music and through words."

The Hula Honeys || Life just Got Sweeter (w/ Tutorials)

I met these lovely ladies at the Wine Country Ukulele festival a couple of years back. enjoy their original song and take a look at their website for more information, www.hulahoneys.com...

Monday, July 2, 2012

High Tech Baba || Aloha 'Oe & Wave

Two very beautiful songs...

High Tech Baba || 南国の夜 (On a Tropic Night)

Here's a very beautiful song, beautiful voice and very intriguing strum. I believe the song is half in Japanese and half in English. You are in for a big treat here...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Diversion || My Other Life

I just came across this photo when "googling"
for something else. I work in the steel construction
industry in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the background is the San Francisco Museum of
Modern Art which I worked on as a Project Manager
for Romak Iron Works ca. 1994-96.

(Robin Williams was in a movie called
What Dreams May Come 
that had some scenes filmed inside. The stainless
 steel stair handrails were part of our scope of work.)

In the foreground is a "Sinking Ship" sculpture that was
 designed by an artist. I drew the shop details for
for another company that had their draftsman
away with a family emergency.

Humble Uker

Garret Baker || The Lovelorn of a Rainy June

Andellzov || Azure mood

Beginner Bari-Uke Book || Hal Leonard Music (Written by Lil' Rev)

Lil' Rev had been working on a baritone ukulele book and Hal Leonard has recently released it. The book and CD are US$10.99 (I think that deserves a WOW! I am a fan of Lil' Rev, have taken several of his classes, and for about a year I had set up and ran Lil' Rev's Fountain of Uke blog. 

Since this is the only blog devoted solely to the baritone ukulele I have to do my due diligence and take a look at any new baritone ukulele book. I have all of Lil' Rev's books. This book in particular is a primer with Lil' Rev's style oozing through each page. On page 3, there is a very brief history and Humble Baritonics is mentioned along with YouTube as being sites to find more on the bari-uke.

As with all 'primer' books there are many abbreviated Public Domain songs. These songs are geared for early beginning students. There are instrument parts, tuning information, as well as some basic musical notation...


Well now I've gone through the whole book and Hal Leonard puts out first class products at very reasonable pricing. Lil' Rev and I are buds -- I have enjoyed every ukulele book that he's put out. I am greedy and would like to see a book 2 and 3 but that's probably not happening soon if at all.

This book is geared for the beginners, and strummers that want to get into fingerstyle playing. It teaches chord families in subsequent sections of the book. I works on 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 time with short arrangements. As my playing matures, I find that even the simplest books give material that can be enhanced and enjoyed. I am not saying that this book is simplistic. I think it covers a lot of material. Many will find it review. New fingerpickers might enjoy the book too. There's a CD to listen to and play along with as well.

I told Rev that I'd like to see some Klezmer music in his book and he did add a small Israeli folk song -- Zum Gali Gali at the very end.

Shae Jordan X || Disney Robin Hood (24 second whistling version)

Bluegrass Books Online || Free TAB Sampler

I keep recommending Flatpicking Guitar Magazine because it is a very high quality magazine. Some of you may think this looks like a lot of extra work. I find it quite a bit of fun to practice and play but I play a lot slower than all of the flatpicking I've heard. Doc Watson was a master of this skill. I use bits and pieces as fills and learn little runs here and there.

I was looking at the ads on FGM online and came across Bluegrass Books Online and they mentioned free information. The links to these are below and they're very Bari friendly. Check them out and decide for yourself. I am going to inquire about how and which songs in their guitar book are bari friendly. The book comes with (2) CD's that have a well thought out program...
"Bluegrass Guitar Jam Tunes ... are my arrangements of 25 of the most common and most often played picking tunes, and are intended for the advanced beginner to the upper intermediate player. These are not for the beginner who is just starting out. Both books are written in standard notation and tablature, and are accompanied by 2 CD's each, with 3 practice tracks per tune, totaling over 2 hours of practice material. Each CD track has a guitar, mandolin and bass rhythm section. The 1st track is slow, with the melody and rhythm, so you can learn the melody and practice your rhythm playing as well. The 2nd track is the same as the 1st, but with the melody removed. Now you have a slow, backup band to solo over, to play my version of the melody or make up one of your own. The 3rd track is faster and goes 3 times through the tune starting with a mandolin solo, then a guitar solo, and then rhythm only, so you have a place in the tune to play your solo, just like in a real jam session."
"The guitar book has 67 spiral bound pages with 25 solos of some of the most common picking tunes. Also included in both books are scale exercises to help you build your own licks, fancy endings in different keys, chord charts and a reference section to brush up on your notation and tablature reading."
Basic Melody Flatpicking Style

BASIC MELODY (Entirely good for DoGBonE tuning)
CHORD MELODY (Try it omiting the E-A strings)

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