Saturday, June 30, 2012 || Free Lesson (Goodbye Liza Jane)

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is a terrific publication. I purchase their magazines and have signed up for their e-mail. Check out this lesson...

I play these finger style with up picking on the AND's.

Henfield Will || Tenor Guitar Sampler

I have been intrigued with the tenor guitar for quite sometime as it seems to be a close kin to the baritone ukulele although it is strung entirely differently and uses steel strings. I was listening to my Gospel Bari Music Playlist and reading the notes on Jon's (EugeneUkulele) Jesus on the Mainline YouTube video and sonyahannah mentions HenfieldWill.

Henfield has quite a few videos posted and a very broad selection of tunes played on the Tenor Guitar. I was unfamiliar with about 90 percent of his songs. I really like it when there are new songs to check out, especially tunes from the early twentieth century. His tunes often go back further than that.

Will gives real detailed YT liner notes on his videos giving a bit of history and tradition of the songs. 

One of Will's commenters wrote, "Wish i could play guitar like you, I'm freakin' horrible." Will responded, "It's only practice, practice and more practice... :-)" He says he's played guitar since 1964. That's working up to 50 years.

His website,

I looked thru some of his song arrangements for guitar to see if any might be applicable to the baritone ukulele. This one he calls Blue Monk and it has some fodder for the noodler.

Aaron's Lesson (Hawaii Music Supply) || C-A-G-E-D

Aaron notes that this lesson is based on Fred Sokolov's Fretboard Roadmaps book. The book is written for standard ukulele but, as always, we can do a baritone ukulele transposition. I have it in my music library. Actually, in this case Aaron has already adapted the lesson to suit the standard bari-uke DoGBonE tuning. This tutorial, if practiced regularly, will certainly build your ukulele skills and finger dexterity.

That Pono ukulele is quite a beautiful instrument. I will give a plug here for Hawaii Music Supply because of their support for the ukulele community with good videos,

Thank you Aaron for a great lesson on the Baritone Ukulele.

(That last D shape has always been tricky for me. I often "cheat" by playing only the G-B-E strings. I have only one comment on Aaron's video and it involves the controversy over up and down, or top and bottom. For the ukulele or guitar up means higher in the musical scale. So, "up" or the "top" is actually towards your feet. "Down" or the "Bottom" strings are closer to your nose.)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Joe Tate || Don't Think Twice (Bob Dylan cover on Baritone Ukulele)

Mudgie 069 || Make You Feel My Love TUTORIAL of a Bob Dylan cover on Baritone Ukulele)

Yoppy Kyabetsu || Ballad of Hollis Brown (Bob Dylan cover on Banjo & Baritone Ukulele)

KDUS || I Will Survive

Over 31,000 hits on this one by Bertrand...

Bertrand was inspired by Mercedezzz playing a banjo ukulele. I share it here just because I have always liked this performance too. I had my hands on a 4-string baritone banjo uke a few months back and have regretted not getting it. I noticed that Mercedezzz had over 139,000 hits at the time of this post!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Molly the Ukulele || Tiptoe thru the Tulips

A beautiful song reclaimed from Timmy...

Two Adams || Your Protector (Fleet Foxes cover)


Chords you ask? Really? Took a minute to find some chords on the internet on a few sources. I chose Chordie chords may not always be right but it is a starting place and it has the benefit of allowing one to chose your stringed instrument, change keys and adjust your chord changes to a few choices.

The following is in Em and set up for Baritone Ukulele. If you watch Adam's left hand you can roughly see the chords.

Justuri || Long Ride Home (Patty Griffin cover)

ActionDeath || Sweet Pea (Amos Lee Cover)

This bari is smokin'...

The Bird You Cannot See

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anna LeFleur || Alter Ego Tongue

Ken Middleton || Re-entrant Baritone Ukulele Noodling

Ken has been a big friend to the YouTube guitar and ukulele community for several years. Now he's helping the group that sits between the two, recently developing a high-D set of baritone ukulele strings and this video gives a great example of how they sound when placed at Ken's masterful fingertips.

I have a set of these strings on one of my baris too and although I am not so adept I really love the sound. I say that they are bright and mellow. They are all flourocarbon (no steel winding), are easy on the fingers, and do not have the bari-buzz that happens with some string sets.

Here's the link to get the strings...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cheryl Rockettedog Reprise || Let Me Get What I Want

Love it's sad flavor...

Jill Hartman || Minutes on Mars

Recorded live at the Beaver Lake bird sanctuary in Asheville, N.C...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Emma Dryden || Beautiful Girl (INXS cover and the a fantastic original not to be missed)

The Ginger Bread Train Emma sez:
"The intro needs more practice because its really hard to sing the piano's melody while finger picking, and the song really needs that piano melody its such an important ingredient couldn't leave it out. The lighting is terrible but I like that adds to the mood and plus you can't see me pull those faces when I sing."

I told my wife yesterday that it's not all about the bari or the ukulele. It's just an instrument with 4 strings for 4 fingers, just like Iz said it. So what's it about? It's about the music and expressing the music. Emma plays the next song creating music, expressing herself and playing a guitar. What a fantastic creation, Too Little...

Too Little (an original song by Emma Dryden.)


Too little, too shy, too small for big things.
Too strange, too rough around those edges,
yeah I was never meant for the mainstream... no oh.
Dreams are spent and time astray,
I'll do a circle and end up at the same place again.
It's a small pot when I win, and I count my coins cause being common is not such a bad thing.
Shop at vinnies for my comfy dacks, I go under the radar.
I love my small world, I love my small songs,
I love my small life I love being little me, little me, little, la dadada.
Too little, too shy, too small for big things.
Too crast, too rough around those edges,
yeah I was never meant for the main stream, no oh.
It's a small crowd when I play, and I'm just the same, I'm nothing more, come talk to me.
I'm not threatened, and I don't compete, I love listening to hear you sing.
I'm not a rock star, I don't write hits, I write songs for camp fires.
I love my small world, I love my small songs, I love my small life,
I love being little me, little me, little... ladadada.
Too little, too shy, too small for big things.
Too strange too rough around those edges,
yeah I was never meant for the mainstream no
oh, no I was never meant for the main stream no oh.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

BugginWord || Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show cover)

A very solid song to play on your bari Barrie Humbleuker...

Elly plays and sings and plays so relaxed. What great song choices she makes. The photos on the back wall of the video always make me curious about her musical background. YouTube used to have great spots for information about each user and that was fun to be able to find out a little about each performer. Nowadays the "information highway" hides the 911. Bummer dude!

Her little singing partner is getting quite a musical education.

Reprise Guguggy Gus || Tequila

I haven't watched this video in quite sometime and it is an extremely fun production. One of my all-time favorites on YouTube...

OnlyUkeThatMatters || Small Axe

Sarah Donner || Spectrum

Sarah Donner giving another dashboard concert...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Flickr Photo: Andy Cambria

Andy Cambria by folktraveler
Andy Cambria, a photo by folktraveler on Flickr.

Found Andy in the Heartacre Band

Heart Acre || Sittin' Alone in the Moonlight

An arrangement of the song by Bill Monroe, from Heartacre's 2011 release, "Climb."

Sarah Green - Vocal
Andy Cambria - Vocal, Baritone Ukulele
Charlie Rose - Pedal Steel, Bass
Pete Shungu - Trumpet

Produced and Recorded by Austin Nevins. Mixed and Mastered by Erick Jaskowiak.

Get this music:

The Dans || The Cuckoo

The Shani & Ben Show || Cornbread & Butterbeans

They sez:
"Cornbread and Butterbeans performed by Shani and Ben on baritone uke and squeaky fiddle. We love the Carolina Chocolate Drops version and decided to learn it!"

Doogey9 || Stepstone (Bascom Lamar Lunsford cover)

Sometimes I get the feeling that the search engine for YouTube has some serious flaws. I have perused my buddy Todd's videos over and over again but alas, I find another. I keep coming back for more of his music because there's something simple, something clever and something new to learn in each of his songs.

Mann Electric Baritone Ukulele

Mann is this delicious!

Perkins Ukulele || Jarrah Wood

Berean315 || Sikyi African Rhythm Tutorial & SIKYI GROOVE Original Song

Berean sez: 
"Love African music, and came across a sikyi rhythm in the "Play Acoustic" guitar book. The first part of the video shows me playing the rhythm on a baritone ukulele and then audio of an original song my brother and I came up with based around the rhythm. Song starts about 1:55 into the video. Check out for some of our original music and to download an mp3 of "Sikyi Groove" You can play the same thing on the guitar since the uke is tuned the same as the high 4 string on a guitar (DGBE). The song uses a Bushman Cedar Tone baritone ukulele, Mele 8 string tenor ukulele, doumbek and penny whistle. The Sikyi rhythm is being looped through a Boss loop pedal"

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Luthier || Mya-Moe Baritone demonstrated by Aaron Keim

Check out Mya-Moe's production tracker. I know that this is a valuable tool for those who purchase custom ukuleles. I have gone through this purchasing process myself. It is your "baby" and you are eager to get it delivered. This tracker shows a period of about 30 days. That's an amazing amount of time. I wonder what the quoted lead time is until a ukulele gets into production?

Myrna & Gladys Duet || Undecided, Tennessee Waltz

A bari nice duet on a bearskin rug up in the great big state of Alaska! Recorded live at the Granite Creek Music Festival on Sunday, 17 June 2012.

Morly || Starman (David Bowie cover)

Morly is Chris Jackson and he pulls together songs based on Theme Music for a FaceBook group.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Amanda Shires || Swimmer at Mountain Stage

This one doesn't have the studio sound of the previous post about a week ago but it gives more of a chance to see her playing the bari.

Here's a Richmond, Virginia performance of a sweet and tender song (well maybe not)...

Amanda playing her fiddle...

S Andrew Bull || King and Country (Seth Lakeman cover with Dog)

Yes, with a doggone silly interrupting critter...

Marc Reeves || Come Home to Me (cover)

Marc's info:

To buy his album:



Get free downloads and exclusive content at his website

You can sign up for his mailing list for up-to-date news and freebies!

Luthier || Mark Roberts

I recently came across a very artistic luthier named Mark Roberts. He's making some strikingly sharp baritone models in his styles and I wanted to share some photos and links with you. 
There is a very sleek Lap Steel bari below, drool on...

Wise-N-Uke Steel string Lap Slide Baritone Ukulele.
"Modified X-brace, with hollow neck, and full length carbon fiber truss rod. Dual Cat-eye sound holes with side sound port. 20" scale length. Model shown with 700 year old Doug Fir soundboard, Ribbon Striped African Sapele Mahogany back and sides, Gabon Ebony bridge and fret board, Cocobolo Rosewood binding and head plate veneers, Pua green abalone fret markers, bone nut and saddle. French Polish finish."

Mark sez: "This Baby roars!"

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kersey Williams & Roger Lanfranchi perform during Record Store Day @ Mojo Tampa 4/21/12

23 minutes...

Jonathan Mann || Friendship is Magic

Krabbers || Leave a light on for me

Another original from Krabbers...

I know Krabbers has played the baritone on a previous video or two and I think that the bari with the low D-string suits the emotion of this song. Over the last couple of years I have seen many-bari-discouraging comments on bulletin boards and YT comments but I find the bari-uke sound quite pleasing especially with string manufacturers developing unwound string sets. There is less buzzing which was a turn-off for some and definitely something that I wanted to minimize. 

I have been noticing a rapid increase in the amount of baritone ukulele videos being posted. There are quite a few singer/songwriters that are creating with it. Some YT posters are standard GCEA-tuned ukulele players expanding to a familiar shaped big brother DoGBonE-tuned uke and others may be guitar players simplifying. I am just enjoying going along for the ride. 


Since I mentioned strings a bit above I want to mention manufacturers that I've used and can recommend:

Aquila (Low-D set: 2 wound, 2 nylon) 
Worth Medium Brown (Low-D set: 4 flourocarbon)
Living Water Strings (High-D set: 4 flourocarbon from Ken Middleton)

Jeff / HU

Robert in the Abbey 1

TAB || Mermaid Flirt

I often try to turn something written for the guitar into something to do on the bari. I have played around a bit with the Mississippi John Hurt tune Let the Mermaids Flirt with Me and it becomes more of a trial or exercise since it doesn't have the deep driving bass. If the old Country Blues style hits yur fancy then you may want to get a copy of the Stefan Grossman's EARLY MASTERS of AMERICAN BLUES GUITAR: MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT Edition. The book comes with 27 song arrangements and two instructional CD's.

Click the image in order see it larger on your screen.

This is old country blues, roots music style. The constant steady beat of the thumb drives the song. It frequently uses pinches. Other than that I try down-thumbs on the 1, 2, 3, 4's and up-index on the "ands" which is pretty standard to the flatpicking style where I can. Please, if you give it an solid try, let me know what you think. Thanks, Jeff / HU

Monday, June 18, 2012

Maddy Mojo 1 || Where I Stood (Missy Higgins cover)

Maddy Mojo 1 ||Fate (Original on Baritone ukulele)

Madeline comments that she doesn't know what to write in the YT comment box, but good lyrics and a sweet sound are all she needs to explain the hurt that touches us all at some point in our lives.

Here's another original just as solid as the previous...

I added MM to the Bari Soothing Lovely Voices playlist.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Local Info "Baystrings" (Bluegrass and Old-Timey Music)

There is a church about five blocks from my home here in Castro Valley (East S.F. Bay), California that is the location of the California State Old-Time Fiddler's Association, District 9 meetings. I noticed their small sign as I drive up Wisteria Lane and stopped by to see what they were all about. To my surprise there were as many guitars, banjos and mandolins as there were fiddles.

The meetings consist of several impromptu sessions where people gather and just play. Someone says a key and off they go. The session will have players that pass leads around as people desire or you can sit back and strum along. I don't see much sheet music and there are no handouts as far as the eye can see in the large auditorium. The thing with Old-Timey music is that you're frequently playing three chord songs -- this challenges me and inspires me to listen and watch others carefully.

There is also a formal sign up sheet for players, or groups. Each signee is allowed 3 songs so that the afternoon moves along. Since this is a fiddler's association gathering every performance is supposed to have a fiddler. Although, the first performer was solo accordian (Interesting that his first song was Aloha Oe'.) Later there was a solo guitar player. I don't think the rule is hard and fast but what an excellent opportunity to meet a fiddler or other musicians and learn to play along with other instruments.

I don't know much Old-Timey, Bluegrass or Old Country Favorites but I'd like to learn some. I have been listening to the soundtrack for the movie O' Brother Where Art Thou? and there are some good tunes there, such as: Man of Constant Sorrow, I'll Fly Away, Down to the River to Pray, Keep on the Sunny Side, You are My Sunshine. I thought it might be fun to study these songs as a starting point. Some are traditional Americana Gospel and you can learn them as just Americana if you wish.

There is also an amazingly long potluck spread. If you decide to join me be sure to share some good eats too. Expect to see about 100 people playin', lisnin' and sometimes just sittin' and jawin'. (All instruments are acoustic, no electric.)

The Specifics:
The Group is called "Bay Strings." from 1:30pm to 5:00pm
California State Old-Time Fiddler's Association, District 9
Meets: 4th Sunday of every month at the,
United Methodist Church 19806 Wisteria St., Castro Valley, CA
Contact: Ruth Ovelund (408) 867-1814

The next meeting is June 24, 2012

I am Weary Let Me Rest

Hard Times Come Again No More

My research: "Larry's Country Kitchen" 

LaurieLeeC Cinderella Lifestyle || The Ballad of Whitey

Laurie has a new creation involving critters...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jethro Wilbury || Hypocritical Kiss (Jack White cover)

Bari & Tenor ukulele with vocal intensity...

Emily (Hippomaiden) || Unscathed (Original)

Emily is back...

If you could reach your hands
Into my chest
And feel the caverns and the chasms
That you constructed there
Maybe you wouldn't dare
To look my way again

I treasured and I savored
And I broke my brain
Connecting things to you
Pathways from every direction
All roads are to you, from you, of you

Friday, June 15, 2012

Jeanne Jolly || Linger (Cranberries cover)

Morly || What Does It Mean?

Morly says...

"Another song for the Theme Music page on Facebook! More baritone ukulele for the Question Songs theme. An original this time, which is performed quite differently by Nice Guy Eddie, but this is the stripped down version. Enjoy."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jeanne Jolly || Here I Go Again

Jeanne's dot com site
Deep Fried at the North Carolina State Fair

Jeanne Jolly || Hallelujah

Absolutely beautiful... (This is Jeanne's message)

Download this recording of "Hallelujah" at and make a donation. All of the proceeds will go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund ( In 2008 my sweet mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer and lost her battle 4 months later. My family and I felt so helpless watching this happen. Although we know she is healed now, we miss her terribly. She came to every performance of mine and always encouraged me to keep sharing my musical gift. 

Every time I perform this song live, I feel a deep connection to her so I decided to record it and release it this a tribute to my precious mom, Jeanne Stott Jolly and to all of those who are affected by this disease. Each year, more than 20, 000 women in the US are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and nearly 75 percent of them are diagnosed at an advanced stage. It is often referred to as "the disease that whispers". 

Your support is greatly appreciated in helping me raise money for this cause. Download and donate at

"Hallelujah" composed by Leonard Cohen. Performed by Jeanne Jolly (vocals, baritone ukulele). Cellos - Josh Starmer. Cello arrangement - Chris Boerner. Recorded at Sound Pure Studios, Durham, NC.

Flickr Photo: Amanda Shires

Okay, I posted a few photos of Amanda. I hadn't heard of her before so I searched around a bit and she has quite a few photos on Flickr with a violin and a baritone ukulele. She has a music webpage here,  I'll have to search out some more videos...

Amanda Shires by daytrotter
Amanda Shires, a photo by daytrotter on Flickr.

SXSW - Amanda Shires @ Continental Club

Amanda Shires || Swimmer (Last FM)

Thanks to Alistair Wood of UkeToob and Uke Hunt for the find.

I can listen to this one over and over again...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aaron Keim || KC Moan (Jug Band/Hokum/Blues Songbook)

Here's Aaron Keim playing a Mya-Moe baritone ukulele and featuring a song from his Jug Band/Hokum/Blues songbook. To buy his cds and books: The baritone is tuned DGBE through a little Supro amp.

I have noticed that although I search baritone ukulele videos daily there are still some videos that I never see.  I am not sure why this happens. I am a fan of Aaron as both a musician and a teacher from back when he was part of Boulder Acoustic Society. So please, if you post a special video, let me know. Jeff / HU

Dr Bekken || No No Blues

Monday, June 11, 2012

PDF-Minstrel Monday || Red River Valley

This is a traditional American song whose notes make me feel a longing for days gone by. Do you hear the sentimentality in the notes? Suzy Boguss includes this folk tune as her second song in her American Folk Songbook. Suzy was interviewed by the Denver WESTWARD Blog and she talks about being on tour with Garrison Keillor and about her old fifth grade songbook. She also mentions  how the Prairie Home Companion story tellin' genius would get thousands to sing the old songs along with him at each tour stop.  

Here's Roger Ruthen's arrangement which uses quite a bit of harmonics...

So what's up with these "harmonics?" They give us more opportunities to fingerpick songs and express ourselves musically in more ways. So here we are playing melody notes and frequently combining notes with other notes in the scale, often thirds, to recreate the melody. What key is this arrangement? Can you see it from the chord fragments? Some chords are more full and we can clearly see the E, A and B7 for our I-IV-V7 song.

We can also watch the bari-uke playing songster, Lew Dite, sing and strum Red River Valley, here. Lew, who has been generously playing and posting many early American tunes, also provides a scrolling karaoke style version of the video on a LDSongScreen video. Lew is playing this in the key of G, using G-C-D7.

This song has been popular and my friend Jen of Jenfo (YT Channel "Bluffho") has done one of her Amateur Videos of Red River Valley with her baritone ukulele. She has a lovely voice and gives another perspective to learning the song. Jenn lives about an hour or so South of me but we have met at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz, hung out and enjoyed sharing some bari and music talk. I have linked to Jen's music site on my blog right hand column but I'd like to remind you that she has music there too. Her arrangement for the tune has some extra flavor, take a look, here.

See her songbook (just scroll down a bit.)

Cheryl Rockettedog || Everybody Hurts (R.E.M. cover)

Very nice Cheryl. Did the cheese sandwich help?

Gil Nelson || Lonely Island (Sam Cooke cover 1958)

Sometimes I feel so lucky to be following the bari-uke videos daily because I get so many opportunities to hear old songs brought to life again. Thanks Gil!

This sounds like high D tuning to me.

Jonathan Mann || Anidea

Jonathan Mann is one of our bari playin' brethren but here he puts one of his songs into full production with a cartoon background...

Hersey B || Mama's Dancin'

Sunday, June 10, 2012

L Clark TV || How Does It Feel (D'Angelo cover)

Showing some smooth skills on the bari...

Ian from the Re-entrants || Featuring Living Water Re-Entrant Strings by Ken Middleton

Ian from The Re-entrants has just posted a baritone ukulele video on YT. He is playing an Ohana BK-35G with Ken Middleton's new re-entrant baritone DGBE ukulele strings. I have been a big fan of playing in low D but I have just put a set of Ken's Living Water strings on one of my bari's. This gives me more bari-uke diversity and I'm enjoying it -- it is something that I've wanted to do for some time. You can hear a bright mellow sound in these strings in the song...

Ian is playing Croonalong Watchtower. 

Ken is not officially selling them for another week or so, but if anyone wants them, he will certainly sell them some. He is trying to work out the best price for the US at the moment and may get a US store to stock them eventually. If you are interested, just email Ken at and he'Il will work something out with you.

Marc Reeves || Fears (Original)

This is a very professional studio quality sound of Marc singing and playing his baritone ukulele. He's a singer / songwriter from Nottingham, U.K. Awesome!


Martin D287 || Doin' My Time

Martin has posted quite a few baritone ukulele videos and I missed them. Here's a good one to get started with...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eric Rev Klemme || 4- String Resonator Cigar Box Guitar (Baritone Uke) -- The Revenator

Eric told me that he purchased this custom Bari-Uke Resonator 
Cigar Box Guitar from Ellbogen Guitars. It is in our standard 
DoGBonE DGBE tuning. Be sure to check out that Ellbogen
 link if you want to see some of the most creative and 
beautiful CBG instruments. 

Eric Rev Klemme's "The Revenator"

Headstock Detail

Resonator Face

Back of Box

Friday, June 8, 2012

Jon Flemming Olsen Acoustic Trio || Hang Down You Head

A new band showed up tonight with several other bari videos on YouTube. This video is professionally produced and the band is a real treat. They wrote...

'Here is our acoustic, kind of "folky" version of the beautiful "Hang Down Your Head". The Song was written by Tom Waits & Kathleen Brennan and originally recorded by Tom Waits. Our friend Hocky Neubert shot and edited the video - enjoy! Please like us on Facebook! 

The "Jon Flemming Olsen Acoustic Trio" are: 
  • Laurens Kils-Huetten: Doublebass & Harmony Vocals
  • Markus Schmidt: Five String Banjo, Western Guitar, Bari Uke
  • Jon Flemming Olsen: Lead Vocals, Western Guitar, Mandolin'

Jonathan Mann || Only One Winner

JonMann is a favorite of mine. He touches my wacky side. He's a force of constant creation, and by his own admission, sometimes its crappy but it has a spontaneity and often some sort of social commentary as well. Sometimes I disagree and sometimes I agree but he plays this worn-out bari uke jalopy and it is a sight to behold.

His musical trials use all sorts of musical tricks, various instruments, interesting video productions. On YouTube there are so many different types of constests, song challenges, and personal song quests that foster musical growth. Jonathan's gig is doing a song-a-day. This one is # 1236 (Wow!) He frequently uses stairwell acoustics which surely makes for a very full sound.

Jonathan has done quite a few corporate outings, such as...

The Amiable Caribou Bill || Quick Silver

CB has some sweet country memories to share...

I Like Mountain Music

The Blue Canadian Rockies

Bari Uke Art from Vietnam

Consider this and art item.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Todd Baio (Doogey9) || The Ham Fisted Blues

That's one sweet honey roasted ham... Sweet Delicious Bari Jam.

Fishtash || Won't Back Down (Hudson Taylor cover)

Does a foreign accent add to a song?
How about those bathroom acoustics?
Well done...

OnlyUkeThat Matters || Nick Nack Paddy Whack

And the old becomes new again...

Dr Bekken || All Around the World (Grits Ain't Groceries)

And how about Jon (Eugene Ukulele) giving it a go?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PHOTO: Jenn Lindsay (Anti-Folk Artist)

I was Googling again and Jenn popped up as a bari-uke player.

Gil Nelson || Words of Love (Buddy Holly cover)

Only 37 hits when I came across the video on YouTube. What a beautiful song -- this version needs to be heard and played. I will get this up on the song list.
"This has to be one of Buddy Holly's best songs. Simple but meaningful lyrics float atop one of rock n roll's most haunting and engaging melodies. Most artists emphasize the instrumental and downplay the vocal when performing this song. I've chosen to do the opposite and spotlight the vocal harmonies. I hear this song a little differently and I hope you enjoy my rendition."

I posted Gil about a year ago singing Al Jolson

OLP and W || Sad Songs & Waltzes (Willie Nelson cover)

This one comes from the YouTube archives 17 Jan 2009.
A nice find if I do say so myself...

Eric Rev Klemme || Critter in the Wall (Cigar Box Resonator Baritone Ukulele)

I am a big fan of critter tunes, the blues and baritone ukuleles.
Must've hit the jackpot here!

Sugarfoot Rag

Michelle Blades || Safe Conduct

Michelle is always experimenting, creating with her voice and instrument...

Here's a link to her channel focused on bari uke playing. I have posted this one before but I am a sucker for Disney songs. Michelle makes it her own.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aaron Keim || Quail Parade (Clawhammer Tenor Banjo, tuned DGBD)

"This is a original tune played on an old Vega tenor banjo. I strung it with Baritone ukulele strings re-entrant dgbe. For this piece, I tuned the first string down for a tuning of dgbd."

Please check Aaron's website:
To buy his books and cps:

Ukelectic || Blowin' in the Wind

Andrew playing classic Bob Dylan...

Flickr Video?

Arco Arena a video by logan4005 on Flickr.

This Is Vidya || Sleeping Sickness (City & Colour cover)

Morly || All Day & All of the Night (Kinks cover)

Jeremy Thomas || Flames (Original)

I like the location & acoustics...

LychkovIA || The Land of the Great Misty Pines

Be Careful about PHISHING...

There is someone proliferating bad baritone ukulele product videos.
They appear to be a virus or phishing because:
  • The videos are all made from one photo which is floated.
  • The music is recorded, not performed, non-bari too.
  • It appears from various YT channels all with personal names.
  • A familiar but misspelled name. AMAZ0N.
I hope I am wrong, just be careful and strum on,
Barry Humbleuker

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sandor's Country Classic Plastics

These bari's were quite stylish...
Elvis Pressley & Gene Autry

Friday, June 1, 2012

OrcaGiraffe || You and I (Ingrid Michaelson cover)

Mary Richard (The Heart Shaped Lips) || Beautiful Girl (Sara Bareilles Cover Contest)

A beautiful Beautiful Girl performance...

That was such a beautiful performance and so powerful that sometimes the mic couldn't handle it.