Sunday, July 31, 2011

ShaniFawni || Within You (Ray Lamontagne cover)

PowSowDieHouse || Better Weather

"The summer rolling relentlessly towards the coming of autumn, the grey skies moving in - and a new baritone ukulele sitting there, begging to be played. A first shot, waiting for Carol to add autoharp and harmonies and for Steve to tootle the diatonic accordion or whistle - or both."

Belinda || Alien & Apes at People's Farmer Market

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jake Wildwood || Rigor Mortis played on a Tenor Guitar

Jake Wildwood has been featured on both Humble Uker and Humble Baritonics for quite a while. He is constantly accumulating vintage instruments, repairing them and photo-documenting all of his projects. He has mad some comments on this video comparing tenor guitar and baritone ukulele as well as their tunings. I sometimes post tenor guitar videos because of their similarity to the baritone ukulele as a curiosity. DGBE Tuning.

Rasun1 || Londonberry Aire

Another treat. . .

PHOTO: Shani Anne from FaceBook

I found this relaxed picture of Shani playing her bari on FB and asked her if I could post it here. Sometimes the bari can provide a bit of an obstacle to reading song charts! Thanks Shani, HU

ThePyeMinister || Classical Spanish Piece


Here's another fortunate find -- it never came up as baritone ukulele in previous searches.

Mariachi El Bronx || My Love (Cover)

Friday, July 29, 2011

PHOTO: Jenn & Jeff (at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz)

Jenn has done several "amateur" tutorial videos for baritone players. I found out that she lived just a few cities south of Santa Cruz and suggested that she should come up to the club and check it out. She brought a family of ukers with her. We had to take a photo and share.

[Will add some links to this post soon.]

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keely Bum || Love Out of Lust (Lykke Li cover)

Christy Lynn || Littlest Birds (Be Good Tanya's cover)

George Hinchliffe plays the Black Box Baritone Resonator Ukulele

George is the "fearless leader" of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, which is a little known band from the U.K., occasionally seen on YouTube and beloved by the ukulele masses. (That was supposed to be a joke -- but if you haven't seen them yet go directly to your favorite search engine an listen to them play.)

Resonator bari's appear to be growing in popularity.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WONDERFULLY ASKEW: Lil' Rev is trying raise funds for his new CD

Lil' Rev has been trying to raise funds for his upcoming CD project called: Wonderfully Askew -- a collection of rooted originals, while his earlier recorded works focused on Blues, Jazz, Country and Tin Pan Alley, this is his first all original collection of ukulele music. I enter the studio next week and should be done recording in 2-3 weeks, then begin with putting the CD artwork together and duplication.

He has have raised half this amount so far from his fans, mostly thru mailed in checks but he still needs to raise another $3,000. Here is the online link,

Or to: Lil Rev PO BOX 71362 Milwaukee, WI 53211 USA

Lil Rev

ALSO: The beloved Lil' Rev is a director of the Milwaukee Ukulele Festival held 9-24-11

Lil Rev

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rujulus || Lili Marleen on a 3-String Baritone Ukulele (Tuning?)

This is perhaps the most unusual tuning that I have come across for the baritone ukulele. I believe that the first string and tuner were removed intentionally. Rujulus writes,
"I always tune my uke in 4ths, like the bassest 3 strings of a guitar. In this vid it was G# - C# - F#, but after putting this vid up, I loosened the strings to G - C - F. Easier on strings for storage but still playable. Since I usually play alone, I find it easy not to worry much about the actual key & always in my mind think of the strings as E - A - D."

[I do have a 3-string balalaika that I tuned C-E-A to match standard ukulele tuning. I found several balalaika tunings on this Get-Tuned site. The most common is the prima balalaiki is normally tuned E-E-A and those E's are identical.]

I thought about creating a chord chart using only the DGB strings, and then the GBE strings as an exercise to learn more about the baritone ukulele. I have started and will share when I have something worthwhile.

Lew Dite || Story & a Song from Traditional American Folk Songs (from the Anne & Frank Warner collection) Syracuse University Press 1984

Original Greeno || I'm On Fire (B Springsteen cover on Bari-Uke)

OG from Scotland sez, "More of an interpretation than a cover, I've had a lot of fun playing this. A slightly jollier version than the original - I hope I haven't taken too many liberties. I dropped a few of the C#m chords in favour of A and B because I preferred the way they sound. And I have taken a real liberty with the ending, which bears no relationship to the original. After weeks of indecision I've decided to upload this despite the rather annoying wardrobe malfunction! (Bloody button-up flies! Sorry.) I tried to re-record it but it was never as good as this version.

This song was either slightly too high or too low for my limited range. I couldn't transpose it because then I couldn't use the A and B chords in the way I do, which - I think - sound good here. And I couldn't use a capo because the 12th fret is as far as I can go on this ukulele and I wouldn't have been able to play the ending I have used. The only other option was to de-tune the uke and that's just a step too far! So I opted to sing it high.

I'm using a cheap Richwood Baritone "Ukulele" (UK-250-B) which I was given because it was broken (repair details here: I believe this is identical to the Mahalo Baritone. It doesn't sound bad but I consider this to be a small guitar with 4 strings rather than a ukulele. I didn't like it when I first got it going but I'm coming round to it now. It seems like a pretty good instrument for the money."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Balladen om Herr Fredrik Åkare och den söta fröken Cecilia Lind (baritone uke cover)

M J Nish (TheScientistLife) writes, "Not many Dutch people now this, but Cornelis Vreeswijk, born in The Netherlands, migrated to Sweden in his teens and turned out to be one of Sweden's most loved musicians. This is one of his best songs (in my opinion) so I could not leave it uncovered..."

... And perhaps you'd be surprised to know that a Californian would know of Cornelis Vreeswijk as well. But I am of Swedish ancestry and my mother, Solveig Larsson, immigrated to the U.S. from Boden, Sweden in 1955. Thanks M J for doing a cover of Cornelis in such beautiful Swedish.

Sverige, Sweden, Baritone Ukulele

Greg || Interesting Video for some Bari Advice

Martin Clear Flourocarbon Strings
Etsy Strap Info
Button Installation
Makala -- a strummer, intonation questionable up the neck.

BARI HEALTH WATCH: Tennis Elbow for Bari Players (NPR Radio)

Ever get soreness on the outside of your elbow?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

DulciUkeZouki on Vimeo

dulciukezouki from dave watkins on Vimeo.

This is an an excerpt from what was perhaps the first ever improvised electro acoustic jam between bouzouki played by Chad from The Florentines, baritone ukulele played by Matt from Snowy Owls, and dulcitar played by Dave Watkins. from their show on 12/14/2009 at The Camel in Richmond Virginia.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

STROKE TUTORIAL || The Coveywood Fan Stroke

Australian TV || Those Darlins || Screws Get Loose Album

Here's a bit of band information on Those Darlins. Nikki Darlin plays the baritone ukulele.

PHOTO: Antoine a.k.a. UkeHeidi

Antoine / Uke Heidi (Click to Enlarge)

I have come across several of the UkeHeidiUkeAida videos and they are all playful and well produced. Antoine, UkeHeidi, plays several instruments including this Plastic Islander Baritone Ukulele. I asked him if he would share a picture of himself with the bari and then was a bit anxious about what he would send! You'll have to check out his YouTube channel to understand what I mean, les vidéos de wromble.

He has put together some music videos of Serge Gainsbourg's music -- I had a friend that turned me on to Serge about 15 years ago and since then I have been a fan. Now I am a fan of UkeHeidi & Uke Aida. Take a wild ride on the Wromble side...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jonathon Mann || VLOG "How I Write a Song" [Episode #1]

Jonathon is sharing his "Song-A-Day" experiences and I plan to follow along and post his insights here too. Jonathon lives the creative process each day and although he's a multi-instrumentalist he's also a member of the beat-up-bari-uke-players society.

Lil' Hippomaiden is Back || Squid (Zox cover)

Uke Heidi || Cinnamon Girl Neil Young - 1969 - TV Pal Baritone, Soprano, Ukette Plastic ukulele

Plastics. Uke Heidi with another AWESOME production!

BornAgainJeeper || Moonshadow

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gary C from Albuquerque || Sarah Palin's Magical Mystery Tour

Gary has a political ballad featuring Sarah Palin. I am not one to bash a person as much as the system of fighting donkeys & elephants. Sarah's had some historical gaff's -- but this blog is about the instrument and the music only. Thanks Gary!

Corley Darling || Chapel of Love

Corley shares a little more of her "Ukulele Wednesday" music. . .

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jonathon Mann || Song A Day #929: Now You've Seen Me

I wish Jonathon was my neighbor... but wait, he stays up all hours of the night and plays music. Maybe down the block a bit would be better. Jonathon is sometimes in nearby Berkeley, CA perhaps I'll meet him some day. I really like what he does with this tortured bari! Hey Jonathon -- would you ever care to share a song at the Berkeley Ukulele Club?


When Alistair Wood (Ukulele Hunt) does something he does it well. If you'd like to explore some strumming patterns check out this link...

Crooked Still || Poor Ellen Smith

Aoife O'Donovan sings and plays the baritone ukulele in this 30 seconds of bluegrass jamming.

Todd Baio posted these Korean Classical Guitar playing Kids on FB

It is an interesting performance full of choreography. . .

EMBED-North Korean Kids Have Amazing Guitar Skills - Watch more free videos

Sometimes I wish my fingers were more agile, but these little hands get the job done.

Lew Dite || Yes Sir, That's My Baby/ Ain't She Sweet

Lew Dite, simply folk, played simply, and shared generously.

Yes Sir,That's My Baby D A7 D D A7 D G D E A7

Ain't She Sweet D Bb7 A7 D Bb7 A7 D F#7 B7 E A D G D E A7

Monday, July 18, 2011

George || Departed (Original)

Another Nova Scotian...

CD Baby Anyone?

I hadn't thought about CD Baby as a source for quite a while. There are several albums that note that baritone ukuleles are used. CD Baby allows you to listen to song samples and decide if you'd like to hear more. You are also able to download your favorite singles and support the artists. I have made blog posts on some of the artists already.

Linda Stout -- Good Luck Child

Sometimes Why -- Sometimes Why (Double check for Bari's!)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jason Hjelseth & Patrick Remmick || Pirate Steve

Watercolor Paintings || Telephone Wires & Dress Pockets

Watercolor Paintings is Rebecca Redman and her brother Josh. They performed June 25, 2011 at Rhino's in Bloomington,IN for Plan It X Fest 2011. The combination of baritone ukulele and harp is a good one. I found this video on Al's Ukulele Hunt website. There are several older videos of WP posted on HB or YouTube if you're interested.

Watercolor Paintings || Doin' It

Rebecca plays bari-uke too.

Watercolor Paintings || Vultures

Guido from Germany || Sugar Baby on the Peter Kraus Guitar

Guido is always glad to share information about his instruments. I inquired about what he was playing in one of his videos and got an interesting lesson on a German rock star. . .
In the video "Sugar Baby”, I played a “Peter Kraus Guitar”. This guitar was built especially for the German “Rock Star” and entertainer Peter Kraus. At the start of his career, he wasn’t able to play a “real” guitar. But at this time (the 1960's) everybody in Germany thought that a Rockstar MUST play a guitar. So Framus (a guitar building factory in Bavaria, Germany), built a special, four-string guitar for him, that was easy to learn. It has a standard guitar scale and was tuned DGBE. Peter Kraus was really successful here in Germany and so Framus started a production. The Peter Kraus Guitar was build in 3 different versions, including an electrical. The Production stopped in the mid 60's. Framus has a homepage for its vintage guitars, but its currently down. Usually it can be found at Framus Website.

These guitars are rather rare, even here in Germany. I found mine in a flea market for 100,- Euro. It had to be restored, which cost another 120,- Euro. Some idiot glued the pickguard directly on the top, so that had to be removed. Also the neck was re-glued the wrong way at some point. It had to be removed and glued in correctly. The tuners needed some care also. The bridge was an old mandolin bridge and held in place with two wedges. It has been replaced with an actual guitar-bridge. The original strap pin was also damaged, so my guitar-doctor installed a new one. He installed one too at the side of the Neck. Not original, but working.

I was looking for years for one of these guitars and I’m very happy to have one now in playable condition. It might not be the best sounding guitar, but it’s a piece of German history. The neck is a little narrow, compared to a baritone uke, but wider than the standard tenor guitar neck. I have a little trouble with the longer scale, but I’m getting used to it.

Here's a picture (shown above) for a detailed view.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guido from Germany || 16 Tons

Here's Guido with his Custom Resonator Baritone Ukulele he calls Douglas

Here's a You-Tube-Tube video. This T.V. reminds me of my family's first Zenith T.V. It was a big wood box and CBS, NBC and ABS ruled the airwaves here in America. Perhaps, there were about 6-7 channels that we would receive. It was back in the days when there was a strange Off-The-Air symbol if you got up early in the morning. Now you get so much information and 100's of channels.

Sam || Real Life (Original Christian Rock)

Sam says, "This is a song that I wrote during this semester. I was inspired by the course of spiritual growth we were doing in the Christian club at University called "Real Life". We did a series called "Growthworks" by John North, and I learnt how important it is to actively grow spiritually. I had some time free before busy work-life begins, so I took the chance to record the song :D This is my first video singing. Please enjoy!"
Instruments used:
Oscar Schmidt OU5CCE acoustic-electric baritone uke
Risa Les Paul style electric ukulele
Amp: Roland Microcube
Medeli electric pad drum

Ukulele Underground Lessons

Aldrine Guerrero and his UU Crew make top notch tutorial videos. There are detailed explanations of picking and strumming portions. They are all played on a GCEA tuned ukulele but also played on the bari (just the key is shifted). Here's a small selection. . .

UU#36 Rhythm of Love (Plain White Tees)

All of the Lessons are worth working thru on the baritone ukulele as well. You will learn new strums and all sorts of picking patterns as well as enjoy Adrine's goof-ups.

70 Rhodes || Snow

Not too much to see but the studio shot but here's another player incorporating a bari into his music.

Curiousity || Keychord Instruments

I think the first 4-stringer is a Tenor Guitar.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Akehawa (from Thailand) || Close To You (Tuned D-G-Bflat-F)

Tuning is unfamiliar to me, but the music is delicious!

Todd B || Performing Live in the SouthWest

Good music, made with wholesome inspiration.
Todd is Doogey9 on YouTube,
and Brother Sonny when performing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Joe-Six-Pak || May the Angels Care for You

Baritone Ukulele with the Buxom Bottle Blowers -- is this the beginnings of a new jug band? [Normally I don't post videos with coughing into the mic., but this one is just a bit of fun from the Land Down Under.]

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jonathon Mann || Song #922 - What am I doing wrong?

And numero #914 - Pep & Vigor

Hannah || Beirut Nantes (cover)

Hannah Luree || White Diamonds (Original)

Hannah Luree || Kalil (Original)

Uke Uncle || Slack Key Baritone Pop Ukulele

Here is David Heaukulani, aka Uke Uncle, with some more Slack Key ukulele on the baritone. I like to find and share a broad range of music and here we are treated to Hawaiian tunes played in Slack Key tuning. (It seems to me that there is a bit electronic distortion in the recordings.) Hi'ilawe happens to be one of my favorite Hawaiian songs.

His site, link and his CD is available at

KDUS || àgua de beber

A reprise from some early posts. . .

Friday, July 8, 2011

PRODUCT: AC-33 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier Featuring Looper Function

Alyssa || Jane Doe Tutorial

This is a bit confusing because Alyssa is giving GCEA instructions on a Baritone Ukulele -- which means her fingerings are correct for a soprano uke but they are actually different chords. Putting this aside, I like the tutorial for this song and it sounds good on the bari.

D A G Em C (For a GCEA tuned ukulele) <== She calls these out.
A E D Bm F (For a DGBE tuned Bari-Uke) <== But there are really these!

So, since we are playing Bari Ukes on the Bari-Uke blog site, if you match Alyssa's chord-shape fingerings you will get the same sound as her.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Jim D'Ville || Play Ukulele By Ear

I want to work some on my ears and I see that Jim D'Ville is coming to Gryphon Strings (in Palo Alto, California) July 30, 2011 to give a class. I have watched Jim's videos but I would really like to take a class from him in person. His Play Ukulele By Ear is a fantastic blogspot. He asks knowledgeable questions from intelligent people and gets great answers. I think what I may do is focus on some of Jim's blogposts and make comments here on Humble Baritonics as part of my study.

Diana Broberg || Balloons (Julia Nunes cover)

Berean 315 || Kani Ki Ho'Alu & Moana Chimes

Here's are two Hawaiian tunes played in Slack Key open G tuning (DGBD). Berean responds to an inquirer to . . . "Check out David Heaukulani's book "Ukulele Slack Key". Probably the best material available to start off with. He also has some vids on YouTube under the name Uke Uncle."

Pieter Moerdyk YukeLover || Blue Moon

Alternate bari tuning. . .

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dive Bomber 101 || Sugar Magnolia

Hey, I found some more Grateful Dead on the Bari!

Nice job Wyatt.

Glen Rose || Jazzy Ukulele & New Bari Jazz Book

Glen Rose is an outstanding Jazz musician and he's put some great efforts in making Jazz more accessible to the ukulele community. I have seen him give classes in Santa Cruz and also seen him perform up in front of a huge audience in Roseville near where my mother lives. His shows are entertaining and historical in nature. He is an amazing Jazz pianist, and incorporates, tap dance, guitar and ukulele in his performances. His website is

He and his singing friend Linda Dathe are now travelling in British Columbia, Canada drifting from one small mountain town to another. He says that today is Canada Day. Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends! He has been working on a new bari-uke-jazz book, and wrote...
Hi Jeff,

I'm just putting the final touches on a new bari book. I'll send you an advance copy soon as it gets done. Some videos will be following. I'ts basically the same as the Jazzy Workbook but all set up for bari. There's a supplement that will be available to go with it that's a bit more advanced for the motivated.


Joe Martin || The Other Day (Original)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ryrod || $30 Rogue Baritone Ukulele Review (Made in China)

This is an excellent video for any buyer to listen to because it addresses most of the areas to consider. Although El Maestro, Bueno Chen, would also carefully consider the intonation as a major purchasing factor, and Ryrod mentions this at the 9:30 minute mark, it is a detailed review of the product and he gives some outstanding sound samples. He has a point about this being a "banger" to travel with but I prefer the 1960's solid mahogany variations that can be found at reasonable prices via eBay.

I hope to hear more bari-uke from Ryan in the future . . .

Tory Elena || Bari Uke Fun

What is Gypsypop? Sounds great

Play Bari Like a Rock Star . . .

Greg Hawkes was a member of The Cars. He plays a wicked bari too!