Monday, January 31, 2011

Hippomaiden || Away at Music School

Emily is away at college, a music student. I like her amazing voice and great choice of songs. I haven't seen any recent posts so I thought it was time to hear a little hippomaiden again.

"The chords are basically just E B A B and you repeat it until the "and it's making my crazy" part where you go B A E and then B A D A and then it goes back to the first part. the chords i'm using are higher on the neck but you can play it any way you like. . . . E: 9997; B:9877; A: 7655"

I had to add one more of Emily to show that she does have a head,

Jazzy Julie Vaughn and Friends || Summertime

Nice jazzy band get together...

Wish I coulda been there.

Some New Baritone Ukulele Sites for you to Check Out

1) Sherrie-Bari has added a new SQUIDOO BLOG to the Top 50 Ukulele Sites. She's an experienced musician with Guitar, Mandolin and Fiddle. Her squidoo can be found here...

I am sure that Sherrie and I will have some overlap. I hope that her perspective as an long-time musician will add some more goodies for the baritone community. I just noticed that she also has a blogspot that looks real nice. I hope she chooses this format over the Squidoo (with many ads). Here's her Hep Kitten's Bari-Uke Blogspot...

2) There was another but it appears to have disappeared. I'll keep looking.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

WagePeaceNYC || Peace, Harmony & Transformation

Nick "WagePeaceNYC"

It appears Nick has moved on to other ventures and
closed his YT account. I enjoyed sharing a few e-mails
and stories with him... (5-25-2011)

Nick is doing something interesting with his old Harmony Bari and giving us a humorous and musical tour of the journey. I'll be sad to see that glued-up Harmony go but really interested to see it's new incarnation as a cigar box baritone ukulele. "Stay tuned" for the next episode of a musical superman's adventures in luthiery.

Nick's video editing is masterful. Love to hear the old song, "Mississippi Mud" which has its roots in less racially sensitive days and has been transformed to a more celebratory song.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

More from Jazzy Glen Rose

"In Reflection", a PHOTO: Glen Rose

Glen Rose has more lessons going on and I want to share the latest Jazzy Ukulele information with you...

First of all, Glen's website has been recently updated, here's the link.

The Low Branches || Unfold Your Hands Like a Map

A Selection from Church Hill Records (Read the liner notes on the YT comments, and yes there's a bari in there.)

Frank Allison || The Dawn is Dawning (Original)

Very sweeet bari-uke playing here...

Ukulele Jim || A Song Becomes a Film Video Project

Ukulele Jim with Lonnie Wilson
and his Kala Baritone Ukulele

I had posted this video quite some time ago. One of the problems with blogs is that some really delicious videos, players, or performances kinda get tucked away. Well the good news is I got the chance to e-meet Ukulele Jim and to find out just a little about him and how this video came into being.
"The neat thing about that video is that it cost me nothing to make. I was approached by some film school students looking for a project to do for school. The assignment was to film a music video that tells a story, and the producer liked my song. So I spent a day standing in a river being filmed, and they took care of the rest. I wish I could have all my videos made this way!"

From the album "Ukulele Jim's Authentic Down Home Marital Aid"
Written by James Andrew Clark
Lead vocals, baritone ukulele: James Andrew Clark
Guitar, bass, drum: Ben Ticehurst

The Madeline video was shot by Brooks institute Students.
Director: Erik Gomez
Producer: Sheila Fonseca
DP: Ky Schultz
Editor: Emily Weaver
The lyrics to the song can be seen by clicking the video over to the
YouTube page and checking the comments below.

I asked Jim about his bari-uke and here's what he offered...
"The Kala bari is probably my favorite ukulele. It is an absolute joy to play. It was set up perfectly by musicguymic on eBay. Often times I'll play that one exclusively, and I'll just capo the 5th fret if I need to move back to standard soprano GCEA tuning."
Ukulele Jim, has a very professional looking website that gives a short bio, a collection of his videos, and CD's for sale with his music. Jim has created 3 CD's and the most recent looks like a fun one for kids and families -- Be sure to check out Ukulele Jim's "Jumping Flea Circus."

Thanks Jim for reminding me of your incredibly delicious song and videos. I enjoyed your terrific vocals, and the photo of you with your Kala bari too!

[NOTE: I always hear the best about MusicGuyMic on eBay. I haven't bought a uke from him and he didn't pay me to say that -- It is just the good word going around. Notice the comment, "Perfectly Set Up." That is what you get on a custom uke but really need to have on your uke to improve the ease of play. HU]

Friday, January 28, 2011

FancyDressParty || Grandfather

Stick with this one a little while, after the elaborate stop frame action there is a band performing. There MAY be a baritone or I am snookered again with a tenor. It is a good video in either case.

alyssamarie067 || The End of the World & It's a Small World

And it's a Small World After All (I Dedicate this to Sue Vonnegut! HU)

On another of Alyssa's videos someone made a comment that I liked...
"You get one akamai kumu Alyssa. You cana take what you learn from your kumu...he is the foundation...and branch out and grow from there. That's how all truly exceptional musicians do it...keep the roots, the foundation in their hearts and then learn to SOAR. You play beautifully."

Vel804 || Unravelled Blues (Slideshow)

Here's a nice collection of bari-fingerpicking & blues from Velma in Canada. Her YT channel is

Thursday, January 27, 2011

PeteyMack64 || Old Rugged Cross (Instrumental)

I am not familiar with this old tune but is very sweetly played on an old 1940's [*] Silvertone Baritone Uke. [*I think it must be 50's since the Bari-Uke was first built in 1949 by Herk Favilla.]

Chasm || Pottamus Walk

From the album "Bamboo Blue" (2008) by the world fusion band CHASM.

Mark Esakoff - guitar / baritone ukulele / marimba
Michael Whipple - flute
Brad Strickland - guitar
Arne Anselm - bass
Aaron Winters - drum kit / djembe
Brad Ranola - bongos / percussion

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Howie (Mudgie069) || Bari-Tutorial for Here Comes the Sun

Howie & Maisy
Bari-Uke Video Tutorials

Gil Nelson || Al Jolson Cover Tunes on Baritone Ukulele

Thanks Gil for starting a quick historical journey into two beautiful tunes...

Here's a historical diversion....

"The reality, should anyone be interested, is that Elvis, who was a HUGE fan of Al Jolson's, recorded this song as a tribute to an artist who came before him and who he greatly admired. And for those who don't know, Jolson was pretty much the Elvis of his day...he totally changed how entertainers performed (they all stood stationary at mike's & just sang) & he outsold everyone."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Cho "Happy Bear"

It is time for another FOCUS. This time I am heading into Asia for the profilic YouTube poster unckc. His name is Cho and he plays the baritone ukulele primarily to traditional Korean folk music. I have collected (10) of Cho's videos to show a broad selection of his music. Also included is one soprano video because Cho sings in it.

I have been hearing a lot of news about the strength of Korea's economy and the extremely high dedication to education. Students are going to schools early in the mornings before their regular school classes in order to get a solid education in their competitive marketplace.

Cho is interested in Folk Music and plays guitar, ukulele, and baritone ukulele. He has a website, and it can be partially translated from Korean, I was able to infer what would get me into older posts. Here's the link. Or if you already understand Korean all the better. Korea appears to have an active ukulele scene.

Song Playlist (to be added, see small video boxes for now)
1) Cherry
2) White Horse River
3) Third Daughter's Choesjinsa
4) Aranjuez Mon Armour
5) Anything That's Part of
6) Isdora
7) Be Strong Kensum!
8) Face

Smyrna5's Baritone Ukulele Playlist

Thanks to
Sweet Water Blue or Smyrna5

I was checking out baritone ukulele videos on YouTube and noticed that Smyrna5 (Sweet Water Blue on Ukulele Underground) had created a playlist with 150 entries. I listened to the songs for quite a while today when working on simpler tasks. He's done some great sleuthing and I found quite a few videos that were a treat for me. I'll be going thru them and try to post them to HB with a proper pace. I know I can get a bit overwhelming by posting too much.

[NOTE: the playlist says HU because I saved the playlist to HU so that I can have access to post. I will try to get SWB's code so that his version and his updates will show up in the future.]

I also added Smyrna5's playlist to the bottom of the Baritone Links for easy future reference

Joe Tate || No Name Bar (Sausalito, CA)

That's a Martin Bari in Joe's hands!

Miguel y Juan || Hallelujah (Instrumental)

Here's a fresh sound for the beautiful song...

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Baritone and a Message of Importance

I thought twice about posting this video.
It deals with the fragility of life.
The message is important.

I think constantly about my children.

Antebellum Instruments || Arthur Godfrey Baritone Ukulele

Jake Wildwood is a musician and restorer of old and odd instruments in rural Vermont. He always takes photos of his projects and below is a beautiful Arthur Godfrey baritone ukulele. Read Jake's story on his blog Antebellum Instruments and see more photos too.

Andrew Skelton || I Will Survive

Here's a second sighting of the f-holed, pear-shaped, giant-tenor-tuned-baritone ukulele.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Joe Cruz || Jenny Wren (Paul McCartney cover)

Joe is back and performing more on his Badaax Bari-Uke. I'm seeing chords all up and down the neck. They look like a bunch of power chords to me and Joe sings it out. Here's another treat for your ears, don't miss this cover.

Mother Nature Son

The Ukulele Project || Tangier Sound

These videos look to be a contribution to The Ukulele Project on the Tangier Sounds website which has ties to Patrick of The Daily Frail. I can't embed the songs but will add links below...

Momma Don't 'Low Steve from Ohio [Good lesson in rhythm & creativity]
You're So Bad Chuck [Liked the strummin' & p.o.'s and h.o.'s]
Annie Laurie Reverend Alec [Scottish Folk Song]
Two Baritone Uke Songs Steve from Ohio [Fabricari on YouTube]

DISCONTINUED... Pono Mango Sherbet Baritone Ukulele Video Sampling

This is a beautiful instrument. I have been thinking about a Pono Bari. The neck of my Harmony Baritone uke is just a little high at the nut and will probably be better used for a slide instrument. I would also keep my eyes open for a vintage Favilla or Martin but these are becoming quite pricey.

The Mongrel Jews and Friends

The Mongrel Jews and Friends perform "My Flask" from Sarah Alyse on Vimeo.

Aaron Phillips || Why won't the Bear...

Why Won't The Bear Eat My Brain? (SONG) from Aaron Philips on Vimeo.

ukulelestu duet || Moondance

Uke & Bari duet amplified...

Friday, January 21, 2011

BossaRocker || Get Your Spirit's High

BossaRocker (Lou) and I have come to know each other as bloggers. Recently she has been doing ukulele radio programs in the U.K. I am not familiar with the baritone ukulele that she's playing but she can wail away on it. What an amazing first video.

Update: The ukulele is a Blue Moon mid-sized ukulele between Tenor and Bari. Mostly tuned DGBE. Bossa is doing the Uke Hunt podcast for the industrious Alistair Wood. This particular uke is affectionately named Big Bertha. Doesn't she sound great? This post shot to the top of the most viewed videos in about 8 hours!

Bossa says that the chords to this site are on Alistair Wood's Ukulele Hunt site.

Bossas Tumblr Blog It's a blog with a bite!

Buke & Gass || NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

It's a modified baritone ukulele that has 6 strings and is electrified. Sounds nothing like a bari-uke to me, but her goes...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

DavidRipleyWest || Vintage on Vintage

Looks like David has a vintage Martin baritone ukulele...

Ja-da plus some extra verses...

Bye-Bye Blues

NastyNigel1 || Back to Berlin

The description of this video said it included a baritone ukulele. You get to see the whole bari at about the last second of the video. I liked the hangin' out jam session. George growls out Nigel's song while playing a simple shaker. Hope to hear more from this trio and to see a bit more bari-uke in the next one too.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Psychodelic Yellow Bird on Slide Baritone Ukulele

Miso Media Gadget

Jonathan Mann || In New Zealand (Nikki's Lady Lumps)

Jonathan is a man living his bliss. Travelling the world and spreading love and craziness throughout. This video is a partial trip documentary of his New Zealand trip and it takes a while to get to the song. But you get to see him as a person, well a person, that looks like he thoroughly enjoys life. Although, Jon plays many instruments, this Lady Lumps song is played on a baritone ukulele.

This video also has shots of New Zealand landscapes, Kiwis, and the inescapable burger & fries joint.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whole Earth Nuclear Ukulele Orchestra "Loser" Live at KDHX 1/09/11 (HD)

Here's a delicious duet on Boatpaddle ukuleles!


MeDogHasFleas || Sarah McLachlan - Adia (Karoake Style Baritone Ukulele)

This may not be too much fun to watch but I liked it. I started out playing quite late (in life) and learned at ukulele clubs. Sometimes there develops a strong "club strum" or chang-a-lang that allows one to start to develop a sound. After a while it becomes a bit tiresome and you want to branch out and get a "realer" sound that fits the music closer to the original. This song exemplifies a way to get moving in that direction. By closely listening a strumming to an actual recording. Thanks MeDogHasFleas for the excellent example.

At the last Berkeley Ukulele Club Meeting, I brought a song sheet from Richard G's Ukulele Songbook. His song sheets always have a YouTube video link at the top of the sheet. I have been playing the old Patsy Cline tune Walking After Midnight. So I asked Mike DaSilva if he would play the video on the sound system while we all played along. I thought it worked out really well. Try it for yourself...

Patsy Cline
Walking After Midnight
YouTube Video, below

Monday, January 17, 2011

Greg Hawkes Ukelele Trio "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" Oct 09, 2010

Greg Allison on Baritone Ukulele...

"Greg Hawkes Ukelele Trio performs The Beatles song "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" Live at TCAN The Center for Arts in Natick Massachusetts on Saturday, Oct, 09 2010. Freaturing Tim Mann on vocals and Greg Hawkes on keyboard, the only time of the evening. A great performance featuring Greg Hawkes, Greg Allison and Tim Mann. On tour now. Don't miss this great opportunity. I was fortunate to be called in as stage lighting director for the evening. for tour info and for Tim. I don't have a web site for Greg Allison unfortunately."

And more commemorative Beatles...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

PHOTO: Smyrna5 with Henshaw Baritone Ukulele

Smyrna5 is known as SweetWaterBlue on the Ukulele Underground. He recently sent me this photo of himself with a Henshaw. These ukes have a brass plate logo on the headstock. I have a Maxwell Bari that looks much like this Henshaw but just an ugly decal. Thanks for sharing the photo with us. PS, that's a great Bari playin' hat too.

outaspaceman || Heart

Friday, January 14, 2011

Humble Uker || Here's the Place I Call Home

My mother sent my this beautiful link of a view of the San Francisco Bay Area and nearby counties as seen from a small airplane and photographed. It shows many of the areas that I been during my life.

ShaniFawni is Back || Backwards with Time

Rhan Wilson || All In Good Time (Video)

IMPROVIZING with the C-Scale

[This is G-Scale on Bari, G, A, B, C, D, E, F#, G. The finger locations and order is exactly the same as shown in the video. I thought Some Bari players might also like to bookmark this link, regularly check it as you visit here.]

Here's Rhan Wilson, my good buddy, teacher and lifelong musician. He has a blog about musicality and it is exemplified by using the ukulele even though Rhan is a multi-instrumentalist. The blog is called ALL IN GOOD TIME, and here's a direct link. The video below is from his 1-14-2011 post and it is about the C-scale and playing notes in the scales over the chords. I know many people that are looking to step up their ability to solo. Here's a great stepping stone.

BoboElmo || Home on the RANGE? (Sloppy Joe Special)

Tony Davies || All Along the Marais

How much beauty can you pack into one video?

Liz Wood || Stickin'

Here's a unique sound. I treasure the unique. The boundary stretcher and one that makes you lean back and think. It's a nice little surprise.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

WEEK FOCUS #6 || Who is ErinBev?

A Student in the Pacific North-West, ErinBev has posted over two dozen of her songs while playing the baritone ukulele. Many of her songs have a nostalgia for those Disney fairytale childhood days. Other songs are her creations or parodies of other songs.

Song 9) in the list is her playfully infatuous tribute to a former Seattle Mariners' baseball player, Ryan Rowland-Smith. This song has been celebrated and shared in the Seattle Times newspaper. She adds, "Of course, my beloved Ryan Rowland-Smith is in Houston now, so that's a heart breaker for me... :( " The song was so good that the ST writer posted the entire lyrics to the song, link.

I surely thought that Erin had a formal musical background because it appears to me that she plays and sings so effortlessly. But when I asked her, she says,
"My singing, hmm...I'm not sure, it's just something I've always liked to do! I've never had lessons or anything. I'd love to be in a girl group someday. My songs are just ones that I love that I think might translate well to my style. As for the originals, they're for fun!"
The last song about Conan O'Brien is a jewel too. It is based on the beloved song. "Bye, Bye, American Pie.

Here's the Week Focus #6 Playlist:

1) A Wink & a Smile (Sleepless in Seattle)
2) The Second Star to the Right (Peter Pan)
3) A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella)
4) I Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book)
5) Let's Get Together (Parent Trap)
6) Perfect Nanny (Mary Poppins)
7) Something Stupid
8) I'll Fly Away
9) Number 18 (The Ryan Rowland-Smith Song)
10) Bye, Bye Mr. Conan O'Bri (Parody)

Erin plays this song as a tribute to the recent tragic losses in Arizona, "watching the Tuscon memorial right now, and this made me feel a little happier" (with cute fuzzy kittens). This is her first time experimenting with recording different tracks & harmonies (all the parts are Erin). I think this is my new favorite of Erin's music. Awesome.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


To my local Bari Friends, Mike DaSilva a local luthier is putting on a one-day event. I just got the e-mail and perhaps you may find some interest here too!

Here's the Michael DaSilva post...

January 10, 2011 -- Happy New Year!

It looks like this is going to be another great ukulele year with more ukulele festivals and events, certainly more instruments, and of course, much more ukulele music to enjoy. So, just to be sure this new year gets off to a wonderful start, we are announcing the first, "A Day at the Shop", mini-ukulele festival, at DaSilva Ukulele Co. Victoria Vox, Brook Adams and Mark Gutierrez will be here to provide a full day of music and ukulele education, then along with Mark's band, 4 Strings of Swing, they will reconvene for an evening extravaganza of ukulele music and fun.

Here are the details:

"A Day at the Shop"
DaSilva Ukulele Co. presents
Victoria Vox || Brook Adams || Mark Gutierrez and 4 Strings of Swing

January 22, 2011
Ukulele Workshops & Evening Concert
Victoria Vox, Brook Adams, Mark Gutierrez and 4 Strings of Swing
Workshops: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Concert: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
$125 for Workshops and Concert
includes catered lunch and refreshments.
$20 Concert only

Festival pre-registration is required. Register online at or use form below (go to . Concert only tickets, with cash or check, will be available at the door.

Festival Schedule
9:00 am - 9:30 am
9:30 am - 11:00 am
"Tasty Rhythm" workshop w/ Brook Adams
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Lunch break – meet the teachers and fellow players and learn how a ukulele is made. We’ll be providing a tasty meal.
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
"A Little Bit of This, & A Little Bit of That" workshop w/ Mark Gutierrez
2:30 – 3:30 pm
Snack time and maybe even jam a little.
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
"Playing with Hammers" workshop w/ Victoria Vox
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Dinner break - Find another uke player to have dinner with in Berkeley!
7:30 pm
Concert doors open
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Concert with Victoria Vox, Brook Adams, Mark Gutierrez & 4 Strings of Swing

DaSilva Ukulele Co.
2547 8th. Street, #28
Berkeley California 94710
510 649-1548

Directions: From the North: 80/580 – University exit, East on University, Rt. on 6th, Lft. on Dwight, Rt. on 8th. From the South: 80/580 – Ashby exit, East on Ashby, Left on 7th, Rt. on Parker, Left on 8th. Enter at Bay 3 and look for #28
We are wheelchair accessible.

The workshops are designed for players that have knowledge of basic chords and can strum a steady rhythm. While each ukulele player's ability is different, our teachers will present a variety of techniques of varying difficulty with the intent that all players will find some benefit and enjoyment from the workshops.

"Tasty Rhythm" with Brook Adams, link
Brook will demonstrate several different techniques for generating rhythms beyond the standard strum. It's a mix of picking and strumming that gives you the freedom to play lively tunes with less effort, and slower tunes with more detail and texture. On the left hand side, he will show you some useful chord variations that can be used to suggest a melody or reinforce a vocal line. These tricks should make your playing more interesting to hear and more fun to play.

"A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That" with Mark Gutierrez, link
Mark will explain how to go beyond your basic chord fingerings using chord inversions. Learn how chord inversions are used to play songs in different registers, easily provide appropriate melody notes, and make even long single chord passages much more interesting. By exploring the major scale and basic chord construction, Mark will show how to create, play and apply this useful knowledge into your everyday playing.

"Playing with Hammers" with Victoria Vox, link
Victoria will not only show you how to remodel your kitchen, but she will also show you how to get playful on the ukulele with the use of different hammer and muting techniques. She will, of course, use her song examples to get you strumming, hammering and muting along.

Monday, January 10, 2011

PHOTO: Michael Parmenter (Luthier & Brother Blogger)

Although blogging is a pretty solitary experience you do get the opportunity to come across some kindred spirits along the way. Michael and I have been communicating over the last two years. I had fallen in love with his medieval styled ukuleles, his craftsmanship, his attention to detail, and his classical arrangements. He regularly adds a few arrangements that are both low G and low D compatible. I have fun working thru them as they come along.

I have been trying to make this a baritone ukulele players haven. A place for the baritone ukulele, Old Barry, to get it's due. And one of the things I like to do is ask YOU the reader for a jpg image of you with your bari-uke. Be simple, be creative, let us know about you. (I want to see a photo of the player that frequently visits the blog and lives in Rotterdam, Holland.)

Micheal sent these wonderful pictures of himself in his beautifully snowy Canadian backyard with his recent luthiery bari-uke gem.

Oh yeah, I should also mention Michael's blogs again:
Classical Tabs for the Ukulele and CanUke


Bueno Chen is an amazing musician from Hawaii that has posted many dexterious videos while performing on the baritone ukulele. He always has some amazing fingerwork in his songs that dazzle me and some remind me of that 70's rock guitar player.

In his YouTube channel he writes,
"I started playing the ukulele off and on since I was a kid. Then went to the guitar for many years. I later came back to the tenor ukulele. But now, prefer the baritone ukulele the most. I am currently an ukulele instructor at the University of Hawaii."

Bueno has many years of experience and likes a wide variety of music. His playing seems to blend varies genres and always has an engaging sound.

In the focus I featured (8) of Bueno's videos:

1) Europa (as seen above)

Be sure to check out Bueno's YouTube channel for more great videos... here.

Earlier today I received an email from Bueno about his latest Baritone Ukulele and video. In all of the videos above he's masterfully playing a very affordable Lanikai Baritone. He makes that Lanika sound so good that I wonder if he's adjusted the set-up so that it plays to the slightest touch.

Here's his note,
"Hey Jeff - check out the original song on the electric Kala baritone. The owner of Kala used to own Lanikai but created Kala. I think the Kala is a pretty decent Uke, plays good and most important - stays in tune. The uke was a fair price (xmas special). I think this Kala will end up being my gig uke. Aloha from Hawaii - Bueno :)"
And here's his latest video playing the new electric Kala baritone...

I got to posting this WEEK FOCUS so late this time and I'm almost ready for a new focus. Just ran a bit behind this time the small video boxes had been up since shortly after Christmas. Jeff

ChristyLynn42 || Better Together (Jack Johnson cover)

wagepeaceNYC (Nick) || Zuma (Original) on the Baritone Ukulele

Awesome sound and beat, feels like you're at the beach.

French Site || Baryton Ukulele Chord Generator

You can click for translation to English or other languages. Try putting F#m or F#m7 into the white box and see several generated variations. It can be adjusted to 3-string instruments, such as a Balalaika and other stringed instruments as well. Thanks to Remy.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Krista Muir || Her MySpace Photos, Music & Blog

The last few posts were from poking my finger at the internet and seeing what stuck to my finger. I came across a photo of Krista Muir that led me to her MySpace music page. There several more photos to be viewed there as well as Krista's albums, here's the link.

Calgary Uke Gallery & Music

A Martin Bari (front & back)

ChimeEraPhoto has a cool Blue Baritone Ukulele Photo

Randy Dreyer Baritone Ukulele Player

Randy Dreyer Rockin' a Bari

Saturday, January 8, 2011

PHOTO: Nick M. (WagePeaceNYC)

Nick graciously supplied an action photo of himself with his salvaged
and rejuvenated Harmony Baritone ukulele along with
greetings for a happy and peaceful new year.

Below he plays a piece from a Lyle Ritz masters book.

For more about Nick, see this prior posting post.

A personal note:
As I was describing my humble ukulele playing to Nick in one
of our e-mails back and forth I came up with the concept of being an
"ordinary musician having extraordinary fun."
Nick responded by saying that perhaps these connections in music
and on the internet have a "higher purpose" of bringing people
together in peaceful ventures.

In the words of the Beatles,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rhan Wilson || Altared Music with Friends

This is a photo of my buddy Rhan Wilson with his Baritone Ukulele. People that have followed my postings on my other blog, Humble Uker, know that Rhan (pronounced: Ron), was the music guru whom created Ukulele University (or UkeU) which was a group class with ukulele players who wanted to improve their abilities over a 10 week course meeting once a week.

This experience was the best musical experience of my short musical life. The group included two people with 30 years of playing experience: Jay Holiday (guitar) and Judy Plicka (uke & bass) and Rhan's lifelong creative musical experience. We also had Pete the percussionist. The rest of us were ukulele players: Robbie, Sheila, Chuck, Bob, and myself. Each of us worked on a song or two for our personal performances in the band. We had so much fun that we morphed into a garage band for about 18 weeks and culminated in a on stage performance that was near the Elkhorn Slough close to Monterey.

Enough about that, Rhan is the story here. He and I converse regularly even though I live up in the east San Francisco Bay Area and he's in Tropical Santa Cruz, California. He is the creator of An Altared Christmas show which performs a Christmas show with all of the songs altered into minor keys. Rhan is multi-instrumentalist and performs regularly in a variety of ensembles, but his main band has been ROMP, link.

Here's another one of Rhan's videos that looks like it includes Olaf S. on drums and the lovable lady Patti Maxine on the lapsteel, and Matt Bohn on Bass. Take a look at some of the special guests on the performer's list below.

Rhan Wilson presents this "altared" version of the song, "Truckin'" at the "Have You Ever Been Altared" show, April 20th (420), 2010 at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz, CA.
Rhan Wilson - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Bohn, Bass
Olaf Schiappacasse - Drums
Patti Maxine - Lap Steel
Dale Ockerman - Keyboards (Doobie Brothers)
Rick Zeek - Vocals
Jerry Martini - Sax (Sly and the Family Stone)
Ernie Rideout - Trombone
Modesto - Trumpet
Videotaped by Ron Hollman

For information about the other Altared shows, go to:

Rhan has also taken on the duties of the Santa Cruz and surrounding area music news. If you're local and would like to receive then please contact Rhan here, You may have also noted that Rhan is the man behind one of my 3 blog-links, called: "All in Good Time" which is a place for many us to get some musical inspiration. And a good place to ask musical questions.

XxJokerEmoTwilightxX || I'll Fly Away (Baritone Ukulele Slack Key Tuning in G)

This is a first post, and a great one

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Radiant Beams || The Little Road to Bethlehem (Baritone Ukulele Fingerpicking)

These are Christian songs of faith, beautifully done. Humble Baritonics is open to all musical genres and faiths.

G-off || New Year's Breakup Song

Thanks to Geoff for sharing your Baritone Ukulele version of your song.

Geoff originally posted this song on a dulcimer and said he thought it sounded better on the Dulci than the Bari. (I borrowed a dulcimer and gave it a try for a while when I was having sore elbow issues.) Geoff plays it against his chest rather than in the lap. I think it sounds much better on the Bari but bathroom's do have better accoustics than front porches with cars driving by.

Both sound solid.

Krista Muir || Drugging the Drain

Krista LL Muir singing "Drugging the Drain" live at the Proletariat in Houston, TX (11/28/07)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WagePeaceNYC || Keep on Smilin'

K Jorgensen || T'ain't Nobody's Business

Kim enjoys getting into character for his performances, using the lovable Louis Armstrong vocal intonations. I'm glad to see him use the luxurious sound of the Bari to accompany his vocalities. (Is it a blogger's prerogative to mangle language? Oops Google says "vocalities" is really a word but the spell checker underlines it as incorrect.)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Krista Muir || The Walk (The Cure Cover)

She performed at the Ottawa Folk Festival in Canada in August 2010.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bajan Pied Piper || Call & Response

macavius || You're the Way (Baritone Ukulele Original)

Bravo! Great start for 2011... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Gadaya || Hard Luck Child (Blues on a Tenor Guitar)

Heeeey! You say, This is supposed to be a Baritone Ukulele blog and NOT a Tenor Guitar blog BUT the first two posts of 2011 are both on the TG. What gives? Well, I am not changing anything I just like a bit of variety and loved this Blues Creation by . I have been trying to translate Charley Jordan's "Keep It Clean" from country blues guitar to country blues bari. Those steel strings really POP for that blues music.

Gadaya has created a few blogs to share his interest on traditional and roots music:
  • The Old, Weird America (my exploration of Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music), link.
  • Times Ain't Like They Used To Be (mostly lps and out-of-print records from his collection...), link.
  • The World's Jukebox (some favorite tracks of ethnic and regional music...), link.
  • Gadaya's YouTube Channel, link.
Now you say, he's really lost his mind... nope, this Banjo is tuned like a Baritone Ukulele.

Pat Walsh Music || Smiling as She Fell (This is a Tenor Guitar with Steel Strings)

I sometimes try to look at things from other angles. Here's a song by Pat Walsh on a Tenor Guitar. Pat has a video that tells a story about how TG's came to be in one of his other videos. Why am I looking at TG videos? Because they are also 4 string instruments and I decided to see a larger pool of players using 4-strings to check out more strumming techniques. I have placed a few TG videos in the very bottom left of this blog if you have any interest. I like the unique strum that Pat shows in this video using the nails of his middle, ring and pinky fingers. I also like the folk-style strap.